Bloomington, IN Open 2 months


This morning at approximately 8:20, while I was riding a bicycle southbound on the B-Line trail over the Grimes Street bridge, I met a full-sized truck driving northbound on the B-Line Trail over the bridge. The truck was labeled Bloomington Parks and Recreation, and I spoke with the driver and passenger, who were staff members of the Parks and Recreation Department. The posted rules of the B-Line trail prohibit motorized vehicles. I am aware that we make exceptions for motorized wheelchairs, electric bicycles, electric scooters, and the small trucks used by security and parks maintenance staff. However, my opinion is that a full-sized truck is well outside the range of acceptable exceptions. A full-sized truck is less safe, provides less visibility for the truck driver to see walkers and others on the trail, blocks more of the trail width, and causes more wear on the trail surface. My opinion is that full-sized trucks should not be on the B-Line, when there are alternate routes available for a truck on public streets, and alternative vehicles available to use on the B-Line trail.