Bloomington, IN Open 3 months

Street & Traffic Signs

We live in Meadowood a retirement community off 45/46. We have two entrances, one on Dunn and other Milo Sampson. Both areas have issues with people running stop signs.. a lot!! Coming in from Dunn street.. there is a 3 way stop at Dunn and Tamarack Trail. The traffic on Dunn is supposed to stop .. most of the time it’s a slow and go situation and other times it’s a don’t even slow down situation. This happens a lot. When we are leaving Meadowood and stopped at 3 way we are shocked at the number of vehicles that don’t stop. It’s a very dangerous situation for people on tamarack The Milo Sampson entrance to Meadowood also has a 3 way stop. The main problem is traffic coming off 45/46 down the hill.. they mostly don’t stop at all and continue on into the IU facility. And same goes for when vehicles leave the IU facility. It’s especially bad in the mornings when staff arrive for work at IU. We are an older crowd and enjoy walking in Meadowood area and the vehicles just don’t obey the stop signs Can something be done?? Flashing lights on stop signs?? Thank you. I’ve also contacted the city about the trash along Milo Sampson but told IU maintenance does that.. and have contacted them numerous times but no action Karen Johnston