Peoria, IL

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Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairPrivacy fence blew in neighboring yard and needs removed.about 1 hour ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal DumpingTV dumped near tree in alley behind 1425 N Ellisabout 3 hours ago
Peoria, ILclosedStreet LightsLight across from this address isn’t working.about 10 hours ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairBuilding #23 Unit #5 - Tenant recently signed a lease for this unit. There's a hole in the tub. Landlord did a quick fix and rigged up the exposed hole. There's water damage and the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom are not affixed to the walls. The molding around the front door is pulled apart and the key to this door does not work. The door may have been kicked in at some point.There are holes in the ceiling and nails sticking up from the floor.about 18 hours ago
Peoria, ILclosedIllegal StorageWhite sedan Iowa Plates on a jackabout 19 hours ago
Peoria, ILopenRodentsRaccoons and rats and possums are coming and out during the day. Inside walls are coming apart. Holes in floors. House appears to be empty but light is on. This house is a hazard to the area.about 22 hours ago
Peoria, ILopenTraffic Signalslongest light to change for cross trafficabout 24 hours ago
Peoria, ILopenStreet Lightsstreet light is facing wrong direction. would like to see it lighting up the street.1 day ago
Peoria, ILclosedMissed Garbage PickupIs there a problem with putting these plastic pieces only about 6’ long for pickup. He emptied my bin but just pushed these off??1 day ago
Peoria, ILclosedStreet Lightsstreet light out2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairThe street and drain area in front of my home is extremely damaged. There are several potholes and dips. The drain looks like it has sank down.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)This vehicle was abandoned by previous renters of the house at 235 West Hanssler St. A previous report I filed has a closed status but the car is still sitting there with three flat tires and has not been driven in months.The neighbors are very tired of looking at this junk car. What can be done?2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterThere has been a large amount of garbage in front of home.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairNo heat for a week in the house. Landlord claimed that the part he needed wasn't sold in Peoria, so he left the tenants with space heaters. It has been over a week and now the landlord is not answering calls. The ceiling in the bathroom is caving in from previous water damage. Part of the ceiling came down on a child in the shower. The ceiling in the kitchen caved in also, and the electrical wires are exposed. The electricity in the kitchen does not work. Please inspect.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairUnit 5 Thermostat is locked up and the tenant isn't allowed to control it. The apartment unit is freezing cold. They are using an oven to keep warm. The ceiling in the tenant's daughter's room is falling apart. There is a commercial glass door to the apartment unit. Please check out the windows in the bedroom.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenRodentsRodent problem in yard. Please bait.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterThere is a fridge with the doors off laying by the driveway in the front yard. It has been left out for 3 weeks. There are tires, clothes and trash in yard. Please inspect.2 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedTrash/Litteris there ever not trash at this place. tires in back junk always in the yard. refrigerator by the road for three weeks. wild cats, dog just scrap all in that house, holes in the walls inside, rodents2 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedTrash/Litterjunk by the road for three weeks. garbage in yard and around property, tires, refrigerator, they dump junk in treeline behind the house. junk in front bushes. you dont see this anywhere else in Peoria.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenDrainage/Flooding ProblemsStreet sweeper needed at this location.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenOther/Miscellaneoustwo small white dogs that bark anytime others are outside. constant barking, multiple times a day, at my small children3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (Private Property)3012 Village, dump truck in their driveway for over 6 months3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenParking on Unpaved SurfaceContinues to park on grass3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenUnsafe StructuresCaller reported the home has a damaged roof and in need of repair.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenDead Animal in StreetDead groundhog3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenDead Animal in StreetDead groundhog3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenDead Animal in StreetDead groundhog3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterTrash all over yard. House sits far back at this address.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenParking on Unpaved SurfaceTrailer parked on grass that may not be properly tagged. Trailer filled with trash.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenYard WasteVacant - A lot of debris and tree limbs left by the alley way.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairApt 102 - Water from toilet leaked from bathroom to bedroom. Tenant is unable to sleep in bedroom because the water has soaked the flooring. Maintenance will not remedy this issue. This has been an issue since before thanksgiving. Please call and inspect.