Peoria, IL

Service Requests created during previous 48 hours

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Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)inoperable vehicle on street in front of 1616 Northeast Madison dark blue Ford42 minutes ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal Disposal of Garbageobscene amounts of open garbage and junk in front yard at 1006 Northeast Monroe42 minutes ago
Peoria, ILclosedAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)Silver SUV has been sitting on the street for months with a flat tire. A sticker was placed on the vehicle buSt b the owner took it off. The tire is still flat and the SUV hasn't moved. SR# 05840about 3 hours ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal DumpingTenants were evicted and the landlord dumped all their belongings including big pieces of furniture out in the front yard.about 3 hours ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterThe young men that moved in next to me have litter all over their yard from their friends constantly stopping by. It's especially bad by the curd and street.about 3 hours ago
Peoria, ILopenTraffic SignalsTraffic signals at the Prospect/McClure intersection are repeatedly cycling. Traffic on Prospect is forced to stop every minute, even when there is no traffic on McClure to trip the signal. Has been this way for over a week and I have seen multiple run the light on Prospect.about 5 hours ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairLarge pothole opening up at approximately 1423 NE Glen Oak Ave.about 5 hours ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal Disposal of Garbagea bunch of garbage left outabout 13 hours ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)Vehicle has been sitting without being moved for 3 weeks or longer1 day ago
Peoria, ILopenYard WasteCaller reported there is a tree limbs broken off of a tree and has been lying in the front yard for quite a while and need to be cleaned up.1 day ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street Repairnorthbound right side of left lane in this general area, shortly before a stoplight. pretty sure it was this intersection1 day ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterRemodeled house and they have had a dumpster that is full and trash is now sitting around on the property.Everything needs to be cleared. Eyesore to the neighborhood.1 day ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairRoof in disrepair at this apartment complex. There is a hole the neighbors can see from their property. Also, the siding is coming of the structure. Eyesore.1 day ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairApt. complex with tenants are leaving their trash carts out and they are never put away. There is also a lot of trash in the backyard. A stove and refrigerator is in the yard ad needs removed asap. The door of the refrigerator is flat on the ground.1 day ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterHave left their trash carts out since Friday. They need to be put away since their trash has already been picked up days ago..1 day ago
Peoria, ILopenOther/MiscellaneousSump pump draining into street causing ice on street1 day ago
Peoria, ILopenParking on Unpaved Surfaceparking on unpaved surface. The area has become dirt due to the illegal parking situation. Please inspect.1 day ago
Peoria, ILclosedStreet LightsLight out2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenStreet LightsLight flickering and ooff more than on2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenStreet LightsLightbulb out2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTraffic Related ComplaintsUnderhill allows parking only on the west side of the street. We have signs stating No Parking On This Side of the Street posted. Frequently cars are parked in front of 1120 N. Underhill directly under the No Parking sign. Cars parking here also straddle the sidewalk. Can officers ticket these cars? It appears it's always the same cars parking illegally. Thank you!2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededLarge amount of ice built up because of an absence of a drainage system. Water comes from the yard across the street and runs across the street.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairMultiple large and dangerous potholes in right hand turn lane northbound on Knoxville at Glen Ave. There is one that is much larger than an average pothole and could seriously damage a car.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenMissed Garbage Pickuplast week my trash was not picked up, i had set the tag out the night before. my neighbor across the street had his trash picked up.2 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairHumongous pothole in the left hand northbound lane of Knoxville. Seriously dangerously sized pothole.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairSmall pothole in road.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairLarge Pothole in intersection.