Peoria, IL

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Peoria, ILopenBlocked Street, Alley, Sidewalkcar in middle of roadabout 4 hours ago
Peoria, ILopenStreet Lightsburnt out light. this is the 3rd time I have submitted this pole on the corner of state and industrialabout 5 hours ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairLarge pothole in between lanes on Forrest Hill at intersectionabout 5 hours ago
Peoria, ILopenOther/MiscellaneousA week or so ago, city workers kindly placed some black material in our alley to try and help fix potholes. It was obviously a very soft material as I now have ruts in the alley that are very deep. This is from common cars, SUVs, not even garbage trucks. I dread seeing what they will do to the alley! What is the city planning to put white rock over the top of this? Can something more be done to it? I would rather have the pot holes that we had versus this mess. Thanks for your attention to this matter.about 8 hours ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal Dumpingtires dumped on street, Douglas street north of moss just north of alley.about 8 hours ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (Private Property)7 or 8 vehicles parked in front yard along w/ brush/debris all around the vehicles1 day ago
Peoria, ILopenOther/MiscellaneousThis is information only item. I just received my postcard regarding trash and recycling pickup. Even though I know from other City communications that recycle pick up will be every 2 weeks, nowhere on the post card does it say that. Just wanted to let you know.1 day ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterCaller reported there is a "Junk Truck" full of scrap metal that has not been moved in a month. There is also junk always in the yard. Need to be cleaned up.1 day ago
Peoria, ILopenTraffic SignalsThe "walk" pedestrian crossing light does not illuminate at the Main & Madison intersection for crossing Madison going NW to the North corner.1 day ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairHugh hole in the street around sewer area. I hit this hole my car is damaged behind this. This is why I went back around and took pictures. I Barely made it home I had to keep stopping to put air in my tire and put fix a flat. My car is now pulling the the right and feels as if my wheel alignment is off. This is from hitting the hole. I had absolutely nothing wrong with my car i drive a Mercedes and someone please fix this hole because it’s dangerous and damaging people cars. I don’t have money to fix my car because of the city’s raggedy streets.1 day ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)Black BMW license plate #9197972 parked in street in front of 1204 W Northcrest Ave has not been moved in over a month1 day ago
Peoria, ILopenStreet LightsWe need a fully working light in front of this school, a speed bump or at least one of those signs that tell you your speed in front of Dr. Maude A. Sanders Primary School. My child attends this school and people recklessly drive 50+ mph in front of this school. Someone is going to lose control and crash right into that school. There are speed bumps and radar signs just down the street. Please do something.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenRodentsLots of rats around this yard. Owner has two big dogs with lots of poo. The back yard is hidden by privacy fence but one part is coming off and the dogs try to get out when people walk by. These are big dogs, the fence really needs to be repaired and the poo cleaned up because of all the rats.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenRodentsBag of dead rats found behind this house by alley. The landlord set out a lot of trash and PDC didn't pick it all up because the cans were overloaded and some had spilled on the ground. I was unaware it was a kroger bag of dead rats until I picked it up. I threw it away but there were other dead rats at the bottom of the can. This end of the alley has a lot of garbage, a lot of cans are constantly left out with open garbage set out. Can traps be set out for rats and something done about all the garbage and garbage cans that are out in the alley. The lawn and leaf cans can be put away till spring.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenOther/MiscellaneousI tried hosing down Niagra Alley but too hard. If you have a street sweeper in the area I would greatly appreciate hitting the alley. Thank you2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal Disposal of Garbage1103 N. University st Garbage not stored in proper containers.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairApt A of Duplex - Furnace will not produce any heat. Was told to use space heaters. Have been trying to get S&S Property Management to fix this since last Thursday, 12/6/18.2 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedUnsafe StructuresCity own property on the demo list. Privacy fence is falling down. Kids play on this lot. It's going to fall on one of them. Rusty nails sticking out of the fence panels on the ground, in the alley and on the part of the fence that is still standing. You wouldn't allow a property owner to have a fence in this condition, so why is city owned property any different? Please remove the fence so the hazard is removed.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal Disposal of GarbageCaller reported his neighbor at 822 W. GIft (next house East of his home) has a lot of garbage on the ground in the alley behind his house. Caller is tired of picking up the neighbor's garbage all the time. He feels someone needs to come and speak to neighbor about picking up the garbage behind the house in the alley way.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTraffic Related ComplaintsSpeeding. Patents dropping off kids and speeding down the street past other kids that are walking to school as well as cars daily that use Merrimac as a through street for the neighborhood but continuously get up to 40+ mph from the top of the street to the bottom. Any chance we could get the portable speed bumps on Merrimac? Thanks2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenBlocked Street, Alley, Sidewalkcar blocking access to parking lot2 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedYard WasteBrush pile in front yard.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairProperty does not have a furnace. Landlord refuses to answer his phone.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenStreet LightsStreet Light entirely out- does not work at all3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterPlease send out the street sweepers again. There is garbage and leaves all over the East Bluff. People over here don't rake their leaves or they blow them out into the street.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterThese folks put leave their cans by the alley all week and never close the lid on their cans. Animals get in there and garbage is spread all over the alley and neighborhood. THe garbage cans are behind house by alley. THey also have 2 tires but these came from 2805 N. California. The landlord has been dumping lots of garbage from last tenants including tires in the alley.