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/Litter700 E McClure, corner of McClure and Indiana, on the Indiana side of the home there is trash all over by the home and in the street, on going several weeks3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairNeighbor is concerned about pipes freezing at next door townhouse. The owners moved out and the power was shut off. The neighbor is concerned that if the pipes next door freeze at some point, it could seep in and cause water damages to her townhouse. Also, please check to see if their water was turned off by Illinois American Water.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterCan someone please have this rental property clean up the roofing shingles, Moldy boards, and trash on the Right side of the house. I am tired of looking at their trash on a daily basis. It has been like this for THREE months. This is the third time it has been reported. It is DANGEROUS to any children in the area3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenOther/MiscellaneousExtension cord running from the house across the sidewalk to their tow truck daily. There are kids that walk across this sidewalk to Harrison School everyday. They could trip and fall or possibly if the cord gets wet, they could get electrocuted. Please inspect and remove.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (Private Property)Abandoned white conversion van with flat tire left behind house. Resident can't pull in or out of her garage. Please inspect and remove. Pull into the alley.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairFurnace or thermostat isn't working and maintenance won't fix it. Please inspect.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenStreet LightsThe street light on my part of the block was replaced. The new light is less than half as bright as the original. Since the light replacement we have had issues with tire slashing and car doors being tried to see if they were locked. My house is two houses down from the light and the new lack of light makes me feel less secure not to mention our street is now less safe to walk down at night. I understand the need to put in more energy efficient lights but it should not come at the cost of safety and security of residents. Please remove this ineffective light and put one in that actually lights up the same area as the old light or please add more lights to the street so that residents can feel safe at night.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenMissed Recycling PickupMy recycling along with other neighbors was not picked up as expected on Saturday, Nov 30. My husband and I put the trash and recycle out after 8pm on Friday, Nov 29. The trash and landscape were picked up, but the recycling cans were not emptied - I reported this to Peoria Cares App on Sun, Dec 1st as shown in the photo. Rather than sending a PDC recycling truck, code enforcement came and issued an abatement notice to remove the cans. I’m not sure how this got misconstrued, but the recycling cans still need to be emptied and I should not be required to wait another 2 weeks because someone skipped our house. Please let me know through this app, my phone or email how this will be remedied. We don’t have a garage or storage building for our cans and thus move them from the back of our locked, gated property to the curb in time for trash/recycle day as needed. Thanks.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenStreet LightsBurned out light4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal Home OccupationThere is a tent with someone living in it, somewhere between the private property at 109 E. Lake View Ave and the PCAPS Property at 2600 NE Perry Ave.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairApt. 12 - Pipe has been busted for a month and nothing has been done. There is water coming from the ceiling and floor. Management will not do anything to fix ongoing problem.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenExcessive Growth-Private PropertyBush needs trimmed back at driveway.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairVacant - Weather strip fell off of house due to storms and wind and neighbors don't want it to hit someone with the bad winds.4 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedYard WasteI have caught 3 nails and replaced 2 tired in my driveway from the debris associated with a tree falling at this property. The property owner refuses to do anything. If there is a storm and nails blow off the roof I puncture my tires. I am tired of replacing my tires. He brought someone out to take down the hanging sporting which is now lying on the ground. I can not pull into my garage without the risk of doing this again. This person shows not care or remorse for the issue. He has posted the house for sale and does nothing, he says he is not responsible for anything. something needs to be done not only is it an eyesore but it is damaging my vehicle.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterThey're doing some remodeling and have left trash out at the alley line. Trash all over. Please inspect.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterDebris left out in yard. There are broken toys all over in the back.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairMakeshift addition on the garage. Also, this garage needs repaired and painted. Need to check for permits too.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenYard WasteTree fell in the backyard and has been left laying for a year. Please inspect.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairVacant - The drainage system on the s. side of the house was put underground. The drainage leaves a kids pool amount of water on the side of property when it rains. Neighbor is concerned about this issue because it is always wet in the summer.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterHas several trash bags laying around in the yard. Also, there is trash all over the alley area. Animals are getting in their garbage.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenYard WastePlants have grown out into the sidewalk and it needs to be removed now that it's cold.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterThere is trash in the front bushes and by the front steps. Eyesore.4 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedTraffic SignalsThe traffic light at Detweiller Drive and Knoxville always thinks there is traffic on eastbound Detweiller. This started when Detweiller was repaired a couple weeks ago.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenMissed Recycling PickupRecycle at 1100 E Maywood missed also.5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenDrainage/Flooding Problemsdrain is clogged6 days ago
