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Service Requests created during previous 48 hours

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Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesTree branch fell and dangling on wire over side walk. Worry about hazard of falling down over pedestrian or tear down wire.11 minutes ago
Brookline, MAopenPark Playground EquipmentDead animal (cat?) at Rose Garden - St Paul st.28 minutes ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeManhole cover is wobbling every time car passes by. Cover maybe getting maybe loose as surrounding seems to be collapsing.about 1 hour ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignEntering Brookline sign down next to parking lotabout 4 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignPed request button in median for crossing the inbound Beacon lanes at Emglewood is broken. No raised arrow on button, and pressing it thru multiple cycles fails to yield a turn signal. If walk signal called from other end of crosswalk, this unit does vibrate & provide audible walk tone.about 18 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairIllegal parking in middle of streetabout 19 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignPed request button on SW corner of Clyde-Newton intersection not working. No walk signal called. Tried thru 4 cycles.about 19 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignPed button on NW corner of Hammond-Heath for crossing across WB Heath fails to generate walk signal. ( button on south end of that crosswalk does work)about 20 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairDangerously uneven sidewalk, stroller leans into roadabout 23 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlightTiming of light. Eastbound newton st backed up to putterham this am. Green too short. Crosswalk light still going off this am with no pedestrians present.1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignSign w/pole on the ground at Soule Rec parking lot1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesHanging branch dangerously close to electrical line.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlightIntersection at Clyde st and Newton st. Light reprogrammed. Walk signal going on after every light cycle with no pedestrians present....causing huge increase in traffic this am and currently. On newton st this am and on Clyde steet at 3:30pm.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairCar parked on front lawn. Illegal spot.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenGraffitiThis diesel truck is empty but running filling the entire neighborhood with fumes. Freeman at Babcock. Idling law!2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairBig tree branch down at Washington & Thayer2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairDead wild turkey on the sidewalk at 20 Stedman St.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesA large tree limb separated from the tree and is dangling on power lines in the back alleyway2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesDown street tree limb blocking driveway near 25 Thatcher St2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlightThis intersection has both red and green lights which is a hazard. The light at the intersection of St Paul and Longwood which is supposed to face Longwood is somehow facing St Paul causing St Paul.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairRoadway obstruction, there is a small back hoe (gas company?) at the corner of linden Pl and Hurd Rd for almost a week. Today sanitation could not get around corner. He had to go around the block and back up the hill.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignC line Englewood Train station2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesGood morning! We have a couple of large branches blocking the sidewalk. You might want to also take down the lowest branch which is mostly dead. Thank you!2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesTree limb down from city-owned tree, blocking sidewalk2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesOn Heath at Reservoir (pulled off to the side (E))2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenGraffitiGardner path3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairMissing cover3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairHousehold goods/trash left out on sidewalk3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark Playground EquipmentPrivate signs on public property?3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesPedestrian crosswalk visibility issue: the Sumner Rd crossing at Blake is heavily used by schoolchildren, but the front-of-sidewalk shrubs are tall enough to completely hide an elementary school kid (such as my 3rd grader in the photo- good luck spotting him)!4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlightPedestrian button does not work (does not produce a walk light) on SE corner of South St and West Roxbury Pky. This has been the case for a long time.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairCar blocking access w NH plates in a no parking area4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPothole5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairSidewalk dangerously blocked by construction fence!5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark Playground EquipmentTrashcan at Alton and Harvard is completely full5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairConstruction vehicles for the Auburn Street construction project SHOULD NOT be parking on the sidewalk on Auburn Street near Park Street. They need to park LEGALLY!!!! This is a daily occurrence and needs to STOP!!!5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairOn several locations on Beacon Street today multiple e-scooters were blocking half the sidewalk. Other locations near Cleveland Circle in Brookline on inbound side sidewalk and near this photo outside the Temple (photo already submitted). Always Bird bikes. The Lime ones nearby were always appropriately parked. Seems Bird need to enforce their rules on their customers or fix themselves. Thanks6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairOn several locations on Beacon Street today multiple e-scooters were blocking half the sidewalk. Always Bird bikes. The Green ones nearby were always appropriately parked. Seems Bird need to enforce their rules on their customers or fix