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenOther/MiscellaneousThis camnot be legal. This have been here for almost 3months now. I have made complaints before and nothing has been done aboit it. This cause rats.3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairPothole northbound at intersection. Then one eastbound on American prairie east of orange prairie3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededOur street needs a plow to come though. It has not been touched this whole week and is a mess. It is had to turn left of right out of either entrance/exit because of so much snow and slush piled up. Thank you3 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairPot hole n middle of glen coming towards Sheridan it happened 8:37pm 1/24/20 causing two blowouts on my car 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage SE I would like to be compensated for the damages it have caused I will have the car further examined in the morning4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenMissed Garbage Pickupi just moved into this house and there is no garbage can. contacted p.d.c and they said to contact city of peoria4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenWebsite and Mobile App Feedbackthe city just closes these cases out with doing nothing, I know several people that have made reports on here in the city just closes them I clearly had a location in for the abandoned vehicle, I'll just take care of the vehicle myself since the city of Peoria fails to do their job oh, and I will be deleting this useless app I hope we spent a lot of money on it because it doesn't work or the employees are just that lazy and pencil whipping stuff4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenMailbox Knocked DownThis is the 2nd time my mailbox has been spun around, the post knocked loose, the door opened, and 1/2 the mail dumped on the snow in the last 10 days. This was done by City of Peoria snow plows on a snow route, at 5323 W. Ancient Oak Drive. In both cases, valuable tax documents were knocked to the ground and were soaked. Hopefully, I recovered all of the documents (I’m not sure if I did). The mailbox pole is barely still standing; however, it will have to be reset in a plastic foam type material that mimics setting a post in concrete. This is not a cheap mailbox assembly! This oversized mailbox, post, decorative trim and numbers, foam post mounting compound and professional labor, has a total cost was $300!! Your snow plows are 2 for 2 this winter. 2 snows - 2 mailbox damages. The mailbox gets worse each time after it is hit. THIS CAN NOT CONTINUE!!! Regards, Mark D. Moeckel 309.453.50654 days ago
Peoria, ILopenGood Job100 to 700 block of w. Westwood 61614 Has not been plowed4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairLeaking roof. This is the fifth time and they keep doing patch work. Please inspect.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairRoof issues creating leaks in hoe when it rains. No gutters so the basement floods constantly. Nails exposed on the floor. Plumbing to toilet does not work. Have to dump water in toilet to make it flush.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)I reported this 5 days ago and it snowed again and yet it still is parked on an emergency snow route4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenOther/Miscellaneousexcessive dog barking.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededRoad has never been cleared from storm several days ago, sliding all over road, please plow and salt!4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededNeeded plowed and salted thanks4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededThe slush and ice weren’t cleared and now there is snow on top of it. Two cars were trapped in the street and had to be pulled out this morning. Our street is not being cleared.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenOther/Miscellaneouserosion under 1950 concrete stsrted.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenOther/Miscellaneousmulch to cover slick mud see were it went. maybe down by library4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenGood Jobcity not helpful. 926 water from hill floods area washing dirt and or munch away. clenoak towers wants to fix. city said no. they even want to pay FOR CONCRETE. SOME PART OF 171 APARTMENTS HEADED TO CITY COUNCIL I GUESS. ITS SIMPLE WE ARE DISABLED,OVER 65 OR VETERAN'S. AND MULCH DIRT IS WASHED AWAY BY MAIN ST GRAND CANYON. we are not sure what to do. never ever took on city. but this seems silly. concrete provides for ease feeling chair's food into out Apartments. slick mud is no fun. there is no wheel chair ramp. video to come in spring. help us help outer selfs.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairApt # - One thermostat in neighbors apartment downstairs and if he shuts off no heat is available upstairs in her apartment. The ceiling is falling in. There are roofing problems. Also, an electrical box runs from the living room to the kitchen and an extension cord is at the end connected to the oven. Dangerous. Please inspect.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterThere are boxes in the yard that need to be picked up.4 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairGutters are leaking and water going to neighbors property. Landlord won't do anything.4 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedSnow Removal NeededPlease plow/salt (depends on the weather tonight?) the hill before 7:30 am if at all possible? I have early morning therapy. Thank you for all you've done.5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)expired plates, flat tires, snow can't be removed, green Chevy pick up5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededHaven’t been plowed in two snow/freeze events! Will we ever see a plow on the side streets?5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenYard WasteTree fell in neighboring yard and on wires. Needs cleaned up.5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededOur street was not plowed after the first snow event and therefore iced over. There is now another layer of snow which will likely freeze over as well. Please have our street (N. Oak Trail Drive) and subdivision (Oakbrook) plowed as soon as possible. Thank you.5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal Neededthe snow plow needs to come back and finish the bournedale subdivision. wynnwood and wyss streets were both completely skipped. potentially there are other side streets in the subdivision I did not slide on also needing attention.5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenParking on Unpaved SurfaceTest 2 from Cory x81145 days ago
