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Service Requests created during previous 48 hours

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Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingTrash barrel has been here for a couple of weeks. Not sure who it belongs to41 minutes ago
Brookline, MAopenPark Playgroundtrash everywhereabout 2 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk RepairThere is an active wasp nest underneath the broken pavement in front of 90 Verndale. Lots of wasps flying in/out of the crack. Could this please be addressed?about 3 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingMattress left on sidewalkabout 3 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundLeave people alone you pervert. The park belongs to everyoneabout 5 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundBolt holding gate latch on is missing.about 6 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherPlease fix missing bollards. Without them cars routinely park in bike lane including DPW trucks! C’mon… huge safety issue. Two people died in Cambridge at an intersection like this last monthabout 6 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherThe 'No turn on red sign' facing Lancaster Terrace has little to no visibility for traffic. It's very common for traffic to ignore the sign and turn on red a light. This confuses pedestrians.about 7 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenTraffic SignalTraffic signal is only green for approximately three seconds thus leading to people running red lights. Safety concern.about 7 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent IssuesRats running on Toxteth Streetabout 10 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesBoxes thrown out on top of newly planted treeabout 10 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherLack of Air conditioning negatively impacting the Mental Health Patients on 2South. My son reports of heat exhaustion. Has anyone passed away on 2South on July 11/2024 due to HAVC at HRI Hospital?about 11 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionThe sidewalk is being used to store construction material again. No one is directing traffic and people walk in the street. This is unsafe, job needs to be shut down until they show plan to stopabout 12 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingOverflowing, reeking garbage. Par for the course, blight and rats are the new normal on Centre St. Please enforce.about 12 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundGate not working.about 12 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead squirrel near intersection on freeman Street.about 12 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingOverflowing trash. Beacon and St Mary's.about 13 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenDamaged SignThe road painting indicating upcoming speed bump has almost entirely faded. Part of it has not been repainted after last road work. These make hard to notice the speed breaker, making it ineffective.about 14 hours ago
Brookline, MAopenSafe Routes To SchoolSpeeding. Over 40mph at least.1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundOnce again, off leash dogs that should be leashed. Enough already!1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingEmpty boxes have been on the sidewalk for days now including trash day and not picked up1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionBroken tree branch blocking the sidewalk1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesThis dead dead branch could use to be cut down.1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundMorning glory vines need pulling before they suffocate the tree and other plantings1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundIvy is taking over tree1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherThe homeless person and her abundance of bags needs to be relocated to a shelter. This has gotten out of control.It is disgusting for people to sit on the bench that are unaware of the situation1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherThe power is out. When it’s over 90 degrees that is unacceptable1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenTraffic SignalThe button for the traffic signal in front of Longwood Towers no longer works.1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingLarge pile of discarded furniture, mattress, etc at this apartment complex again1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk RepairPoor Condition1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherThere is steam pouring out of a manhole cover on Harvard Avenue right next to Pierce playground1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeMassive hole in st1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionTire on sidewalk1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenParking TicketThe new homeless encampment is United Parish. Instead of ignoring the issue why don’t the police step in and set up arrangements for these people that need the help. Or how about the church1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionCouch and other belongings not picked up on trash day. Blocking sidewalk needs to be picked up asap1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionEmpty boxes have been on the sidewalk for days now including trash day and not picked up1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingEvery single week I complain about the center in the village that needs to be cleaned. People smoke and leave their cigs all over the place and empty trash. Please put this on your route1 day ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent IssuesRats seen repeatedly at this location. I have notified the landlord on numerous times. Trash can are not properly managed....not closed, some filled with water, raw garbage. owner not responsive2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking IssuesHigh voltage EV charging line runs across the public sidewalk to charge resident's car every evening. This is a major safety hazard, especially for all the strollers and children going to the park.