themselves. Thanks6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeThis sewer drain has a completely blocked with dirt, leaves & acorns6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairThe town needs to step in and do something about this homeowners hedge. It's unacceptable to just say it's up to the property owner. The corner is unsafe to pass on the sidewalk with a stroller, and forget about when snow arrives. Please intervene.6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlightStreetlight is out outside the Longwood Cricket Club6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark Playground EquipmentMosquito breeding in Coolidge Corner playground6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairYou said yes to pot shop but can't pick up garbage.6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairBroken glass and debris from car accident6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairSidewalk completely blocked by fencing.6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairParking halfway on the sidewalk for the past 2 days straight.6 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeBump going into alley caused by construction work is too steep and severe and scrapes the bottom of cars passing over it even at low speeds. This should be a much smoother grade to not harm cars. Entering alleyway just north of Stoked Pizza from Washington.7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenAbandoned BikeEvent number 19-54200 (bicycle condition is ok tire inflated and chain not to rusty but broken)7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignBroken granite plinth at entrance to Lawton path.7 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeThe street drilling work that has been going on for several months has left the street itself with badly-filled potholes that do more harm than good.8 days ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlightSchool speed limit sign is turned on at 8:45 PM by Heath school on reservoir9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignWalk signal request button on east side of Lancaster at outbound Beacon says "Walk sign is on for all crossings" when this is NOT true. Outbound Beacon traffic still has green light so crossing across Beacon is NOT safe. Should be corrected ASAP.9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeDangerous hole in sidewalk next to curb on north side of John St near Babcock9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairGrass is about 2 ft tall - the bus has driven by the stop multiple times and the driver told me it was because he couldn't see me with the tall grass. Can you please clean up?9 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairOn garbage day pickup (Wednesday mornings) create congested sidewalks and a safety risk for 100+ BHS students walking back and forth from Old Lincoln School & BHS. Students spill to street (& especially dangerous when the traffic is behind them). Snow will create similar and more regular safety hardship for the large number of students walking this route. Some solution ideas: Getting earliest possible garbage & recycle pickup on Davis Ave between Greenough & White Place & White Place overpass to Rt 9 (the student route to Old Lincoln School). Town to move bins asap on the student route Priority earliest possible sidewalk snow removal on student route Add a crossing guards along for safety supervision When students are in a crowd on the sidewalks, they are often distracted and spontaneous - one student jumped up on an electric pole and landed on Davis Ave - I braked just in time. It would be awful for a student to get injured.10 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeThe Town painted a new yellow line down Park Street over the past few days. HOWEVER, it was still wet when apparently a car ran over it and dragged the yellow paint at least 50 feet swerving down the street towards Harvard Avenue. It's now a VERY dangerous situation especially at night. Please correct this ASAP.10 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesThis sign is pretty useless as people coming down Davis toward the village (from Cypress) are accelerating. Probably averaging more like 35mph down Davis. This sign is obviously even less noticeable when the leaves are full.10 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeThe remaining plates in the Washington Square intersection move vertically several inches every time a car goes over them. This poses an unacceptable hazard to cyclists going north on Washington Street. Please secure the plates.11 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPothole11 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesA huge branch fell last night and it needs to be removed. Thank you!11 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairThere's been a chair wasting space in the bus stop vestibule at Harvard St opposite Vernon for over a month.11 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark Playground EquipmentThere is so much sand around the sandbox that I can't maneuver my wheelchair close enough to help my child into the sandbox. Please help!12 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairTrash and cardboard boxes left on the sidewalk for days12 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesTree branches hanging low, hitting taller trucks while they pass.12 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesTree overgrown on house. Squirrels using branches to access roof of 39 Perry and building in the attic. We have had squirrels removed and all private tree access chopped down. Town tree on property causing repeat squirrel offender. This is the $1100 opinion from Critter Control removal company. Please trim, thanks12 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairSUV with out of state played parked on sidewalk making it difficult for kids to walk to school. Very dangerous on this busy street. Please go ticket12 days ago
Brookline, MAopenBroken Parking MeterWithin 10 feet13 days ago