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterGarbage all over yard and along curb.Lots of junk on porch, Im trying to sell my house and having this behind me is really causing problems.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street Repairstreet sign broken and falling at Corrington and Indiana. Also the location thing on here is broken3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenFire Permit IssueNeighbors built a smoke shack or something off their garage. They are burning something in there and the exhaust smells terrible. Like chemically treated wood. It’s getting into our house and into my kids room. Just wondering if this is legal. It’s a nuisance to anyone near by.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)209 Nebraska Ave., Blue Dodge Pick up and Black dump utility trailer, license info unknown, parked for 3 weeks in front of occupied home3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTraffic SignalsThe traffic signals on Jefferson and Fulton are out of sink with the rest of the lights.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenRodentsThere has been a present of large rats and some other kind of rodents ,moles, digging in the back and sides of this building some making its way into these apartments, tentants has complained to the landlord several times and nothing has been done r sent anyone to check out thses apartments on inside and out, critters can be heard from inside and holes can be seen, but nothing is being done by landlord.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairHalf of the house has no heat. The house was divided in two and the landlord has not turned the house back to a single dwelling due to this. The furnace only works on one side of the house. There is a leak in the roof. The bathtub doesn't drain properly. Water drains very slowly. There are cracked windows and air is coming from the outside. No ventilation. All windows are painted shut. Gutter issues. Tenant has to use a lot of buckets to take rain away from the house. Very heavy to carry. Please inspect.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairWe hit a pothole at the intersection of Scenic and Rockwood (we were heading NE on Rockwood) the pothole blew out our right front tire per photos this occurred at 11:20am on 12/12/183 days ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal Disposal of GarbageCaller reported there is garbage piled up everywhere in the yard by the back door. This has caused rats and they cannot get rid of them. The City has sent someone out to clean up this yard on two (2) previous occasions.3 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedRodentsRat problem. They are getting into the crawl space. Please bait the outside.4 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedTraffic Related Complaintsthink we could install speed bumps or place a radar device to slow down the drag strip on this street4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenRodentsRat problems. Property needs rat bait. There are burrows by the garage and privacy fence.4 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedTrash/LitterThere is garbage scattered everywhere. Tree limbs and branches are all over.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenUnsafe StructuresRusty nails are sticking out of the fence panels that are on the ground. Half the fence has fallen onto the ground. Please remove the fence before someone's child get hurts or steps on a nail.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterTrash container left by mailbox for over a month. Occupants just take the garbage to the street.5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairFuse box keeps going out, tenants put a new fuse in yesterday and then the box started smoking. This is dangerous and could cause an electrical fire. There is loose wiring inside the box. Tenant keeps having to supply fuses at this property.5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenRodentsdead racoon5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal Disposal of GarbageCaller reported there is garbage, trash and bottles that have urine in them sitting on side of the house. The caller reported that you can only see them from the side of the house. Need to be cleaned up.5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairPothole in westbound lane on W Glen just west of Martha St5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededThere is a mass amount of ice in both lanes of this hill.5 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedHouse/Fence in DisrepairThere are vagrants that have returned to this property to live. The house was recently boarded up. They have taken the boards off of the back door and got back in. Neighbors are concerned and want the house re-boarded. The boards are laying in the back alley.5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairThe kitchen sink is leaking and there's rotted wood from the leaks. The door in the bathroom is of and has been that way since May. The door fall on one of the kids living in the home. The backdoor is broken. The front door doesn't lock.5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterTrash cans left out in front of the garage door. Eyesore.5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenParking on Unpaved SurfaceA large RV parked half on the grass and half on the the resident's concrete pad. The old RV is rusted and has a tarp put on it. In storage. Eyesore to the neighborhood.6 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)white car has been been parked on the side of the road for well over 1 month without moving. I think the car has bad brakes and should not be moved by driving it.6 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTraffic Related ComplaintsWhat plan do you have to curb cut thru traffic onto sherwood from forrest hill. When you removed the right hand turn lane on west bound Forrest Hill at University you forced drivers to cut thru on Sherwood abd the to hudson rather than wait at the light. Poor planning once again by engineers that dont live in Peoria.6 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSidewalk and CurbsNorth side of Forrest Hill west of Sheridan. Side walk curbs co pletely gone along with twelve oaks between Forrest Hill and hudson6 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/Litter2813 W Nebraska Ave, Peoria, IL 61604 clutter, yard waste/brush piles there for a year, junk everywhere7 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/Litter2813 W Nebraska Ave, Peoria, IL 61604 Junk all over back yard including make shift covers and tent like structures.7 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/Litterexcessive litter at and from 1600 NE Jefferson7 days ago