Peoria, ILopenStreet Lightsnot as bright as the old light. would like to have the maker and model number of new led street light. also specs on the old light bulb version it replaced watts and lumens.6 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairNow that construction is done, there are still signs and cones laying around. Here are two examples.6 days ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal Disposal of GarbageRental Home has roofing materials, moldy roofing boards, aluminum pieces, and roofing material all over the property on the right hand side of the house. Have been tossed there for about three months. This property has a habit of placing garbage on this side of the house and would like for it to be taken care of.6 days ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)Car has been parked in the street for over 2 months, broken out driver side window with glass in the street and two flat tires7 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairPothole on War Memorial at Scenic. Flattened our tire.8 days ago
Peoria, ILopenOther/MiscellaneousFront door has been hanging open for over a week now. Unsure if anyone lives there’s currently.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterGarbage at rear of property and it's building up. Please inspect.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterThey have a flat screen television that has been left in the front year for a week along with their trash cart. Please inspect.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenOther/MiscellaneousI would like to know who to report my landlord to. The ceiling in one of our bedrooms in cracked and almost ready to cave in. The landlord is aware but refuses to fix it because it will cost him too much money.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterAt this Family Dollar store they constantly have trash blowing all over and it's definitely lowing out into the neighbors yard with the high winds today. They also have a tire in their ditch. They never clean this property up. Eyesore. Please inspect.9 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedUnsafe Structureswater was cut off pierson hills Apt 22 (1620) mold is filling up house due to woater leakage9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterThere are about 5 rotting jack o lanterns in the yard9 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedTrash/LitterOn the corner of Prospect & Frye, they never put their trash carts away. They leave them out seven days a week. Please inspect.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterThey never put their trash carts away. They leave their trash carts out seven days a week.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairVacant property - Due to the high winds today, the siding, framework, and window has caved in. There is a hole on the side of the house. Please inspect. Dangerous area.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenOther/MiscellaneousFront door has been hanging open for over a week now. Unsure if anyone lives there’s currently.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairThe ceiling is damaged by water and is rotted. They keep doing quick fixes and patchwork. Tenant was told she would move three months ago because of these issues and they keep on delaying and not fixing the issues. Please inspect.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairThere's water and mud coming up through the basement. The main pipe in the basement is leaking. The kitchen sink is full of water. The toilet wax ring is no good and water is leaking on the floor. landlord isn't do anything to fix these issues.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairHeat is not working and the landlord isn't doing anything about it. The heat has not worked for a month. Landlord knew since the summer that he needed a part for the furnace when he was fixing the AC.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenRodentsNeed rat bait added to the yard. Also, please bait the garage, but call beforehand so it will be unlocked.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenParking on Unpaved SurfaceThere is a vehicle parked in the front yard. A code inspector has talked the owner before, but they keep on adding cars to their yard. Neighbors are frustrated. Please inspect.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairApt 308 - Green Diamond Apts. Bathtub does not drain properly. It is taken 2 weeks for the water to come out of the tub. Hot water was also shut off by maintenance and they have not turned it back on. Please inspect.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal DumpingCaller reported trash is set out early (last week) prior to garbage pick-up in addition to Mattress, Box Springs, Bed Frame and plastic garbage bags. Caller said this garbage and furniture will be sitting throughout the holiday and would like it cleaned up.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)car at 1014 W Virginia has been up on a jack for a month10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenOpen BurningIllegally burning garbage in their backyard10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal DumpingCaller reported someone dumped a "Big TV" and a Large Mattress in a Lot at 2001 W. Howett St. Caller believes the Lot belong to the City of Peoria.