Brookline, MA

Service Requests created during previous 48 hours

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Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesLarge tree branches down on the sidewalk, blocking the sidewalk.14 minutes ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesLarge tree branch down after stormabout 6 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionEye sore to the neighborhood, including trash and unkept lawn. The absentee landlord does not care as long as the rent is paidabout 6 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/Recycling81 Gibbs has for years done a horrible job of keeping their trash in barrels ; this is behind their building. This is an eye sore and public health hazard.about 6 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundClogged sprinkler drain. Won't unclogabout 7 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherPlease remove broken glass from bike lane. And please add "litter" as a category.about 7 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead raccoon on the side of the roadabout 8 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/Recycling1195 beacon always dumps trash here. Still here after trash pick up day.about 9 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesAlmost dead tree in planting stripabout 9 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesDead treeabout 9 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionAsked homeowner to trim the trees and plants that block the sidewalk but they refused. This is an ADA issue and the town needs to take action.about 12 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction104 Winchester St brush overgrowth on sidewalk needs significant cutting.about 15 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherThis apartment complex are pulling out large dumpsters between 5:30 and 6 every morning causing a huge amount of noise. The apartment complex do not acknowledge complaintsabout 15 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesLike to request the side walk tree right at our front door be pruned back from the roof of our house. Large size branch had fell every year to the side walk and front lawn. Thanks.1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingTrash bin is full1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesBig tree limb from Public Tree fell onto our front yard from last night's storm. Reported it this morning via phone. Want to send a picture as well. Thanks.1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherWiFi emissions too high at pole area of neighborhood.1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesLarge tree branch fell from public tree in last night's storm. It is in the street.1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesBroken branch stub need pruning1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionLow hanging branches1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesTree down and blocking the alley behind 1742 Beacon St1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesTree limbs down1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesTrees are blocking traffic signals for the lanes heading northbound on Grove Street at the Grove Street/Newton Street intersection. Please trim back trees.1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundDog on Florida Ripley School playground and two police cars just went by and didn't stop or do anything. I love the police but ...........1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesLarge section of tree felled by storm obstructing Crowninshield Road between Elba and Adams Street2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk RepairUneven sidewalk here and also in front of little children schoolhouse, makes stroller pushing difficult2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignColumbia Street sign on the corner of Harvard and Fuller Street? Did somebody move this?2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingOverflowing trash and recycling bins. Food, flies, odor, please see multiple complaints and contact the owner of the building it comes from2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/Recycling2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherParked in a posted No Parking Zone in a bike lane. $50 ticket.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionObstructs2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsRATS RATS AND MORE RATS.3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherRepeat parking issue MA 1BKZ74 black Ford keeps returning parks overnight n all day if gets ticket won't park here for few days then comes right back. Please enforce and ticket more regularly3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlighttelephone pole is dangerously tilted3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundPicnic bench flipped.3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingGarbage pickup please!3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionOvergrown bushes. Can't walk here.3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherRat burrow - rats seen coming in and out of hole3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionBroken tree branch that fell sitting on sidewalk for over three weeks. Has been push to side but needs picking up.3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead squirrel in street3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTraffic SignalBox of books in middle of street3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherOwner of building who doesn't live in the building continues to park commercial vehicles on the back grass of the property. This needs to be addressed as this is not a parking space standing water now3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesGrass Way Too High. Pls cut.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlightAll streetlights along Evans Road from Corey Rd to the roundabout, are off. They were off at 9pm, and still off at 10:30pm. They were also off Saturday night. The street is so dark!4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeLarge pothole4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherIrrigation head in Emerson Garden just inside Waverly side has a steady leak. Another nearby makes the path corner under the large oak muddy always4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic Trees4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundOkay the splash pad does turn off eventually but one of the three water dispensers has a leak in the seal around the edge and so it's just spraying a bunch of potable water onto the ground...4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundSo I guess the Murphy playground splash pad is just permanently on right now which is awesome4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherSome posts ID kids, locations, and times. It is NOT normal to photograph children. We should report this to police, and mods should remove images ASAP.