Peoria, ILopenParking on Unpaved SurfaceTest from Cory x81145 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTraffic SignalsRoute 150 the lights at Grand Prairie and orange prairie both stay red when all the others along there stay green at 4 in the morning5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterNot pulling trash to the alley area for pickup. Creating rodents.5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenParking on Unpaved SurfaceParking on unpaved surface. Grass is turning to mud.5 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedSnow Removal NeededAbington Hill needs salted.5 days ago
Peoria, ILopenOther/MiscellaneousIncessantly barking black lab.6 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairSunk pump water going to neighboring yard. Neighbors driveway freezes and thaws out and it's constantly wet. Also, they have a drain that is pushing water to their neighbor's garage. The neighbor has fallen before and would like a solution to this ongoing issue. Please inspect.6 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededThank you to the City of PEORIA for sending the salt truck to us today! We always feel like the forgotten part of PEORIA because we are legally in PEORIA but everyone assumes we are in heights. Thank you for keeping our inclined road safe from ice. I hope we see our area now part of snow removal as well! Thanks again and great work! Nick Yates 5508 N Montclair Ave PEORIA IL 616146 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairPumping water from sunk pump to the road. Ice keeps forming up and it's dangerous. The sunk pump issue is also damaging the neighbors driveway.6 days ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal StorageTwo vehicles in driveway with flat tires and expired tags. Vehicles haven't been driven in a year. Please inspect.6 days ago
Peoria, ILopenExcessive Growth–Vacant Public LotOvergrown brush and weeds that need trimming.6 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedUnsafe StructuresMain water pipe has been busted for over 48hrs and landlord still has yet to send someone out to fix it. I have 2 children and havent been able to use any water for 48hrs. I also have other problems like rodents and such living in my basement. Holes throughout my home as well.6 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterTrash carts left out all of the time. Snow plow couldn't get around it either.6 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedStreet Lights2 street lights out. One in front of the abandoned hotel, the other right across the street from it - on the Christian living home side.7 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededYour team has been doing a great job.please continue to keep up with the snow removal on the hill so I can make it to my therapy. I see there is more snow coming in the days ahead.7 days ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal StorageThese property owners are trying to sale their house and neighbors that are doing renovations up the street left a porta potty in front of their property on the sidewalk. Needs removed asap. Eyesore.7 days ago
Peoria, ILopenBroken Parking Metermeter is jammed with a coin , will not accept anymore, thanks for the free spot today7 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairFurnace in the house is not working. Landlord is not fixing any issues. Tenant has small children and everyone is freezing. It's warmer outside of the house than inside. The family is using space heaters to keep warm. Also there is a hole in the ceiling and the landlord hasn't done anything to fix it. The hole has been exposed since April. The bathtub upstairs has been leaking.7 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairBroken window to this property. Taped up, but neighbor is concerned about the cold weather and it is an eyesore.7 days ago
Peoria, ILopenUnsafe StructuresHorrible condition of home people live in it junk roof dysfunctional bathrooms electrical issues mold in basement slum lord TIM BEHM7 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairApt B - Furnace is not working properly. Freezing rooms and the temperatures are running about 15 degrees. Tenant is using the stove to keep warm. Landlord refuses to fix this issue. Also, there is a broken window that needs replaced because cold air is coming through and it's taking weeks to replace it.7 days ago