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTraffic SignalsCrossing signals not working10 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedStreet LightsThe city came today and changed the light on the pole outside my house and now it is very dark. I have lived here for 27 years and never had a problem I loved the light outside it lite up my front yard and some of the neighbors yard which was great. Now our yards are dark and scary. Can the old light be put back up? Please for our safety. Thank you11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenStreet LightsLight isn't working properly11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenYard WasteNeed an inspector to talk to the resident at this property. Neighbors are getting frustrated because he keeps blowing his leaves out into the street and they are clogging up the drain.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenStreet Lightsi reported the light at Abington and Perry as being out; however, it is actually the next light up Abington which is out.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairSewer drain in house is backed up. There's water in the living room and dining room. Mold is growing from water damages. Maintenance is not doing anything to fix these issues.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenYard WasteSubject: Yard Fall Cleanup issues - Talked to Karen on the phone today 11-25-2019 regarding property #14-08-277-007 (7504 N Patton Ln). (1) In 2017, I have my paid lawn maintenance guys (Speerly’s) include the shared front & back yards for fall cleanup - dead leaves & debris. Reason - the property mentioned above did not clean their side. Reason - and when Peoria have wind gusts at 20, sometimes 30, the leaves on the unkept side blows to my side. (2) In 2017, Speerly’s have to come back after 2 days to clean my side again - this time they included the other property side - shared lot front & back. (3) In 2018, Speerly’s continued cleanup & maintains the shared yard in spring, summer, fall. (4) In 2019, fall season, Speerly’s did not show up. With a broken mower, I did the fall cleanup manually this past Saturday & Sunday (2019 November 23, 9:44am to 5pm & November 24, 3pm to 4:30pm), I manually cleaned my front, side, & back yards before rain comes including shared driveway. Literally I am breaking my back & bank to maintain my property. Mr. Rund (7504 N Patton Ln owner) told me to paraphrase enjoy leaves which what fall is all about. Also he said about cost + leaves are still on the trees. He then asked me to contact property management (Maloof) about the 2019 fall cleanup issue. Why? Don’t own their property. Neighbors - All yards have been cleaned & kept cleaned - maintenance - as of today. Don’t want my neighbors to complain about “hey your yard is not cleaned & leaves are blowing to our yards”. Not fair. Sure. Am just trying to be a good neighbor also. Rain - One thing about the rain, dead leaves are harder to clean when wet. And wet /dead leaves stains concrete (see attached picture #1). I contacted the property owner (11-23-19 Saturday & 11-25-19 Monday) giving them notice that I will report this matter to Peoria county government if nothing is done to their yard in 2019. Lived here more than 10 years & yards always have been cleaned before Christmas season & winter sets in. Informed Mr. Rund that “....I will have Speerly do last cleanup....Forecast - windy Wednesday, rain Friday & Saturday, snow Sunday this week of 11-25-2019.” My cup is full. Any help you can do with this issue will be appreciated.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenExcessive Growth–Vacant Public LotUplands boulevards could use a mow.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterThese neighbors have their trash carts left out after last Thursdays garbage pickup. Trash will not be collected by PDC again until this Friday, since it's the holidays.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterThese neighbors have their trash carts left out after last Thursdays garbage pickup. Trash will not be collected by PDC again until this Friday, since it's the holidays.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairPlumbing is backed up from neighboring unit and going directly into this unit. There is human feces and urine. Maintenance hasn't resolved issue in this unit. Only used a shot vac for other unit that has the plumbing problems. Water is in the dining room and living room. The fumes are bothering the pregnant tenant and her six mos old baby. Please inspect.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterThe alley is a mess and needs fully inspected up and down this area.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenYard WasteThere has been a brush pile left in the yard since the summer. Please inspect.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenOther/MiscellaneousThe Green Diamond Apartments have very bright LED lighting on the outside of their apartment complex. The lights are shining directly on the neighboring properties facing Wilshire Ct in the cul-de-sac behind the apartments. This is a problem every night and this could also be an issue for other surrounding streets. Please inspect.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (Private Property)Maroon Pontiac hasn’t moved from driveway in months. No license plate.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenYard WasteRaking leaves and putting the pile in the street by the retaining wall. Leaves are blowing in other peoples yards. Neighbors are upset.11 days ago
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Visual ObstructionReport visual obstruction in alleys, streets and right of ways.
