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Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairHuge pothole measuring about 2 feet across and 4 or more inches deep has been steadily growing on our street since early March. Other potholes are following. Please fill.24 minutes ago
Bloomington, INopenCity PerformanceI was a bit disappointed with the dangerous traffic situation I had to navigate on Monday morning due to the City of Bloomington's careless job site. Grimes is being resurfaced it looks like. I was heading north on Dunn and came to the intersection with Grimes. There was no sign to indicate the road was closed. I could not go straight on Dunn across Grimes because a City dump truck and other vehicles had the road entirely blocked. I could not see traffic to the west on Grimes because a City street sweeper was parked right at the intersection blocking the view (and there was another piece of equipment behind it). I could just barely see the intersection at Grimes & Henderson to try to guess if traffic was coming from my east. The City had a big machine parked just east of Dunn on Grimes that had a dump truck backed up to it for tearing up the road surface. I made a decision to go for it, and turned out onto the wrong lane of traffic to go around the construction. There were 5 city employees in bright colors standing on the sidewalk chatting, just watching this traffic hazard. Other people were driving through trying to navigate the broken up road and the blocked streets, intersections, and egress without any assistance from the City employees on the job. This is dangerous. Just close the road! Or put some people in charge of directing traffic so we know when it is safe to proceed and not risk hitting another citizen or getting run over by the various machinery moving about. This was pretty ridiculous even by Bloomington standards (which, are actually quite low it turns out!).about 1 hour ago
Bloomington, INopenCity PerformanceWeeks wait at the only free testing site in town is unacceptable. Find them a location. Especially with IU students now needing tested. We're failing and all we have to do is give these folks a building.about 1 hour ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive Growthabout 1 hour ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthSide yard is covered in weeds 2-3 feet high. It's causing a major mosquito problem in the neighborhood.about 1 hour ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherThere is no maps of Switchyard park. It's not clear where facilities are so you can choose best parking area. Also there should be trail crossing signs on B-line. I walked right into traffic by pavilion, because I didn't realize I was approaching the trail. I thought trail ran along the side of the park, not right down the middle. Permanent signage is needed.about 1 hour ago
Bloomington, INclosedSidewalk & Curb ComplaintsSewer line Digging in yard has caused large amounts of fresh mud on sidewalk. Ongoing problem of errosion for monthsabout 2 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenWater Utility ProblemsWater in house is not turning onabout 14 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenTemporary Signage w/o permitThere is a Trump/Pence sign on the city easement at the corner of Ramble Road East and Lakewood Avenue. If I understand the ordinance correctly, it does not have a right to be there.about 17 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenLine of SightOur tenants are having trouble seeing to the left of the stop sign @ Eastgate LN & SR 46. There's quite a bit of overgrowth on that sidewalk area limiting the visibility.about 18 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkBetween 6th and 7th on b line. Bucket truck parked on b line at leat 10 minutes. Connected to nearby construction??about 18 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive Growthabout 19 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashtrash left out in bags in view of streetabout 20 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenSidewalk & Curb ComplaintsYellow on curbs on 1st Street and Hawthorne needs to be repainted. Lots of parking in yellow zone at already hazardous intersection.about 20 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris RemovalAppliance has been on front porch for several months. Needs to be removed.about 20 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherSewage keeps backing up in our bathtub - smells terrible, toilet doesnt flush when this happens and cant be used. Standing water on the floor/carpet. These issues keep happening and the apartment complex says that they fix it and then it happens again. This time maintenance said it is an airconditioning unit. I can explain more if you can call me. Thank you!about 20 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairThe alley between 808 and 816 E. Hunter Ave. has some large pot holes. It would be great if someone could look at this. Thank you.about 20 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairThey alley between 404 and 420 S. Fess Ave has some very large pot holes. I would appreciate someone looking at this. Thank you.about 20 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic SuggestionsIntersection at Chambers Drive and South Rogers is often blocked for vehicles entering or exiting Chambers Drive. Please paint large X or similar pattern on pavement to keep this 3 way intersection clear.about 21 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic SuggestionsIntersection at South Rogers and Chambers is often blocked for vehicles entering or exiting Chambers. Blocked traffic is due to close proximity to Rockport and South Rogers intersection. Please paint white X or similar markings on pavement at Chambers and South Rogers intersection to keep vehicles off of this 3 way intersection.about 21 hours ago
