Bloomington, IN Open About 1 year

Biking & Walking

Every time I ride on the 7 line, which is every day, there’s some incident where a car almost runs me over. It’s terrifying but I keep riding because it feels worth it. But today, there were four incidents. Every time, I had the right of way. And every time, whoever was driving was completely unaware that there were other people on the road whose lives and needs mattered as much as theirs do. And despite my having the right of way, they all came close to plowing me over because they weren’t looking. Even when they would have clearly seen me riding ahead of them before they came to an intersection to turn. I don’t know if there need to be more signs, or speed bumps, or driver education, or making cars illegal unless you’re disabled. But whatever the case, something major needs to happen if this city is going to be safe for bikers and pedestrians. I am fed up with risking my life every day and trying to adapt to a city that is built around cars and not human bodies. When are we going to prioritize all other modes of transportation over cars, which are deadly machines that emit toxic fumes? Why is there a new parking garage but there’s no way to bike to the east side? I’m tired of feeling like I could be killed at any moment because of some stranger’s lapse in judgment. Also, there’s been broken glass in the 7 line just east of walnut for like 3 days.