Missed Garbage PickupReport missed garbage pickup within the City of Peoria.
Other/MiscellaneousReport other issues to the City of Peoria.
Overflowing City Garbage CanReport overflowing city garbage cans within the City of Peoria.
Illegal Disposal of GarbageIllegal disposal of garbage.
Illegal DumpingReport illegal dumping within the City of Peoria.
RodentsReport rodents to the city.
Fire HazardsReport any fire hazards to the Peoria Fire Department
Abandoned Vehicle (Private Property)Please report abandoned vehicle on private property.
Blocked Street, Alley, SidewalkReport a blocked street, alley, or sidewalk in Peoria.
House/Fence in DisrepairReport a house or fence that is in disrepair located within the City of Peoria.
Illegal Home OccupationIllegal home occupation
Illegal LandscapingPlease report any problems or concerns about illegal landscaping
Non-Owner Occupied - Not RegisteredReport properties that are non-owner occupied or not registered.
Broken Parking MeterReport a broken parking meter within the City of Peoria.
Dead Animal in StreetDead animals that need to be removed from the street
Drainage/Flooding ProblemsReport any type of drainage or flooding problems.
Graffiti on Private PropertyReport graffiti found on private property within the City of Peoria.
Graffiti on Public PropertyReport graffiti found on public property within the City of Peoria.
Inaccessible ParkingReport inaccessible parking
Mailbox Knocked DownReport when your mailbox has been knocked down during snow removal
Parking on Unpaved SurfaceParking on unpaved surface
Traffic Related ComplaintsReport any traffic related complaints within the City of Peoria
Traffic SignalsReport traffic signal issues within the City of Peoria.
Taxi CabPlease report any problems or concerns about taxi cabs.
Excessive Growth-Private PropertyReport overgrown lawns.
Excessive Growth–Vacant Public LotReport overgrown public lots
Private BusinessReport any problems you may have with private businesses in the City of Peoria.
Illegal Permanent SignsIllegal permanent signs
Illegal StoragePlease report any problems or concerns about illegal storage.
Illegal Temporary SignsIllegal temporary Signs
Parking lot in disrepairPlease report any problems or concerns about parking lot in disrepair
Working Without Building PermitWorking without a building permit.
Good JobWould you like to report a city employee that did a great job?
Potholes, Street RepairReport potholes and other issues involving streets in need of repair.
Sidewalk and CurbsReport issues relating to sidewalks or curbs within the City of Peoria.
Snow Removal NeededReport any snow removal needs.
Open BurningPlease report open burning
Abandoned Vehicle (on Street)Please report an abandoned vehicle on the street.
Fire Permit IssuePlease let us know if you have a concerns or questions regarding Fire Permits.
Sewer ProblemsReport problems with sewers in Peoria to the Public Works department.
Unsafe StructuresReport any unsafe structures to Peoria Code enforcement
Anonymous TipsReport Anonymous Tips.
Illegal Drug ActivityReport illegal drug activity to the Peoria Police department.
Dumpsters Not ScreenedPlease report any problems or concerns about dumpsters not being screened
Street LightsReport any street light issues within the City of Peoria.
Tire RemovalReport tires that need removed on public property.
Missed Landscape Waste PickupReport missed landscape waste pickup within the City of Peoria.
Missed Recycling PickupReport missed recycling pickup within the City of Peoria.
Website and Mobile App FeedbackReport any thoughts or concerns regarding the City's website or mobile apps.
Trash/LitterReport trash or litter
Yard WasteReport issues related to yard waste pickup
Arson TipsReport tips on arson within the City of Peoria.
Citizen Fire ConcernPlease let us know if you have any Fire related concerns or questions.