Peoria, ILopenHouse/Fence in DisrepairTenant hasn't had heat for a month and a half. Landlord only changed the filters to the furnace. There is a burning smell with the heat turns on but nothing is coming out of the vents. The tenant has kids and they are living in this house and currently using their stove for heat. Please inspect.7 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedAbandoned Vehicle (on Street)SR#58250 I called 494-care twice since the snowfall on Halloween as this vehicle never moves and it is parked on an emergency snow route7 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairVery large pot hole8 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededThere is a large section of ice at the Hines Place and Knoxville Rd stop sign. Very easy to slid into traffic on Knoxville.8 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededBrookmont rd is so covered in ice you can hardly drive on it without hitting someone. Very hazardous.8 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal Neededlot of ice.i am disabled and fell. had to call friend to help me get out of street8 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal Neededstreet is very icy. needs salt. disabled man fell. cars stalling up the hill. 1200 block w willcox8 days ago
Peoria, ILopenPotholes, Street RepairThere are numerous potholes on East Corrington between Wisconsin and Knoxville8 days ago
Peoria, ILopenIllegal LandscapingOwner of vacant lot is installing an illegal fence across the front yard9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededN Tampico Dr. and the cul-de-sac at the end of it in Rolling Acres was not plowed or salted after the storm this weekend. It is now very icy and slippery. Please treat the street, and make sure that our street is not missed in future storms. Thank you.9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededShenandoah and University is an ice patch, can't get traction to get out. Salt needed please9 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededI realize snow removal is a huge job and for the most part I give you kudos. I am reporting that our driver yesterday jumped the curb and tore up a 12-15 foot section of lawn between the curb and sidewalk in front of our house. In the spring, I assume this will now be OUR muddy mess to remedy? While I know no one is perfect, it surprised me this happened on an obstacle-free, straight section of road where the curb was clearly visible. And I’m reporting it just so you are aware of the error. For some drivers this might be an exception; for others it might mean they need additional training or something. This happened on 1/18/20 on Sleepy Hollow Road at approximately 2:30 pm and we did witness it ourselves. And to be honest, the driver had a radio, phone or something else in his hands while driving. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this report.9 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedSnow Removal NeededTrailview Estates - near the corner of Radnor and Alta - is still waiting for our snowplow. Thanks.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededOur street has not.been plowed like all the other streets in neighborhood is there anyway they can come through and knock down the ice ridges??10 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedSnow Removal Neededbournedale subdivision streets are totally ice-covered people sliding up and down the streets need some salt and ice removal10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededRoads needing cleared. Street is a hill down to the Lower section of the subdivision and becomes treacherous. The last few snowfalls our streets in the subdivision had not been touched at all. Thank you.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal Needed5 Cul-de-sacs need salted before it gets too cold tonight. Lora Ann Lane, Tara Circle, Shawnda Court, Fawndale Drive and Cathy Circle. They are off Frostwood Parkway in the Lynnhurst area.Thank you.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenUnsafe StructuresSerious water spraying out of large sched 40 conduit near McDonalds. That’s not supposed to have water in it. Might need to call Ameren. Looks like a high voltage feed.10 days ago
Peoria, ILopenSnow Removal NeededSnow needs plowed before temperatures drop tonight.10 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedUnsafe StructuresBoth tenant's electric goes to one bill but only one tenant pays. Burning smells inside the walls when electricity is used. NO HEAT. NO HOT WATER. Tenants are using space heaters to heat entire building. You are going to have a devastating fire and loss of life if you don't get on this slumlord - HARDESTY ENTERPRISES. I'm sure Hardesty, who lives on Grandview Drive, has heat in his house.11 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedTrash/LitterThere is trash left all over the back. The people that lived here recently moved out and left furniture and trash in the alley. PDC can't get down the alley to pick up the trash from neighbors in this area. Please inspect asap. Today is trash pickup.11 days ago
Peoria, ILclosedTrash/Litterfridge with doors alley between jimax and Stanley11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTrash/LitterTrash all over in backyard. There are garbage bags all over and trash blowing in the alley area. Tires and debris needs picked up. Eyesore.11 days ago
Peoria, ILopenTraffic Related Complaintsspeeding. I'm on this street at least twice per day. I Think the new signs you put up by the school are great . but people tail gate me and pass me when I'm on this roadway.11 days ago
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Snow Removal NeededReport any snow removal needs.
