Bloomington, IN Open 2 months

City Performance

The park at 2nd and Walnut and the Kroger behind it are becoming a great concern to many people in the neighborhood off of 2nd street. In the last 3 weeks at Kroger I have witnessed a violent incident and been aggressively approached by many people from the park for money, food, and other things. Even in Indianapolis where there are 10x the amount of homeless persons, I have never been approached so aggressively and violently. It is the opinion of many people on this campus that this park and the people in it represent a huge liability for the city. There is a campus of 55,000+ students of which half are young women. Walking in this area at night is not safe and there is open drug use everywhere in the park and surrounding corners. Of the 55,000+ students of which half are female this is a frightening area to be in and the city needs to ensure the safety of its citizens in this area.