Brookline, MA

Service Requests created during previous 48 hours

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Brookline, MAopenTrash/Recycling3 bags of garbage left on street across from 20 short street belonging to 36 Summit. Rats seen getting into them20 minutes ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeThis road at the light to rte 9 on chestnut hill ave is like drive over mounds and is not flat at all could we get this area ground and re paved!about 1 hour ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherRat problem- frequent sightings; multiple rats near the street and in backyards. Dead rats in the street. Exterminator has been called but still a problem.about 11 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingTrash was not picked up for any buildings 34 Garrison to 46 Garrison today. It is usually picked up from behind each building. Recycling was collected but trash was not.Can you please get it tomorrow?about 16 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholePotholes on Dean between Beaconsfield Rd and Beacon St.about 17 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingSomeone put this in my yard waste barrel!! My yard waste barrel is still out on Willard Road where my driveway is. I don't know if it will be picked up today.about 18 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingRecycling not picked up on even side on Brington Road.about 19 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundPlease turn on sprinklers! Forecast in the 90s this weekend. Please turn them on before that!about 21 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingTrash overflow still here1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingYard waste not picked up today on Stanton Rd. between Greenough and Cypress.1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignStop sign at the intersection of Allenton & High Streets is obstructed by foliage.1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholePlease fix this pothole!!!! Major hazard for bicycles!!!1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenDead Animals2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged Sign2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherNo inspection certificate for elevator. Elevator has broken down many times so far this month2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundPlease turn on splash pad for the hot weekend.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundSandbox needs more sand.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionWhere the walk to 4 Greenway Ct. meets the sidewalk on Green Street there are two big rat holes (probably entrance and exit from a rat burrow). The owner's done nothing about them for weeks.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundClark Park has trash everywhere. Unfortunately kids are sloppy. Overturned barrels and cans everywhere.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundDogs off leash after 9AM2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesBroken limb2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingOverflow of trash2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingFuller street recycling still not picked up.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingOne of many occasions this is overfilling3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingMy recycling wasn't picked up on its usual day yesterday, but you guys came and picked it up today. Thank you very much for all that you do!3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingMonday's yard pickup still hasn't occurred on Abbottsford Rd. Please send the truck. thanks3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead Animals3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeCorner of Craftsland Road and Arlington Road, north extension. From telephone pole around corner to Maple tree on house side nearest Lost Pond conservation. Can’t miss it.3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherIs there anyone that checks on dogs off leash after 9:00 AM? The Waldstein park on Dean Road should not have dogs off leash after 9, and everyday we go at 930 or10 and they are still there.3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenBroken Parking MeterPut in quarter but screen blank and no light blinking3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherUh oh... corner of bike path near new patch covering site of a winter pipe break seems to be failing3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead rat3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingYard waste not picked up along the whole street3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingWhat self respecting rat would pass this up? Consistently over filled upen and on the ground. Hamilton company apparently is slow or unresponsive to requests by medical workers.3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesI saw and heard an Iron Mountain truck MA license S30 934 hit this tree across the street from Longwood Mall.3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTraffic SignalAutomatic traffic light sensors were covered over when roadway was repaved.3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherMbta sign broken, pieces are starting to move farther away from the frame location. Brookline village inbound station3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherSplash pads - any chance we can open them for this weekend with 90+ degree heat coming? Seems like a good idea to open early (by only a week?) with significant heat waves - thanks for considering!3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingTrash was not picked up from 85 Lancaster Terrace as scheduled yesterday (also others on this side of street were skipped) - can you please pick up today? Thank you!3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingRecycling wasn't picked up yesterday on odd side of Abbottsford Rd; please send the truck today. Thanks!3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingOur recycling wasn't picked up yesterday. Can someone come get it today?3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesPearl Street at T stop is practically dead.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeAsphalt street crack patches are peeling away and sticking to car tires. Happened with 2 of my cars. Temperature at time of the incident was 84F.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTraffic SignalThis is a picture of a new sign. As you can see in the attached picture, it is too high and you can't see it. I think you need to lower it to be in a regular height.