Brookline, MA

Service Requests created during previous 48 hours

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Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead squirrel was on sidewalk. Someone moved to the side but still needs attention25 minutes ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundPlease add new sand in sandbox. Neighbor hood dogs are peeing in the sandbox where small children play.43 minutes ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingAgain trash not contained. Recycling Messabout 1 hour ago
Brookline, MAopenDead Animalsrun over squirrel on side of road near big oak treeabout 3 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent IssuesTell me why our tax dollars are going towards these 10 fake turkey sculptures and not resolving the rodent issue we have to live with anytime we step foot outside? It’s embarrassing! WAKE UP TOWNHALL!about 3 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignONEWAY SIGN AT TOP OF BEALS STREETabout 3 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundBrookline Reservoir Park. Too rail missing on park bench near Dudley Road entranceabout 3 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenTraffic SignalThe signal button is still not working on this side. The beacon has been broken so many days this year. Fix it and hold the contractor/manufacturer responsible for selling defective equipmentabout 3 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingMore trash dumped at this property. Looks like a major bathroom reno, but no permits pulled for here since 2016! Big landlords blight our street and dodge taxesabout 3 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged Signabout 4 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged Signabout 4 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignStop sign is missingabout 4 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenDead Animalsdead rat in the bushes to the right of door #3 of the Lawrence School. Door is near bike racks and playground.about 5 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsLarge pile of dog poop on our playground where students have their recess.about 5 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenParking TicketCar always there never has a ticket along with many othersabout 5 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenSafe Routes To SchoolThis is a really dangerous intersection for pedestrians, especially kids. Many cars turn left from Beacon St inbound and accelerate into Westbourne Terrace to make it across Beacon St’s outbound lane.about 7 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead rat in the middle of the street on Summit Avenue in front of 28 Summit. It was run over.about 7 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsFlat squirrel in roadabout 8 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent IssuesMy daughter and I were walking on verndale street on Feb. 24th at 5:45 PM. We noticed it running on the driveway underneath cars and then around bushes.about 21 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent IssuesGarbage can is overflowing without a lid1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenRecyclingRecycling not collected as per schedule1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenParking Ticket6 cars Park, Auburn and Vernon all have cars that were there all night no tickets1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenParking IssuesOwner rents parking spots illegally without having proper overnight permits, even after selling one unit2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent IssuesComplained to property management of mice multiple times and they have done nothing to resolve the issue. Recently found a MULTITUDE of mice droppings in kitchen. Other renters have stated same.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholetwo large potholes on claflin path.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionHazardous material on sidewalk. This has been here for over a year. Why is it still here?2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking IssuesHave to walk on the street2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesYoung established Oak tree, located on Beacon street, near the corner of Beacon street & Westbourne Terrace road.intersection. Exposed tree roots need additional soil. THANKS!2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Repair2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking TicketCars keep parking in the summit avenue shuttle bus stop as the T is down. There is a no parking tow zone sign but cars still park here. Cars block disabled people who need to get on the bus.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingWaldstien park near basketball courts. Garbage Close to Clinton path. Dog poop overflowing. Saturday morning. Please empty2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignPleasant St sign broken off and leaning on fence at Dexter Park Apts. Corner of Thatcher.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTraffic SignalAs requested previously, a matching STOP sign needed across from existing one with SAFETY TAPE on poles. Another crash this a.m.between car and ambulance. Two cops on scene agreed with me. Do you have2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundLike I said2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundTown vehicles drive all over the grass and rip it up, while grabbing the "Keep Off The Field" signs, which are meant to protect the fields. Why?2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsMiddle of road in front of 32 Linden St3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead squirrel on Manchester Road, looks like it was run over by a car3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholePothole on John St, right side as you approach Babcock. Thanks!3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundHole in fence at edge of Baker playground and fence posts down at edge of Hoar Sanctuary on Beverly Road3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesTree debris and DPW cones and barriers have been sitting on the sidewalk for a week blocking the walkway. Pls remove3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead rat on road3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlightLight out: days ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlight(redacted)3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking TicketPark,Harris,Vernon,Auburn all overnight parking offenders nightly3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent IssuesMultiple rodents spotted running into the private car ports adjacent to stop and shop. Additionally, rodents found in apartment trash cans while trying to dispose of personal trash4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent IssuesMany rats in the parking lot, particularly near the walls lined with dumpsters behind Cafe Nero. Seen coming to and from a bush across the street (sidewalk). They sit on the traps. Multiple sightings.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeI received a notification that this was resolved BUT THAT’S NOT TRUE THE POTHOLE IS STILL THERE. Please don’t say it is done if it isn’t.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholePothole around sewer cover4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTraffic SignalThis corner is a death trap! Speed limit is 25 but cars are flying and do not stop for pedestrians. Put a push button to alert cars!4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTraffic Signal97 Lee and Dudley way. This crosswalk and every crosswalk on Lee needs a pedestrian button. The speed limit is 25 but cars are driving 65 and refusing to stop.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking IssuesRiver Road Blocked. Why can Hilton Garden Inn's outdoor patio fully block River Road? River Road should be accessible from Rte 9 West to access the Jamaicaway. Please see photo.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingTrash/Recycling left on ground and built up behind 1578/1580 Beacon Street . Trash is not picking up on a regular basis. Rats sighted.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent IssuesSeeing multiple RATS running all over!!!! GROSS STOP THIS!!!!4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlightStreet light on Beacon St westbound at Fairbanks St stairs is out5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent Issuesunknown substance and bread in the park. attracts rats and dangerous for children and pets5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent Issuesmultiple piles of food: cornflakes, bread and cheerios5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenWater and Sewer2/21/24 Why can't the Town make signing up for automatic bill payment easy to find and register for?5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTraffic SignalCrosswalks all down Lee are so dangerous. How are we allowing cars to get away with driving 65mph and not stoping for pedestrians. It is a cut through for Boston5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTraffic SignalBrookline PD and transportation PEDESTRIAN SAFETY should be important to you. Stop ignoring this major safety issue. Someone is going to be killed5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTraffic SignalCrosswalk at Clyde and Country Road needs a pedestrian button before someone gets KILLED. Public transportation and Brookline Police what is it going to take for you to do something!5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlightNo lights along muddy river path which makes it dangerous to buke or walk there at night. Lighting that path would make intuitive sense since it connects to the road via Carlton st/longwood5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Repairnot really sure what's going on with the sidewalk here… Parts of it seem to be sinking. But then also a bunch of the tar filler is all over the road.5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking TicketCars never move and never get tickets5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking TicketCrossing from Lee Street from Country Road is a death trap. Traffic officer was supposed to send someone out for speed trap and failed to do so this week Take this seriously stop ignoring the problem6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking TicketEvery crosswalk on Lee Street needs a pedestrian push button. Another set of lights need to be added to slow down traffic or a cop needs to sit 24/7 and be a speed trap.6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking TicketCrosswalk needs a push button. Cars fly around the corner and do not stop for pedestrians. Someone is going to get killed6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionDoes the Bartlett Construction have permission to close-off a section of the sidewalk? No notice has been sent to surrounding residence.6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsLarge dead rat in fuller Street parking lot. Across from large dumpsters around space 460/4626 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignDamage pedestrian signs and traffic signal. Can someone please fix it6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeThe northbound side of Cypress St from Route 9 to Washington is horribly wrecked with potholes. I am a bike commuter and this is dangerous. Note there is no bike lane.6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingTrash build up at 1578/1580 Beacon Street (access from Lancaster Terrace). Adjacent residents concerned for health and safety. Rats sighted. Previous complaints submitted.6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionConstruction trucks parked in the middle of the road for Green St project. Blocking Harvard St and crosswalk.6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionConstruction truck is blocked the sidewalk for over an hour6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/Recyclingcontinued issue - garbage all over the ground and not in trash containers6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent Issuesgarbage all over the ground