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundA large glass window was vandalized on the Pierce School elevated bridge. There are bits of glass all over the basketball courts and foursquare areas. Please sweep and clean thoroughly! Thank you.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherI have owned and lived on Lawton Street since 1995. Herb Chambers Dealership technicians use Lawton Street as a test track speeding in excess of 50MPH. I request ‘speed bumps’ be installed. Safety !2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundPrevious report SR99825: water fountain near children's playground still leaking when activated. Huge waste of water.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk RepairFeeney bros repaired the sidewalk with sand. Please tell them to apply bitumen as it is very dangerous and not wheelchair friendly2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingThird request. Last request says issue resolved. But couch is still on sidewalk2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherHomeless people leaving their sh$t on Harvard Street and it smells - please take them to a shelter!2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic Trees(redacted)2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk RepairConstruction fence is knocked down2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesPlease trim back public tree that is encroaching on our house. Thank you!2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenWater and SewerThe sprinkler is not sprinkling everywhere around. It's just sprinkling one spot on the sidewalk2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead squirrel2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent IssuesRat seen in the parking lot next to the Brookline Driving School moving towards the back of the building near garbage bin. There is some sort of food prep business in the building as well2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead squirrel on grassy area across from Pon Street building. I have seen so many dead animals lately that seem intact, it would be good to test to understand if poison or a virus.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherManet doing cowboy construction in the road. No permits for the parking they're blocking, no detail to direct traffic, so unsafe!2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionManet construction is digging up the middle of the road and blocking the sidewalk with pd detail to direct traffic.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenWater and SewerConstruction crew left materials over a week in our front yard. No further work is being on in Washington st in front of our house.2 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundHi. We seem to have lost one of the trash barrels at the corner of Colombia & Kenwood Street. It's resulting in an increase of trash in the park. Is this something that can be replaced? Thanks!3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsRoadkill3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTraffic SignalThe pedestrian traffic light on Beacon St @ Centre St is facing the wrong direction, making it difficult to see.3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingSofa hasn’t been picked up for several weeks.3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingBed furniture has been sitting on sidewalk for 10 days.3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingTrash blocking sidewalk for almost a week3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionBlocked sidewalk no pedestrian accommodations3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundOverflowing trash in children's playground. Please empty & consider additional barrels especially for daily school breakfast. Thx!3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead squirrel at end of street3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenBroken Parking MeterCan't take coins - it's stuck3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesThere is a tree at the entrance to the basketball courts that is almost completely rotted out at the base and almost dead. Lots of kids playing here and walking by. Seems dangerous!3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesAlong with request SR100408 where a broken tree branch is resting on wires and looks like it could fall, there is a big branch on the same tree that looks dead. It is positioned over homes. Thanks!3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundThe Lynch playground trash has not been picked up for a while and is overflowing. The summer meal program is right next to it.3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent Issues2 rats last night running through the parking lot3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesOn July 4tha branch of a tree on Davis court fell and on July 8th the whole tree was removed. I'm hoping to get a new tree planted since it provide so much shades and greenery to nearby units.3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesWhat was the reason for watering trees on private property this morning? Town employees up in a yard. Doesn’t seem right, does it?3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeLarge pothole going up the hill forcing cars into the other lane3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic Treesdead or dying at the end of the driveway of 200 Fisher Avenue. Branches on the road. Concerned for continued hazard.3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking IssuesOut of state car parked overnight for several days. No tickets. Might be abandoned? Please ticket or tow3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesTree branch split and hanging over the sidewalk3 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesTree fell on sidewalk4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeI reported this 25 days ago, #SR-100287, and I received an email on 18 June saying that a work order had been created. That's nice, but as of 6/7, when I last drove by, the potholes were still there.