Peoria, ILopenNon-Owner Occupied - Not RegisteredAttic window broken in and open. Rat seen at side of house. House is empty.7 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterThere garbage cart is full and blowing all over the alley. Neighbors are tired of the mess. Eyesore.8 days ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)Caller reported that there is a vehicle that has been sitting in the same spot for two-three weeks with the license plate valid. It is a Black Ford Explorer8 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterCaller reported there are wood piles behind the shed which is not usable that was just piled up at the residence on Cashman. There is also trash throughout the backyard and a hugh sofa on the front porch. The caller noted that the sofa is of cloth. Property needs to be clean up.8 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairRaccoons in the house. There are holes in the roof. There are cracks in the foundation and rats are coming through them into the house.8 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTraffic SignalsPedestrian crossing button at Loucks & Sheridan to cross Sheridan going west does not work.8 days ago
Peoria, ILopenOther/ .in dack.yard8 days ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal StorageThere's a trailer left on this vacant lot that needs to be removed. Eyesore.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairFrame in front door is not secure. Door barely opens properly.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterLitter and trash in yard. Side door has plywood on it fire hazard latched in.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairCan't get out of the backdoor. The hinges are broken and there is plywood on the door. Fire hazard.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairCracking in the foundation. Letting water from the cracks into the basement.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenRodentsRat problem9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairCracking in foundation and the walls.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairSiding is rusted and windows are broken. Porch has dilapidated wood that is rotted. Someone could get hurt.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenRodentsRat problem. Need bait on the outside of the property.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)Black BMW car has been sitting in front of 1204 w Northcrest ave for over a month and has not been driven9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)Broken down car sitting across the street from 507 E. Virginia. The Vehicle is blue in color.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairFurnace issues. House doesn't get over 60 degrees. Bill is over $400.00. Landlord has fixed 3 times but quick fixes.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterBlankets, pillows, three mattresses out in the front yard.9 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)damaged gray nissan with flat tire outside 1701 W Fredonia9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenStreet Lightsstreet light out on top of stop light closest to 2505 w bainter lane.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street Repairdeep pothole in south bound willow knolls turn lane onto westbound war memorial.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenStreet Lightsstreet light out on corner.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterTV dumped on property in the back.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairOakwood Apts. No heat in the hallways or downstairs in the foyer. Senior living home and there's no areas outside of apartment unit that is warm in the building to see other neighbors.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairRetaining wall is falling onto the sidewalk. It is a safety hazard.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairFurnace is going out. The heat has a plastic smell when turned on. Owners keep doing a quick fix. Tenant was told to use heaters for a bit. No permanent solution has been made.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterTrash all over and it's blowing into neighbors yards, They are tired of the trash blowing all over every week. These residents do not have a garbage can. They leave trash bags with food left in them on the ground. Animals are getting into the bags.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenParking on Unpaved SurfaceI have lost track of how many times I have sent this complaint now there are four vehicles parked where their should only be one10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterFurniture left out in yard and it is getting rained on.10 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)2317 monroe. there is an unplated abandoned car that is bottoming out. please remove10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenVisual ObstructionRed Ford pickup always parks at stop sign.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenUnsafe StructuresPrivacy fence is falling down and nails are sticking out of it. When cars go up and down the alley, their tires are getting popped by the nails. This is a city owned demo. It's been complained about before. I don't understand why the fence is still laying there.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal DumpingI am the Property Manager for my church, Zion Lutheran Evangelical Church located at 1534 S. Easton Avenue, in the South end of Peoria. There is garbage that has been dumped behind the church next to the alley on property that I don't think is currently occupied. Could you have somebody please dispose of all the garbage/mattress/etc. Thank you. Please call me if you have any questions. I have two photos to send to your attention but it appears I am only able to send one below.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal Dumpingseveral tvs and a bumper dumped on the old rail road behind 537 Van Buren. There is also lots of wrappers, carpet ,and furniture along the rock island alley also on the old railroad. I've been told this is a city owned property.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairIn the alley behind 1514 and 1516 Butler, there are two big potholes11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal Dumpingsomeone dumped two tires in the alley near the back of 515 Mary Street12 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street Repairdeep potholes12 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairRoad is crumbling and partially missing.12 days ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)Caller reported a vehicle is sitting on in front of 700 E. Gift St. with it's license plates expired. Caller said it is a blue car with Lic. Plate #: AE45962 that expired 11/18.12 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTraffic SignalsDon’t forget to retrieve your street signs and barricades up north Avenue. Thanks! Nice work!12 days ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)car with no plate outside 411 Morgan12 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street Repair12 days ago
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