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead Animals4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherconstruction starting before 7AM as usual4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeHuge deep pothole5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsIn driveway between 38 and 44 Stedman5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk RepairCurb pushed out of place by tr, causes tire ruptureee5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundYet another party! Broken glass and debris everywhere. This park needs to be regularly patrolled on the weekends. It's a party hot spot and it's constantly getting trashed.5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionConstruction water and concrete dust all over the sidewalk into the road. Construction debris blocking sidewalk.5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherGrass way overgrown; invitation for ticks.5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingYet more garbage and still not picked up5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionHave to walk in street6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingCorner of Green and John. Green space. Cigarette butts all the place6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/Recycling6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundCorner of Green and John. Food need to be cleaned from bench6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingTrash strewn behind benches and under chairs of this green space. Corner of Green & John6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/Recycling6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherRats witnessed around and suspected to be nesting in the yard behind 332 Tappan St. Several years of debris have accumulated into a potentially unsafe and unhygienic situation. Please visit the site t6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingOverflowing trash6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundPlease turn on sprinklers! It's going to be a high of 87 tomorrow.7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundNeed trash cans at the picnic tabled7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOther50 Stearns Road, new construction, construction noise continues to 6:30pm or later all week. It is now Friday past 6 pm and still heavy construction noise (hammering, drilling).7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignFaded and bent7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherDangerous Bee Swarms7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherKirrane shallow pool hours need to be expanded7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundDead rat7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeSpilled gravel from nearby construction causes road hazard7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundDogs off leash at all hours on field; feces/urine on field; dogs to bark at/chase BEEP students/commuters on sidewalk; dogs steal balls, chase kids during scheduled sports practice after 5pm7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherLeaf bag pick up.7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherDoes anyone know the status of the crossing guard that fell in pot hole on rt 9 this morning? Such a nice lady, always so kind and protective of everyone, especially the little ones. hope she is ok?7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsLarge dead rat between playground and dumpster behind the longwood in7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundSimone dumped trash in the playground7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTraffic SignalThe pedestrian crossing of Winchester stays red maybe 8 seconds after beacon wb turns green. When Winchester is , EB beacon is stopped but the pedestrian  is stopped too despite no cross traffic7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherRoad debris from a car accident -- mostly in the parking lane across from 50 Davis Ave. -- Some is metal and sharp. I removed a lot, but there is still more.7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk RepairThese bollards are badly rusting and corroding. Can they either be painted or a bollard cover placed on top of them? This is unsightly7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingClothing recycling bag not picked up on trash day.7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlight7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherI appreciate the new orange barriers, but the Russian Math School parents still see themselves as above the law and continue to endanger people on bikes. Tow them. Impound their cars.8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/Recycling294 Harvard8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingPlease empty the overflowing trash can along the Muddy River Path at the base of the stairs leading down from Longwood Avenue.8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignDamaged crosswalk sign. Replace it with a concrete barrier.8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignThe crosswalk sign close to Driskill is in the gutter and should be put back in the crosswalk. Thank you8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionTree branch8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundSoule bathrooms are trashed. When was last time they were cleaned???????8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionLeft on curb8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk RepairSidewalk repair at toxteth and Francis is starting to deteriorate- worth keeping an eye on it. Thanks for the initial repair, though - it's much easier to walk here now with a stroller!8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingTrash cans have been blocking the sidewalk for a week8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesRats scraped and chewed up the entire base of the tree on Lawton Basketball Court/Lawton.8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingPlease collect trash. All Bins emptied but this one was left full, missed bin? All bins were placed outside yesterday since 6:00AM.8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk RepairThe crosswalk stanchion on Davis at Waverley was destroyed by a car. It was removed 10 days ago and still needs to be replaced. Thank you.9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingBig belly trash cans over flowing at Harvard and Babcock, Harvard and green streets9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherPrivate sign on public space9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignFlexipost for separated bike lane is down at 1615 Beacon9 days ago
Service NameDescription
Dead AnimalsIf animal is injured, please call 617-730-2222.
Traffic SignalTraffic Signal Issues will be repaired within 2-3 business days. If the signal is down, please call the Police at 617-730-2222.
Sidewalk ObstructionFor illegal parked cars, please call the Police at 617-730-2222. For tree/vegetation or construction zone related issues, please enter a request.
Park PlaygroundPark Playground Equipment
Unshoveled/Icy SidewalkUnshoveled Sidewalk Request. Commercial Sidewalk enforcement begins within 3 hours of sunrise following the storm s end. Residential sidewalk enforcement begins 30 hours of a storm s end. The storm s end time will be posted on the Town s website
Trash/RecyclingFor bulky and metal pick-ups or new toters please call the Department of Public Works at 617-730-2156.
Sidewalk RepairTemporary Sidewalk repairs will be made within 2-3 business days.
Public TreesRequests should only be for trees planted on Town of Brookline sidewalks. Trees on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.
StreetlightIndividual Street Light Outages will be repaired within 5-7 business days. If a pole is knocked down, please call the Police at 617-730-2222. <br><br> If electrical work is required Eversource will have to undertake the work, which could take up to two weeks. We will notify you when the street lamp is fixed.
Broken Parking MeterBroken Parking Meters will be repaired in 2-3 business days.
PotholePotholes are fixed within 2-3 business days, weather permitting.
GraffitiGraffiti Removal Request
Damaged SignDepending on stock availability damaged signs will be repaired within 2-3 business days. If this is a damaged STOP sign, please call the Police at 617-730-2222.
Roadway Plowing/SandingSnow Removal Request
Abandoned BikeAbandon Bicycle Request