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTraffic SignalGreen light is out on signal of left travel lane. (Not the left turn lane)4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenParking TicketOut of state car parked overnight for over a week straight. Please ticket4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionOvergrowth onto sidewalk needs to be trimmed4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingTrash thrown over the fence needs collecting4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOther(redacted)4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeHole in the street it's right in the middle of the lane4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeA deep pothole around 3-5 inches has formed in the middle of the road between two sewer hole covers. Someone (utility company?) has placed a traffic cone over this hole in the middle of the street.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherSidewalk filled with mulch Makes for unsafe surface for those with mobility issues.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPublic TreesLinden tree lost its crown two winters ago and has almost all lateral growth. Please trim sides of all major limbs to achieve appropriate shape and encourage vertical growth.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent IssuesSEVERAL Rats always running behind these food establishments. They need to take care of this. Rod Dee, Olive Connection, Bazaar Grocery. Want to support local businesses but this issue makes it hard.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenOtherStarting around last week it seems like there is a cell phone blocker in the area (by real estate end of Putterham mall). I have bars, but can’t use phone only in this area.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundSprinklers in St Marks Park have not been turned on yet this rear. Turn on typically happens end of June. The park was reseed about a week ago and it would be a shame that the seeds die.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead rabbit in the driveway between 163 Coolidge Street and 165 Coolidge Street. Looks bloated and infected.4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenRodent Issuestwo rats running from field house to dumpster at 29 Highland Rd., Brookline4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionOvergrown tree branches blocking the sidewalk on the Longwood side of this property. This has happened for years, please enforce4 days ago
Brookline, MAopenSidewalk ObstructionHolly plant obstructs almost 50% of sidewalk.5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenGraffitiPlease remove graffiti on structure (garage at bottom of Winchester Path).5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead squirrel5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead Animalsdead bunny on strip of grass near housing on Kent St5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPotholeAllerton at Pond Ave.5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenTrash/RecyclingStreet trash - looks like a big piece of an electric wire5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenDead AnimalsDead racoon near T track5 days ago
Brookline, MAopenPark PlaygroundEmerson Garden playground shaded house structure has two big exposed and elevated screws — extremely dangerous. Unable to push down myself, requires tool to fix/hammer down.5 days ago
Service NameDescription
Damaged SignDepending on stock availability damaged signs will be repaired within 2-3 business days. If this is a damaged STOP sign, please call the Police at 617-730-2222.
GraffitiThe Town of Brookline only removes graffiti from Town owned property.
Safe Routes To SchoolReport safety issues to the Brookline SRTS Task Force, particularly relating to safe walking and biking to town schools.
Parking IssuesParking Issues
Traffic SignalTraffic Signal Issues will be repaired within 2-3 business days. If the signal is down, please call the Police at 617-730-2222.
Parking TicketParking Ticket
Water and SewerWater and Sewer
Rodent IssuesReport Issues Related to Rodent Control.
Trash/RecyclingFor bulky and metal pickups please visit to schedule and pay for items to be collected. For new carts please email the Department of Public Works at
Sidewalk ObstructionFor illegal parked cars, please call the Police at 617-730-2222. For tree/vegetation or construction zone related issues, please enter a request.
Sidewalk RepairTemporary Sidewalk repairs will be made within 2-3 business days.
Public TreesRequests should only be for trees planted on Town of Brookline sidewalks. Trees on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.
Unshoveled/Icy SidewalkUnshoveled Sidewalk Request. Commercial Sidewalk enforcement begins within 3 hours of sunrise following the storm's end. Residential sidewalk enforcement begins 24 hours after a storm's end. The storm s end time will be posted on the Town s website
StreetlightIndividual Street Light Outages will be repaired within 5-7 business days. If a pole is knocked down, please call the Police at 617-730-2222. <br><br> If electrical work is required Eversource will have to undertake the work, which could take up to two weeks. We will notify you when the street lamp is fixed.
Park PlaygroundPark Playground Equipment
Dead AnimalsIf animal is injured, please call 617-730-2222.
Roadway Plowing/SandingSnow Removal Request
PotholePotholes are fixed within 2-3 business days, weather permitting.
Abandoned BikeAbandon Bicycle Request
Broken Parking MeterBroken Parking Meters will be repaired in 2-3 business days.