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Bloomington, INopenOtheri have asked for bigger trash can and haven't received on yet.And also they haven't picked my recycling up but twice since ive moved hereabout 1 hour ago
Bloomington, INopenParking Meters and TicketsHey guys. I was wondering where I should park now that all of our residential parking was turned into metered spots.about 16 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenCity PerformanceYour udo housing survey isn't letting people submit. Main complaint I had is the political cow towing to where students should be. Main one was student housing should be by campus. Don't pretend east of college mall is next to campus or some of the other highlighted areas. Campus isn't in the rural country anymore. It's the middle of town. The immediate surroundings should be full of students for the benefit of all. Just because rich single family homes of non students is what is there doesn't mean that should be. That's the absolute worst place to freeze in history for prices to rise and the privileged to claim. We should have nice but dense student oriented housing in the immediacy of all sides of campus, not a mile or longer away. Bad for environment, traffic, equity, and Social cohesion.1 day ago
Bloomington, INclosedOtherThe person who lives at this address produces unreasonable noise on a regular basis in their truck. Most definitely this is a diesel truck and yes, those are louder than other vehicles. However, this person has the need to accelerate intensely on Fairview from stop sign to stop sign and then loudly accelerate the short distance to their house. This happens most every single day and multiple times as this person regularly comes and goes with and without a trailer full of equipment. According to Bloomington's Municipal Code section 14.09.040, unreasonable noise shall mean sound that is of a volume, frequency, or pattern that prevents, disrupts, injures, or endangers the health, safety, welfare, prosperity, comfort or repose of reasonable persons of ordinary sensitivities within the city of Bloomington, given the time of day or environment in which the sound is made. Also included, and described in more detail in Section 14.09.030 of the Bloomington Municipal Code, is unreasonable noise from cars including specifics about mufflers and baffles. It is unknown as to if this is an OEM/stock exhaust system but it is disruptive on a regular basis even when inside a house with all the windows closed. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I will be checking regularly for a reply despite choosing to file this anonymously.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackMy recycle bin was not picked up. The sticker placed on the bin indicated "You have nonrecyclable items in your bin. I wnet through my bin and took out some Kroger sacks. My neighbor called you folks and you told her that egg cartons are not recyclable even though the lable clearly says it is. I went to your website and printed out things that are legal and what is not. But if you are at odds with the lables I cant read minds. I took out what items i thought might? be illegal but I'll not do that again. If my recycle bin is not picked up again, I'll no longer recycle.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairI am a EC commissioner and Utility Dept Storm sewer volunteer and have been trying to keep my neighborhoods storm drains clear to prevent street flooding. I have been removing pavement fragments for several months that have washed downhill to the storm sewers at the intersection of Queensway and Chelsey Court. Today I cleared the debris from these at this location and added new eroded pavement that have been washing downslope to the drains. I consolidated the material on the curb and grass at the northeast drain at the intersection. This material can and has obstructed the drains and some has washed into the underground sewer line. Thus these drains when obstructed can result in street flooding, blocking the underground storm sewer and result in stream water contamination. Can these debris be removed and disposed of? Also before winter the patches of deteriorating black top be patched? Don Eggert 1235deggert@gmail.com2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackI'm writing with a suggestion. I spend quite a bit of time walking and running within Bloomington. Outside of the B-line (where my experience has been mixed), I find that car drivers rarely yield to pedestrians and marked pedestrian crosswalks. I wanted to suggest that the city consider adding flashing lights to the signage at crosswalks, in the hope that it would make drivers aware they're approaching a crosswalk, and be more likely to yield to pedestrians. Thanks.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairThere is a storage facility being built on the south side of 3rd street. There is SO MUCH dirt and gravel in the bike lane that is a serious hazard. Since it is also on a downhill, it's also dangerous to merge into traffic to avoid it. Please, please clean up the gravel and dirt. It goes for at least a tenth of a mile.2 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedStreet LightsStreet Light is out2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps Feedbackwhile attempting to report a malfunctioning traffic light (which I subsequently did on my laptop) to Ureport on my iphone SE, the screen does not scroll down far enough (well, it does, but doesn't stay long enough to:) press "next" after typing in contact information. (looks like step 3 in process of reporting) Changing screen orientation does not solve problem.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked Sidewalkegregiously parked black bmw entirely blocking sidewalk. no ticket visible as of 12:03pm 10/22/20. If they did get a ticket, they removed it, and might need another to encourage them to GET OFF THE SIDEWALK2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic Signalspedestrian walk signal facing N College, pole located on NE corner of 6th and college. Don't walk works fine. Walk visible signal not seeming to work.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrash2 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedAbandoned VehicleThere is an abandoned vehicle siting on the street on E. Sparks Rd. Has been there for 3 weeks now is in the opening of the codlisac. Has the right front tire under the vehicle and isn't able to move. It is a maroon ford mustang.