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I work for Mackie Properties, and we manage Ridgefield HOA. The driveway at 3916 N Whitewood Way in Ridgefield, which the City repoured last year after repairing a broken main water line, is deteriorating. We initially reported this issue to the City earlier this year, but the City did not take responsibility for redoing the driveway. Since then, we have had contractors assess the situation, and they have determined that improper installation is causing the deterioration. Today, we sent another contractor to reinspect the driveway and provide a quote for sealing it. However, they confirmed that the deterioration has worsened over the past few months and that sealing is not a viable solution. They noted that the concrete was too wet when installed, leading to its current state. We request that the City tear out the existing driveway and properly pour a new one to prevent further deterioration.