and not in containers. Rats noted6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundI am requesting that Parks Dept MOVE SIGN REGARDING DOG RULES to DIRECTLY AT ENTRANCE where there is break in the fence to enter.I was walking here twice yesterday 2/19/24 and was twice jumped by dogs6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlightStreetlight is out. Entire 1/2 block is very dark at night.7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent IssuesSignificant increase in rodents observed around 54 Harvard St in the last 2 months. Seeing lots of smaller, juvenile rodents running into and out of rock wall.7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead Animalsin the gutter, touching the curb, on the park side, there is a ghoulish animal carcass/skeleton. Please remove it! Been there at least four weeks.7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking TicketPolice do something about the homeless man living in the bank after dark! If I see him you have to when you drive by. Or are you not doing rounds to keep the town safe?7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking TicketAt least 6 cars every night. No tickets. Why do we have to constantly complain about this? This is a nightly duty of the night shift that continues to get ignored7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundHuge pile of poop and used wipes under the biggest play structure8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking TicketHas anyone else noticed that rat sightings, potholes, and obstructions get an acknowledgment. Parking violations almost never do.8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking IssuesTraffic cones in the street. Are people allowed to hold parking spaces now?8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesBroken limbs waiting for a wind to send them crashing down on BHA playground below. Another at 190 High St, also BHA.8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking TicketCar parked 2YSL 71.8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundJust watched a dog urinate all over the kid tiny slide and another dog urinate in the open sandbox here. Help protect Brookline families and kids by enclosing this area from disrespectful dog owners!8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundDog owners allowing their dogs to urinate and defecate all over playground area with no dog signage. Brookline should put fence around playground like Waldstein. It's disgusting!8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking TicketOver night parking no tickets at least 6 cars8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking TicketAt least 10 cars parked over night no tickets8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenBroken Parking Metermeter 2073 on harvard street by general store. every other quarter doesn't register.9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead rat near curb at 2 Charles St (near 1269 Beacon St)9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent IssuesThe active rat burrow hasn't even been so much as touched in over a month. Please take enforcement action against the landlord!9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk RepairMultiple potholes on waiting train area Brandon hall station. Not safe9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesTree is unrooted leaning against another tree. Larz Anderson. Close to the ice skating rink.9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent Issuesmore food left for rodents to eat9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingStop complaining about rats when the town is not picking up trash. Start complaining about trash department9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlightStreetlight is out. Extremely dark on street at night.9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeTwo potholes , one giant9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlightStreetlight is out. To left of 83 ivy st building10 days ago
Service NameDescription
Damaged SignDepending on stock availability damaged signs will be repaired within 2-3 business days. If this is a damaged STOP sign, please call the Police at 617-730-2222.
Parking IssuesParking Issues
Traffic SignalTraffic Signal Issues will be repaired within 2-3 business days. If the signal is down, please call the Police at 617-730-2222.
Safe Routes To SchoolReport safety issues to the Brookline SRTS Task Force, particularly relating to safe walking and biking to town schools.
Parking TicketParking Ticket
Water and SewerWater and Sewer
Rodent IssuesReport Issues Related to Rodent Control.
Trash/RecyclingFor bulky and metal pickups please visit to schedule and pay for items to be collected. For new carts please email the Department of Public Works at
Sidewalk ObstructionFor illegal parked cars, please call the Police at 617-730-2222. For tree/vegetation or construction zone related issues, please enter a request.
Sidewalk RepairTemporary Sidewalk repairs will be made within 2-3 business days.
Public TreesRequests should only be for trees planted on Town of Brookline sidewalks. Trees on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.
Unshoveled/Icy SidewalkUnshoveled Sidewalk Request. Commercial Sidewalk enforcement begins within 3 hours of sunrise following the storm's end. Residential sidewalk enforcement begins 24 hours after a storm's end. The storm s end time will be posted on the Town s website
StreetlightIndividual Street Light Outages will be repaired within 5-7 business days. If a pole is knocked down, please call the Police at 617-730-2222. <br><br> If electrical work is required Eversource will have to undertake the work, which could take up to two weeks. We will notify you when the street lamp is fixed.
Park PlaygroundPark Playground Equipment
Dead AnimalsIf animal is injured, please call 617-730-2222.
Roadway Plowing/SandingSnow Removal Request
PotholePotholes are fixed within 2-3 business days, weather permitting.
Abandoned BikeAbandon Bicycle Request
Broken Parking MeterBroken Parking Meters will be repaired in 2-3 business days.