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashGarbage and recycling bins are in the street from Monday.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris RemovalLimb down in street BUT there is one dead squirrel and one injured squirrel there too - lady who lives at 105 e 15th put her coat over the injured squirrel and is going to call animal control in 10 minutes - assume she might want her coat back too. In between 615 and 611 n Washington.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherThis “Yellow Curb” needs to be repainted.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrash3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherunregistered rental - 2708 s rogers st, advertised on facebook at 800/mo3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris Removalmattress/box spring has been in front of house for at least a week3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris Removalold couch in front yard3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked StreetThere are branches of a tree that are hanging in the road. I hit the branches, and they almost broke my side mirror. I also started to swerve as a reflex, but into oncoming traffic. My wife also had the same problem on this road, also today. If this doesn’t get fixed soon, it will definitely cause wrecks. It’s on the East side of the road, going north past the bridge.4 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedStreet & Traffic SignsHow do we go about getting a street sign for our new edition off of 46? Charelstowne Manor- Triple Crown Drive?4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenAccessibility ProblemHello, I am not sure if I am in the right place or not, but we just moved to a new edition called Charlestowne Manor. A plumber on our road was found unresponsive in his car and is still unresponsive. The dispatchers did not know where we were because Triple Crown Drive is NOT on the map. If the dispatchers had known where we were located (the Ellettsville Fire Station is LITERALLY across the street and the guys could have ran there faster than they got there) the guy might have a better chance of survival. How do we get on the map?4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenRecyclingThis is like the third time the trash men have just straight refused to empty my recycling, and they also leave debris in my trash can as well. I don't have any inappropriate items in the recycling, it's aluminum cans and flattened cardboard. They didn't leave any kind of notice. Just uncollected trash. I feel like this just incentivizes me dumping everything in my trash since at least that way it will get collected.4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenAnimal ControlWoman living in an RV in the back yard is operating an open air cat kennel without a permit. She also provides food, water or shelter to a colony of feral cats without being registered with the City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control Department or its designee. There are 3 walk in cages housing cats in the back yard. I have a video illustrating this if you will contact me I can share it. I am an Environmental Health Specialist with the Monroe County Health Department.4 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedDebris RemovalOld mattress/box springs in front of house5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris RemovalOld couch in front yard5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairIt looks like the road had settled and they chose to fix the issue by adding asphalt over the concrete road. It turn basically made it a speed up a couple years back. We unfortunately have huge semis and overloaded tractor trailers flying down our road. The thud from these hauling trailers can me felt all throughout my house. I have noticed since buying the house two years ago, that these constant vibrations are affecting the foundation on my house. My next door neighbor and I have had enough. I don’t know why the city chose to fix the settled road this way but it is cause far more damage to my property than it is the cars and semis driving over this area. I’ve already filed a complaint over a year ago and nothing has been done.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsI was told that the playground is slated for replacement in spring 2021, which is great! I would like to suggest that the city consider adding a "Natural Playground" in the wooded area behind the shelter. Natural playgrounds are so amazing for kids, and an attraction for the community. There are two great ones nearby- Cool Creek Park in Indy, and at the Louisville Nature Center in Louisville! See days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherAbandoned furniture and trash along east side of property. Party trash in yard.5 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedParks & PlaygroundsSee picture. Previous problem still going on! Daily! Not only is there tons of trash and a large social gathering, there are daily fights, drug use, etc. There are tons of laws being broken daily. “resolved” means they are fixed. They are not and have been going on for years! Bloomington tax payers want their city and parks back! It’s your job Paula McDevitt. If you don’t want to do it, step down. You are being held accountable. The law is the law and not up to your opinions/discretion.5 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedParks & Playgrounds5 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedParks & PlaygroundsThe playground structures at this park are in really poor condition. The rubber surfacing is falling apart, and the equipment is quite degraded. It needs to be replaced. When is this playground scheduled for maintenance/ replacement?5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrash5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthMost of sidewalk blocked by shrubs5 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedSewer Problems (Storm Sewers)Manhole cover is open. It is located just west of the church driveway on rogers street6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris RemovalStormwater grates on either side of Winslow Farm Drive near the intersection with Winslow Road were covered and fastened with sisal-like mats at the beginning of work on the Winslow Rd. section of the pedestrian/biker pathway in mid-spring. As a result, that part of Winslow Road has flooded with every heavy rain, and the grates are now heavily clogged. Early on, I contacted the Street Department about this, but was told that the City had nothing to do with the project, which was slated to finish in October (!) Now it is October, and the pathway crews have finished and cleaned up. But still no one has removed those sisal covers on the two stormwater grates. I'm not sure what department should handle this, but I'd really like to see the problem resolved. Why the grates have had to be covered all these months is a mystery to me.