Brookline, MAopenStreetlightTwo crosswalks on ChestnutHill ave are not effective. Cars rarely stop. Twice I have had a car stop for us and then the car behind blares horn and goes AROUND the stopped car - usually toward the shoulder of the road. While trying to cross with children and/ or dog this is VERY dangerous.13 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark Playground EquipmentBees nest inside tree at playground13 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark Playground EquipmentGate pin bent/jammed at Minot. Cannot properly latch the gate because that side is free to swing open.13 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairTrash at corner of John and Pleasant - presumably from the closed convenience store14 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignConfusing crosswalk lines and divider encroaching the pathway. Crosswalk feels dangerous during high traffic.14 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesSplit down the middle of tree Could fall at any time on street with children that walk to school14 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark Playground EquipmentPrivate signs on public property?14 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignI've been reporting this to the MBTA for weeks but have realized this problem is likely under Town jurisdiction. There are two Handicap parking spaces at the Brookline Hills Station that are occupied every day by non Handicap vehicles, because the sign and pavement markings are illegible. Because occupants of those spaces don't pay, they are extra desirable. Last week the spaces began to be occupied by the private vehicles of MBTA and other workers associated with the BHS building project. One worker I spoke to assured me that the parking area would shift west within two weeks, and be ready to use at that point. I'm concerned that this lack of handicap space availability, which has gone on several weeks already, will continue for at least another few weeks, especially if new signage isn't installed right away. As you can see from the photo, workers will be tempted to park anywhere they can, draping their fluorescent vests to indicate "don't ticket," so please check for compliance.14 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignPole and stop sign knocked down on Auburn at Park.14 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignSomething backed into sign14 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesBranch is blocking sidewalk14 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairSidewalk is obstructed by overgrown tree. Very dangerous for pedestrians in wheelchairs or with strollers, who must enter bike lane or jaywalk to other side of street to get by. This is my third time reporting this. Please fix!15 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark Playground EquipmentSomeone brought three garbage cans to a kids game at the field in the park across the street from Heath. The cans are in the cement fountain area next to the field. They filled them up with garbage from kid snacks and food, let them overflow, and left them. It's a mess. You should figure out what youth league had the field recently and fine them. I don't think the cans were here yesterday but I can't be 100 percent sure.15 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairAn accident happened tonight on the corners of Amory and Freeman Street - police files should have it - police fire ambulance were here. All night, cars are scrunching over bits of broken glass, metal, it sound like an accident every time some one drives over it - which is about every two minutes. Can we request street clean up? Check the whole intersection sounds like on Amory turning onto Freemsn. Thank you!16 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholePool of water one day after rainfall. This road always floods and has many potholes.16 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairScooters completely blocking the sidewalk16 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignOnce construction on 29/31 Gorham Ave was completed no sign was ever replaced to signal no parking on the odd side on the street from 0-29 Gorham Ave. Right now people park on both sides of the street blocking the road.16 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairCar parked on sidewalk16 days ago
Brookline, MAopenGraffitiGardner path16 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesPublic tree need a trim. It is too close to building. Same request was put in 82 days ago. It was closed without any action. Please take action before closing this request. Really appreciated!17 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairFallen tree branch obstructing main path to Lincoln school17 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic Treesmany dead limbs on tree with anthraxnose fungus17 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairOne of the boardwalks in the sanctuary has a 2'x2' hole in it.18 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairSofa left out as trash18 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark Playground EquipmentPrivate sign on public property?18 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignSign damaged, not visible to cars at intersection with heavy school pedestrian traffic18 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairDead turkey by the side of the road18 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignSimilar to my previous report. A second crosswalk sign removed from the street and zip tied to a nearby sign. Please find a way to prevent the overzealous from moving these signs out from the crosswalk.19 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignSomeone took this sign from the nearby crosswalk and zip tied it to a street sign. Constant trouble spot. People keep removing these signs from the intersections on St Paul- where they are sorely needed as a reminder for drivers to control their speed and YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS.19 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk Obstruction/RepairUtility cover missing19 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark Playground EquipmentClark playground kids damaged the seat knocked it off screws19 days ago
Brookline, MAopenAbandoned BikeIllegally parked bike. Should be removed immediately. Person struggle getting into car because of it19 days ago
Brookline, MAopenAbandoned BikeBeen here 3 days. Illegal in Brookline. Please remove19 days ago
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Abandoned BikeAbandon Bicycle Request
Broken Parking MeterBroken Parking Meter Request
Sidewalk Obstruction/RepairSidewalk Patch Request
PotholePothole Repair
GraffitiGraffiti Removal Request
Unshoveled SidewalkUnshoveled Sidewalk Request
StreetlightStreet Light Out
Roadway Plowing/SandingSnow Removal Request
Damaged SignDamaged Sign Request
Public TreesPublic Trees
Park Playground EquipmentPark Playground Equipment