Bloomington, INclosedStreet LightsStreet lights on College Mall - near Xfinity Store on public road- are on in the daylight (group of 4 street ligths and one has now burnt out). Timer must not be set properlyabout 22 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenGraffitiVandalism/Graffiti top level of City Garageabout 23 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenOther807 South Eastside Drive, Bloomington, Indiana 47401 -side and back of house have trash strewn. That trash blows into my yard. - the window in the shred attached to the carport is broken. -the overgrowth on 807 side of the fence makes it impossible for me to maintain my fence line.about 24 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked Sidewalkbetween 518 and 525 e. first, vegetation obstructs sidewalkabout 24 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairThe road in front of my house has broken up so badly that it's an eyesore for the entire street. It looks as if the foundation underneath the street has collaped and it's also damaged the drainage ditch in front of my property. My neighbor Jerry Minger called months ago to report this problem but we have had no word from the city. Jerry was told that this issue was "on the list" and would be taken care of when the weather was warm enough. Can you please call me and let me know if this is going to be taken care of? I'm embarrassed for my neighbors. Thank you, Deborah1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthBetween sidewalk and street between 2nd street and Patterson on Rogers street there is excessive growth on the city street.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenTrailsA large tree has fallen and is now blocking the trail. The easiest place to access is off of the azalea ln trialhead.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenTrailsTree trunk/limbs down over rails to trails, less than 1 quarter mile South of That Road.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashRandom neighbors trash can still sitting on the curb in front of my house, full of garbage. Been there since trash day when it got ignored for being overly full.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet LightsAll street lights along E. 2nd Street between S.High St. and S.College Mall Rd. have been out since July 4, 2020 (seven days) making it extremely dangerous for pedestrians and drivers.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkI have already filed a complaint/request and it is Case##172736. As of last week (July 13, 2020) no overhanging growth has been cut or cleared.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet LightsThe street lights in the 2600 block of East 2nd Street have been out for a couple of weeks AGAIN. Thank you.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic SignalsA tree branch is obscuring the yellow turn arrow on a traffic signal at 2nd and High. The traffic signal is for westbound traffic on 2nd Street. The signal itself is located on the western side of the intersection and is the southern (left when looking at the lights as traffic would) signal hanging there. It should be trimmed up.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic Related ComplaintsThere is a big growth of bushes/trees/grasses something of that sort in the creek between Sheridan and Southdowns right at the intersection with Woodlawn. When you are at the stop sign on Sheridan, it is tough to see pedestrians, children, and cyclists who are heading to the park. Also, it is tough to see traffic coming from the south on Woodlawn because of the foliage. It certainly needs cut back.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrailsThere used to be No Tresspassing signs here after more people started going out on trails during the lockdown. Many people still think it’s part of the park. Few city people know the purple paint means the same thing. Owners of both sides of the property line must agree to use paint instead of signs. Did the city really agree to this? One guy on the path down from Olcott thought the paint marked the BHSS cross country course. If he really wants to keep people out he needs to invest in maintaining real signage or fencing.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWater Utility ProblemsExtremely Low water pressure3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherHomeless people sleeping in Switchyard park. 7-10-20 a man in a sleeping bag was in the amphitheater. My sons therapist found him as she was taking a client in there to look around. I thought police was keeping the homeless out of the park?3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherout walking tonight (7/10) I saw that there was a very large backyard graduation party taking place at 2207 E Covenanter in Bloomington, at a conservative estimate 50-60 people ranging from teenagers to senior citizens and not a single mask that I could see...playing tennis and generally socializing in a way that didn't seem particularly cautious just thought you should know, because if there's an outbreak in town those are folks you're going to want to talk to4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthThis person has not mowed