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic Related ComplaintsYou have a crosswalk with a planter. The huge sidewalk you are putting in has made the road too narrow. You should make the crosswalk planter small so the road is not too narrow. Will the new, much narrower road meet the width requirements? Seems like this is just going to create accidents and the city is being negligent.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet LightsStreet light not working8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkStreet light on the northeast corner of 6th and Rogers has a plate off exposing electrical wires and poses a safety risk.8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenLine of SightThis house is surrounded by an alley on the north side and an alley on the west side, just behind the Girls and Boys Club. It is impossible to see over the weeds to navigate the intersection of the alleyways. Further down the alley between the Girls/Boys Club and the building to the north of it, which is very narrow, the weeds are beginning to get very tall and will soon scrape the sides of vehicles traveling through. Thanks for your help!8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps Feedbackcenter turning lane was installed in front of lake view school and entrance and exit lanes on private property at THE pointe was used to widen road, entrance lanes need to be put back the way they were the new change creates an obstruction of view exiting the pointe if center lane is needed then widen the road by using front of school property that is not used thank you Mike Sears.8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairFenbrook has potholes, uneven surfaces, and rough patches along the whole length between e moores and smith rd.9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet & Traffic SignsWhen heading north on Williamsburg from Washington it is extremely difficult to see the stop sign at Eastland Drive until you get past the visual obstruction caused by the last boulevard tree on the east side side of the road. Now that the leaves are beginning to fall the problem will go away until spring, however.9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTemporary Signage w/o permitOn Wylie Farm Rd in the grass on the right hand side right before the intersection with Henderson: Gutter Cleaning (812) 322-8091 sign9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrailsTree trunk partially fallen and suspended across Renwick Trail at SouthEast Park9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrailsHello, I'd like to suggest that the city pave the Bloomington Rail Trail connecting the B-Line to Clear Creek Trail. This would make it much safer and better for bicyclists (especially commuters). Currently, the gravel is too deep in some places and not present at all in others. Also, some of the posts at the entrace to the Rail Trail after crossing roads are too close together for a bike with a trailer to safely maneuver. This is especially true when crossing S Rogers near Baywood Drive. We broke our bike trailer there.9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsThe Winslow complex has one trash can available outside the softball/baseball fields and one small receptacle for dog waste. Soon the trash can will be pulled behind the locked fence as it is every winter. The small trash cans on the tennis courts were removed this year. We need more trash cans available outside the fields and year round at this complex. This issue keeps getting worse every year.9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrailsThe tail's light with number 152 is out on the B-Line Trail. Thank you for such a great trail and for all the maintenance that is done.9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherStolen political sign. Our Trump 2020 sign was stolen. We have we have a photo of the individual. If you need it. It happened at 8:31pm.10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris RemovalMattress has been left out leaning against tree in front yard for over 2 weeks.10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTemporary Signage w/o permitThere is a sign advertising an AirBnB rental attached to a tree on the property at 813 Kirkwood Ave. The tree is one of two on either side of the alley next to the property, and is located on the berm between the street and the sidewalk, and so appears to be in the city's Right of Way. As far as I understand it, this signage is in violation of the Bloomington Municipal Code, Title 12 (Streets, Sidewalks, and Storm Drains), Chapter 24.080 (Trees and Flora), Ord. 08-06 § 2 (part), 2008) - Prohibited actions, which states "(2) No person shall do any of the following to trees subject to these provisions: (b) Attach any wires, nails, chains, cables, advertising posters or any other contrivance" I would appreciate it if the city removed this sign and prevented such actions by the landlord in the future.10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet LightsThe streetlight on the corner of Henderson and University is out and this intersection is very dark at night.10 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedRecyclingOur recycling was not collected last week and has not been picked up yet today. Has the date changed?10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkJust south of rogers/madison train bridge (about 12th st), west sidewalk. I appreciate the work that was done here! If streets division was really involved then i doubly appreciate what may be a watershed moment for Bloomington sidewalks! So I'm sorry to condescend on technique but when clearing a sidewalk, it's essential to walk along the outside edge and if anything makes you duck or squirm, you're not done yet (it is a lot of work, i know). I'm 5'10 and this branch completely blocks my way along about a third of