Bloomington, IN Open About 1 month


I want to report unprofessional service from sanitation. I put my trash out late today (as in between 5:00 am and whatever time the time truck came down my street, which was sometime after 7:45). I come home to my bin emptied and thrown into the middle of the road. When I go to get it there's a sticker attached to top saying someone looked at 5:00 am and it wasn't out at that time so they weren't going to pick it up. This is unprofessional and uncalled for. If you don't want to pick up my trash, just don't do it. I put it out late, I can handle that. I think it's a silly policy, but it's the policy, I can live with it. Don't try to make a point or 'teach me a lesson' by leaving a nasty-gram and chucking my bin into the road. This feels like threatening behavior and has really bothered me.