Bloomington, IN Closed 8 months

Animal Control & Neglected Pets

This is a follow up to a neighbor's dog attacking and killing our pet cat on the afternoon of 9/15 at 2956 N Bankers Dr (my address, my property, and the location where the dog killed the cat). Two animal control officers came and took a statement from me on 9/16 based upon a complaint filed by the pet owner (Lucas Burks, I believe), and I just wanted to get a complaint in, as well, from the perspective of the person whose pet was killed in an aggressive and brutal attack. To quickly describe the incident, around 3PM on 9/15 I noticed a commotion outside our house on our back deck and realized the pitbull or pitbull-type dog (Junior) from the property adjacent (2950 N Bankers) chasing our pet cat, Olga. I ran outside in time to see the dog pull the cat down from the side of the house, trying to attack it. I intervened by first trying to separate the animal (briefly successful) by putting a kayak in-between them. Unfortunately, the dog evaded the obstacle and took the cat into its jaws. I began shouting and physically intervening in trying to stop the mauling, but was ultimately unsuccessful. As soon as it became apparent the cat was beyond the point of survival, I ceased contact with the dog and called the the owner of the adjacent property, Margaret (Peg) Sutton. Reg arrived while the dog was still gripping the dead cat in its jaws. She tried to get the dog to disengage by spraying it with our hose, but the dog simply took the cat further away in the yard. Peg then asked to use my cell phone to call her son (Lucas Burks), who she indicated was the actual dog owner. I lent her my cell phone and went inside to call my partner, Alison Baum, who came home from work early to bury Olga. While I was gone, Peg managed to separate the dog from Olga’s carcass, and exited our property. My understanding is her son Lucas arrived shortly thereafter and took the dog to the vet for injuries sustained in the battle. I want to say that I am deeply hurt and upset about the loss of Olga in such a brutal fashion. I attempted to defend our pet’s life on our own property, and I failed. I have two children who are upset and afraid to go outside in case Junior is around. And I’m afraid Junior, having had a bad interaction with me, will view me as a direct threat. I wish no further escalation with our neighbor and her son, and I only ask that the dog Junior never be allowed or present anywhere near our property going forward. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information at all. Chris Franke