his yard at all in 2020. Weeds are 6 feet high everywhere and this cannot fall into the code of the city. Are you going to do anything about it or will you just continue to allow this to happen year after year?4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthThis lawn has not been mowed at all in 2020! Is the city EVER going to enforce the code and do anything about it?!!!4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherOther: Re: uReport Case #171533 that was recently closed: (southwest corner of Kinser Pike and Rosewood). The utilities box (which contains full car-sized batteries and other electrical items) is, exposed. Someone has tied a strip of electrical tape around the box. Besides very temporary, it is also unsightly and unsafe. It does not secure the door if someone (say one of the children that frequents the area) should decide to remove the door and investigate the electrical devices inside. I think someone can and should do better. I keep getting the run around from AT&T and Comcast that neither boxes are theirs and am at an impasse. How else can we resolve this?4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrash4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsI was playing disc golf on the Rogers-Binford disc golf course on July 10 and ran into mountain bikers who are converting the southeast corner of Rogers-Binford property into a mountain bike course. They've trampled several new paths through the foliage and created jumps and berms along the public path for the disc golf course. I'm concerned that mountain biking and jumping and disc golf don't necessarily go together. Is mountain biking and jumping on Rogers-Binford property a city installation? Are pedestrians and disc golf players still allowed in the area? Thank you for your response.4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrailsThe Renwick trail is over grown. It's become dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. I cut trees and bushes back at one of the worst squeeze zones on the trail. The entire trail needs cut back. thanks4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackI have called and left two messages, but received no call back. I just need someone to come and indicate if there are any underground utilities on a small section by our driveway before i dig to pot up some fencing and shrubs. I would appreciTe someone calling me and letting me know when i can get this done5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairDrainage tile / manhole cover is shifting in the roadway on the bridge. Gravel underlayment and overlying asphalt is shifting making a dip and mound.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParking on Unimproved SurfaceParked halfway in the alley, forcing people onto MY LAWN if they need to pass. Also parked on an unimproved surface.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenAbandoned VehicleHello, There is a Blue Volvo Indiana plate xdf147 been there for few weeks. Has a tarp on part of the vehicle. Would like an officer to check it out. on left side of 300 N. Lincoln close to 7th street intersection. Thanks so much!5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet LightsThe park street light is out at the park.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairI am so terribly sorry that the crew came out to the 800 bloc of Eastside Drive today, looking for a pothole, and they only found tiny ones. I made a mistake in the identification of the bloc, there is a large one in the 900 bloc, in the middle of the street. So very sorry!5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBus Services (Bloomington Transit)There is a bump on the road which is causing the trailers to hit it and making a really loud sound5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairPlease see attached photo. This photo should have accompanied report #172982. Photo is of precarious situation on Rogers Rd near the intersection of Roger and Winding Brook Circle. Thank you.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenLine of SightThe weeds/bushes are growing out onto Sanders Main Street at the corner of Lena and Main. You can not see the traffic coming from the west on Lena St. Plus you have to stop in the middle of the road because of the weeds/bushes. I almost hit the mail carrier because I could not see him until he in the intersection. Lena St has the right of way.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairA precarious and unsafe situation on Rogers Road. I reported this same issue a few days ago. The situation has obviously become worse. Photo is self explanatory.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairPothole in the middle of the 800 bloc of S Eastside Drive6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackTV news says you are still trying to track red vehicle, but their video shows the license plate#. Isn't that enough info to find the party's involved?6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked StreetThis RV that was blocking the street for 3 weeks prior to June 30 is back again parked in the same spot, which is directly by a "No Parking Sign"6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenAccessibility ProblemHandicap parking spot should be on the south side of the ramp instead of further away from the building entrance.