the walkway. This is a 5' monolithic sidewalk along a busy road. We need the full width. Thanks!10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked StreetGreenery on south corner of 11th / Walnut obscuring vision of driver on 11th trying to move onto Walnut so that driver must move forward onto crosswalk and impede vehicles turning onto 11th from Walnut causing them to yell obscenities and ruin everyone's day.11 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParking on Unimproved Surface302 park ridge continues to park rubicon van on lawn. What do you need me to do to help enforce this? Reported multiple times11 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street Repairworn-down road11 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthAlley is impassible without scratching vehicle due to growth hanging over from the yards.11 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedParks & PlaygroundsSocial gathers > 15 people not allowed per mayor! 30-50 people there with no mask on 10/13. Also tons of trash, clothing, blankets, tents, etc abandoned in park.11 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashReceived a call from the resident located at 705 N Washington complaining that the residents at 708 N Washington have left bags of trash at the curb and is afraid is will draw animals. He didn't leave a name or number11 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTemporary Signage w/o permitAt 520 Patterson in front of Members' Choice Bank is another College Movers & Haulers sign, in the grass.12 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsA fitness organization called Bloomington United for Fitness is holding an exercise class in Olcott Park. I appreciate the need for outdoor space, however, they are using the paved trail for stationary exercises. Since these occur in one relatively narrow space, it is not possible to socially distance and because they are exercising, they are not wearing masks. Would it be possible to ask them to move to an area with more space in the park such as an open field not next to the path?12 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedStreet & Traffic SignsThe north-south light at High St and Moores Pike only is green for a couple of seconds, allowing at most two cars to pass through the intersection. Is it possible to adjust the timing on this light?13 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris RemovalThere are lots of asphalt chunks in the gutter that interfere with keeping the storm drains unclogged.13 days ago
Bloomington, INopenUtilities ConstructionI've recently had a plumber repair a water leak for me and he referred me to contact you guys. He said that I need to ask you guys to come out and replace my very old concrete water main area with the newer pipe/fittings and the composite circular area around the main.13 days ago
Bloomington, INopenSidewalk RequestsThere's a precarious dropoff (7-8') into the drainage creek just a few feet away (east) from the sidewalk on RCA Park Drive just north of Countryside, and a few yards into Susie Street. A barrier of some sort to provide added safety would be advisable. Thanks!13 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris RemovalVomit and garbage. I'd like to know who to talk to about the loud disgusting drinking parties that happen nightly at a children's playground. Calling in the police repeatedly hasn't stopped it.13 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris Removal4209 e Morningside. Brush in drive for quite some time14 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthExcessive growth. Problem for multiple years.14 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris RemovalLarge limb and couple smaller limbs broke off and fell from city tree on south edge of my property at 1508 W. 11th St. I pulled them back so it would no longer block the sidewalk and be out of the road, but they need to be sawed up and removed. Also, it looks like the tree could use some pruning of other dead limbs to help prevent future issues. Your call on that, obviously. Thank you.14 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParking on Unimproved SurfaceOur neighbor continues to park on an unimproved surface. We have reported this before and they continue doing this. This photo was taken this morning Saturday October 10, 2020 around 8 am. There are on street parking spaces, they just prefer to park in their back yard. Rental property owned by Aviva Orenstein. Please help us with this recurrences. Thank you14 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParking on Unimproved SurfaceOur neighbor continues to park on an unimproved surface. We have reported this before and they continue doing this. This photo was taken this morning Saturday October 10, 2020 around 8 am. There are on street parking spaces, they just prefer to park in their back yard. Rental property owned by Aviva Orenstein. Please help us with this recurrences. Thank you14 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthVery overgrown. Never was mowed from the last report.15 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet LightsPole light not working at Allen Ct in Sherbrooke Place15 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashtrash in yard, complaint has been going on for weeks, rats showing up in yard, neighbors do not want rats in their yards.15 days ago
Bloomington, INopenUtilities YardworkPurchased house in June and it appeared there had recently been a new sewage line of some type installed in the front yard. However, there is now just a broken clay pipe in the front yard and ground is very uneven where this pipe was left. I assume this should have been removed and level when the new line was installed?15 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherMy daughter resides at 2035 N. Walnut Street Apt.C37. She has multiple photos showing the mold and mildew issue in her studio apartment. She contacted Plato's Court with her concerns and they placed a dehumidifier in her apartment to assist in removing the moisture. In addition, we also purchased damp rid bags to hopefully help. She continued to have issues and received an email that the complex had closed this work order. She proceeded to email them with the objection that the mold and mildew issue was not resolved with no response. She has even made an ER visit with concerns of covid, but those results came back negative. It is