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundDear Town of Brookline, there is a large puddle in the middle of the field and a smaller one towards the side! Dogs are getting sick drinking the water and mud apparently with fish oil!5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundDogs unleashed in Winthrop square field.5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesTrees been dead for awhile. Time long overdue for it to go5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherMoving truck blocking sidewalk with ramp5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundMurphy's park's lawn should really be mowed pretty soon.5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingTrash, wrappers, cans and bottles left at the basketball courts, along the utility road, next to 75 Stedman St from a big party last night. Ugh!6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundPlease check a hole (?animal, rats?) in the ground in the tot playground at Downes. It's near the electric box and picnic table, visible from the sidewalk. Seems to get filled in and appear again.6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherRat holes in parking lot area. Rats under fences of neighboring properties6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionPartially obstructs sidewalk6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesTree hit by car/truck on corner of Garrison Road & Tappan Street. Will this kill the tree? Can anything be done to help the tree?6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk RepairSidewalk is buckled and poses a tripping hazard.6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundTo Winthrop park gate poster: Maybe you forgot about all your posts complaining about dogs saying kids play there. Freeman St is very busy. The gate closes to protect kids, not that you actually care.6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherThe top rung of part of the fence (facing wetland that is behind Hammond and Pond Parkway) is detached. Please repair it.6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionIllegally parked vehicles of one kind or another almost every day. It is dangerous to step off curb into crosswalk. Please enforce no parking rule here!6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPothole6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundWhat is this store supposed to be fastened in a permanent open position, as the sign on the door says? Someone has cut it.6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherRat sightings on property and on neighbors property emanating from burrow in Citizen's Bank Parking Lot.6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk RepairCurbstone came loose, probably due to vehicles parking with two wheels up on curb.7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundFor a few years there has been a mud puddle in the middle of the field. There are more holes now from when the sidewalks were replaced. Could you please fill them & net them off in the meantime? Thx!7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionWork buckets and outdoor dining partition left on Stedman St by the corner of Stedman and Harvard Sts. Please come collect. Thank you!7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeHole opening with 3' internal drop7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsIt has been three days and the dead squirrel is still in the open area in Winthrop Park by a tree. Can someone please remove this, no reason it should take his long - it is starting to decay..7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeAbout half-a-dozen small-to-medium potholes7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeSmall divot or pothole in front of 79 Thatcher Street next to the parking lot entrance across the street.7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignGraffiti on signal box7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherCommercial property has rodent issue where they are tunneling to multiple neighboring residential properties. Exterminators called to homes say the problem is the dumpster and mulch areas here.7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherConstruction vehicles blocking both drop off parking spots for the School is Cool daycare at this location. Most of the parking around the location is permit only so makes it difficult to do drop off.8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead squirrel on sidewalk8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherBMW takes resident parking, every thursday 5am-7am street cleaning doesn't come by, if they do, they wait until 5am to ticket many people move their cars right at 5 am. They allow them to move8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherThere are parking signs from 8am-10am every day tons of cars are parked all day and overnight. there are no signs that people can't park from 2am -3am no one ever gives those people tickets, today8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic Trees2nd submission, to say that the street tree in front of this house is DEAD. A storm or microburst could definitely bring down this tree!8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherBlack Range Rover refused to move in bike lane for meter maid. Driver was yelling profanity with other kids around, was not moving until she picked up son.8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesTrees growing into electric wires near top of Claflin Path8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholePotholes8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingShopping cart8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingMissed pickup8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingMissed Park Street for trash pickup?8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead mouse on the stairs leading up to Mason Ter. Also (illegal?) box of what looks like fireworks.8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingSent this as park problem but was just told this is a sanitation problem with a contractor. Maybe time to fire and find new contractor.9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundAcross from. 16 Warren. Entrance to Brookline Reservoir Park. BB recycling is full9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundIn Emerson garden, a picnic table littered with food wrappers, playdoh, and other trash. Harmful to wildlife.9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundLarz Anderson parking lot 7/21/219 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignMultiple damaged bike lane markers on Beacon.9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundDead squirrel by a tree in the large open area9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundWater fountain at fisher hill has no pressure.9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead rat.  Williams St on left side.9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundTrash overflowing in tennis courts9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundEmerson park-Fountain basin leaking quickly9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherThis car blocks half the sidewalk and has a bake rack that is impossible to see in low light. Someone will lose an eye walking by this nearly invisible rack. THIS IS DANGEROUS. do something9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTraffic SignalYes crosswalk button does not work9 days ago
Service NameDescription
Unshoveled/Icy SidewalkUnshoveled Sidewalk Request. Commercial Sidewalk enforcement begins within 3 hours of sunrise following the storm s end. Residential sidewalk enforcement begins 30 hours of a storm s end. The storm s end time will be posted on the Town s website
Traffic SignalTraffic Signal Issues will be repaired within 2-3 business days. If the signal is down, please call the Police at 617-730-2222.
Park PlaygroundPark Playground Equipment
Sidewalk ObstructionFor illegal parked cars, please call the Police at 617-730-2222. For tree/vegetation or construction zone related issues, please enter a request.
Trash/RecyclingFor bulky and metal pick-ups or new toters please call the Department of Public Works at 617-730-2156.
Dead AnimalsIf animal is injured, please call 617-730-2222.
Sidewalk RepairTemporary Sidewalk repairs will be made within 2-3 business days.
Public TreesRequests should only be for trees planted on Town of Brookline sidewalks. Trees on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.
StreetlightIndividual Street Light Outages will be repaired within 5-7 business days. If a pole is knocked down, please call the Police at 617-730-2222. <br><br> If electrical work is required Eversource will have to undertake the work, which could take up to two weeks. We will notify you when the street lamp is fixed.
Broken Parking MeterBroken Parking Meters will be repaired in 2-3 business days.
PotholePotholes are fixed within 2-3 business days, weather permitting.
GraffitiGraffiti Removal Request
Damaged SignDepending on stock availability damaged signs will be repaired within 2-3 business days. If this is a damaged STOP sign, please call the Police at 617-730-2222.
Roadway Plowing/SandingSnow Removal Request
Abandoned BikeAbandon Bicycle Request