Traffic Related ComplaintsReport any traffic related complaints within the City of Peoria
Illegal Home OccupationIllegal home occupation
Good JobWould you like to report a city employee that did a great job?
Other/MiscellaneousReport other issues to the City of Peoria.
Arson TipsReport tips on arson within the City of Peoria.
Non-Owner Occupied - Not RegisteredReport properties that are non-owner occupied or not registered.
Missed Garbage PickupReport missed garbage pickup within the City of Peoria.
Illegal Permanent SignsIllegal permanent signs
Illegal StoragePlease report any problems or concerns about illegal storage.
Working Without Building PermitWorking without a building permit.
Overflowing City Garbage CanReport overflowing city garbage cans within the City of Peoria.
Private BusinessReport any problems you may have with private businesses in the City of Peoria.
Taxi CabPlease report any problems or concerns about taxi cabs.
Excessive Growth-Private PropertyReport overgrown lawns.
Excessive Growth–Vacant Public LotReport overgrown public lots
Illegal Disposal of GarbageIllegal disposal of garbage.
Illegal DumpingReport illegal dumping within the City of Peoria.
RodentsReport rodents to the city.
Parking lot in disrepairPlease report any problems or concerns about parking lot in disrepair
Traffic SignalsReport traffic signal issues within the City of Peoria.
Visual ObstructionReport visual obstruction in alleys, streets and right of ways.
House/Fence in DisrepairReport a house or fence that is in disrepair located within the City of Peoria.
Open BurningPlease report open burning
Abandoned Vehicle (on Street)Please report an abandoned vehicle on the street.
Fire Permit IssuePlease let us know if you have a concerns or questions regarding Fire Permits.
Sewer ProblemsReport problems with sewers in Peoria to the Public Works department.
Unsafe StructuresReport any unsafe structures to Peoria Code enforcement
Anonymous TipsReport Anonymous Tips.
Illegal Drug ActivityReport illegal drug activity to the Peoria Police department.
Illegal Temporary SignsIllegal temporary Signs
Dumpsters Not ScreenedPlease report any problems or concerns about dumpsters not being screened
Street LightsReport any street light issues within the City of Peoria.
Tire RemovalReport tires that need removed on public property.
Missed Landscape Waste PickupReport missed landscape waste pickup within the City of Peoria.
Missed Recycling PickupReport missed recycling pickup within the City of Peoria.
Website and Mobile App FeedbackReport any thoughts or concerns regarding the City's website or mobile apps.
Trash/LitterReport trash or litter
Yard WasteReport issues related to yard waste pickup
Citizen Fire ConcernPlease let us know if you have any Fire related concerns or questions.
Fire HazardsReport any fire hazards to the Peoria Fire Department
Abandoned Vehicle (Private Property)Please report abandoned vehicle on private property.
Blocked Street, Alley, SidewalkReport a blocked street, alley, or sidewalk in Peoria.
Broken Parking MeterReport a broken parking meter within the City of Peoria.
Dead Animal in StreetDead animals that need to be removed from the street
Inaccessible ParkingReport inaccessible parking
Drainage/Flooding ProblemsReport any type of drainage or flooding problems.
Graffiti on Private PropertyReport graffiti found on private property within the City of Peoria.
Graffiti on Public PropertyReport graffiti found on public property within the City of Peoria.
Mailbox Knocked DownReport when your mailbox has been knocked down during snow removal
Parking on Unpaved SurfaceParking on unpaved surface
Potholes, Street RepairReport potholes and other issues involving streets in need of repair.
Sidewalk and CurbsReport issues relating to sidewalks or curbs within the City of Peoria.
Illegal LandscapingPlease report any problems or concerns about illegal landscaping