a daily battle with the black residue on all her possessions, including countertops, spiderlike webbing on her ceiling, and her bathroom shower insert. We are not sure where to turn and are extremely concerned with her health. Thank you for you time.15 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashdumpster overflowing, trash spilling into yard, everyday15 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashOverturned trash bin in front of 217 E 10th street. Recycling container has been on sidewalk at least one week. Pedestrians will have to walk in street to get around it. Very unsafe on 10th street. Unacceptable on many levels. Please help.15 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet Lightsits to dark on this street and you cant see15 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackTest post16 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & Rec BuildingsHello, I've been trying to book a place for the past week to hold a gathering after i lost someone in my family and i've talked to a few different people to try and book this and ive hit a road block every time. I've asked for help to resolve this matter in a few different ways and the solution is to drive over an hour to book and pay and drive back over an hour to there convenient to make it easy for the person helping me / or not helping is what would say. I think there should a more convenient way that someone on your side of the planet could help other than to say [ no there is nothing i can do] this is a sorry excuse for convenient< id like to know who that convenient word applies to y'all only. bull crap. i can only pray this is resolved ASAP16 days ago
Bloomington, INopenScooters, Bike-share and Related IssuesA broken scooter (handle bars have been removed) has been lying at the corner of Wylie and Lincoln for weeks and is blocking the sidewalk. I reported this one before, but nothing has been done.16 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrailsThere are a couple of trees I am concerned about. They are on the parks property but are leaning towards my house. These are good sized trees that I am afraid would do considerable damage to my house and shed. I have reached out several times but unfortunately nothing has been done. I spoke with Lee Huff directly before he left his position with the city. He said they would take a look at it. I don't know if they did. Since then, the trail behind my house (where the trees are located) has had significant work done. I am afraid this may have compromised the root system and made the trees more unstable. Last spring, we had a number of trees fall in this area with a neighbors shed being a causality. I am hoping this can be taken care of so I don't suffer the same fate. Thank you for your time.16 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDrainage or RunoffI have water leaking continually behind my house from a larger Teal colored pipe. After checking the meter its running up, but I am not using any water inside the house. Can someone come take a look at it?16 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherAbandoned bicycle on the Northwest side of 2nd & Woodlawn16 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedTemporary Signage w/o permitMusic Lessons sign in the grass next to the road in front of the IU Credit Union building on Winslow.17 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkA large stone from a wall is blocking the sidewalk on 8th Street just east of College.17 days ago
Bloomington, INopenLine of SightUnable to see oncoming traffic while stopped at stop sign on O'Brian Place facing Meadow Lane. Large bush on the corner blocks line of sight.17 days ago
Bloomington, INopenSidewalk & Curb ComplaintsCity Tree has lifted the sidewalk creating a tripping hazard.17 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackHello, I have a couple of questions I would like to see if you can address. First, there are two Lime scooters at the corner of Orris and Monroe that have been there for 4 days. Is it possible to have these impounded? They are an eye sore and blocking the sidewalk. Next, will the orange fence around the vacant lot at the corner of 14th and Monroe be removed anytime soon? This is also an eyesore. I am asking only because it makes this part of town look messy and I do not think it deserves that reputation. Thank you for your time.17 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashDumpster behind this property has scattered trash and electronics on the ground. (dumpster is actually on Covey Road)17 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedScooters, Bike-share and Related IssuesScooter parked on street in same location for over 72 hours. Parked on NE side of Maple Street just North of 7th St. Across from 802 W 7th.17 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherDrug s17 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherDrug s17 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParking on Unimproved SurfaceRental unit: Tenants park their truck on their back yard. Plenty of on-street parking spaces. The rest of the neighbors park their cars on the street and not on their backyards. Please help us. This is a rental unit owned by Aviva Orenstein. Sorry, in previous report I wrote the address incorrectly. the rental unit is 1204 S Dunn St18 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParking on Unimproved SurfaceRental unit: Tenants park their truck on their back yard. Plenty of on-street parking spaces. The rest of the neighbors park their cars on the street and not on their backyards. Please help us. This is a rental unit owned by Aviva Orenstein.18 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackThe neighbor has a broken pool in the side yard. It has some dirty water in it and is leaning on one side.It's been this way for the last 2 months. when asked they said it would get removed , but so far is still there.18 days ago
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Abandoned VehicleReport an abandoned vehicle on public or private property.
Parks & Rec ProgramsReport issues related to Parks and Recreation Department programs
Animal ControlReport animal-related issues including animal abuse, stray animals or dead animal removal.
Line of SightReport sight and visibility issues along public streets
Public Works ProjectsReport issues related to construction projects of the Bloomington Public Works Department