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairPotholes along Elm St6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkEast side of rogers at tenth (trades district garage). This sidewalk supposed to be unimpacted but theyve been leaving these signs in the crosswalk and curb ramps.6 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedBlocked StreetA car has been parked at the yellow curb on W 6th just W of Elm since last night. This is a common occurance.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & Rec ProgramsTrivia at Switchyard I assume will have the bay doors open to help with airflow to keep teams safer from COVID? Thank you! Good location if so. If not planning on it, please open them.7 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedOtherThe issues the NPR officers at Lake Monroe I watched a horrifying hideous video of a black man pin to a tree by several white men, shouting racist slurs these men need to be arrested and should have been arrested at that moment when they were assaulting that man I will be writing to authorities over the NPR officers but I needed your department to see that this is a very very bad thing and those officers need to be removed from duty until further investigation, The men and women involved need to be arrested immediately for assault what were your officers thinking he was being assaulted and held against his will you guys have a huge problem this is not going to go away and you cannot sweep it under the rug everything has to change! If this is not your department please forward it to the department that it belongs and I thank you for your time7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsI am concerned by the lack of arrests during an attempted lunching with multiple witnesses which was filmed on camera. It is only by the grace of God and the community that this man was not killed in front of several minors. The police officers failed to arrest these white supremacist terrorists and protect the citizens of Indiana from further harm. When people call to defund the police, these are the incidents in their mind. The police did nothing to keep this man or Indiana safer. Only the actions of a few concerned citizens prevented a lynching in your state in 2020. These police officers should be suspended without pay and these men need to be arrested. Ian James Cherco 10659 John Carter Ct Lizton, IN 46149 Jerry Cox 2580 E County Road 100 N Danville, IN 46122 Sean Purdy 2580 E County Road 100 N Danville, IN 46122 Negligent Officers: Kurt Kinser (K2704) Tim Beaver (B9371)7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive Growth7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrash7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrash7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrash7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrash7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrash7 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedWater QualityHaving visited the county government offices at the showers building recently I am shocked at the water quality. I had taken a drink from a water fountain and it was so bad. There is a bad chemical taste and it even smells weird. I hope this isn't what we expect the county workers to be drinking because I fear they could get sick from drinking it. I was just a visitor to the busing that took a drink from the water fountain. I couldn't imagine working in a building that has unsafe drinking water.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked StreetThe residents of B-Line heights Apartments have been put in a risky spot. The construction lot directly north of us has allowed workers to park at the edge of the property. This blocks the view pulling out of the apartments. There have been multiple times I have witnessed cars almost getting into accidents because of not being able to see as they pull out. I am aware that the construction will be going on for awhile but there needs to be a better parking situation for the construction workers. I am worried someone is going to get hurt because of obstructed view.7 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedOtherFire the Police who did not arrest the men holding a man captive in the park. Clearly the man held against the tree had his civil rights violated but we all know this was really about hate and racism. Not a proud moment for Bloomington.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet LightsStreet light going out. Working only intermittently8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsPark Ridge East new tennis court bench at least one on north side has several cracks in it. It's fine but wanted to mention in case under warranty. As unfortunate since new8 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedOtherPlease consider helping to find or fund a facility to ensure the free COVID site remains open and available. Folks are currently 10 days out in testing there, and 10 days of self-isolation honestly is unlikely to happen with many folks who have yet to get a confirmed diagnosis. Thank you for your leadership. I've heard of many individuals in town getting sick but not getting tested, and I'm worried the numbers are higher than reported.8 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedOtherMy name is Aris Rodríguez. I am a Cuban immigrant. I live in Bloomington for 3 years with my husband and 1 year old baby. I moved a few months ago to the Arch apartments which we did not see our apartment until the day we moved, the apartment had several things in poor condition including refrigerator, doors, bathtub in addition to Ac everything we reported and showed photos but this administration It is the worst I have seen in a long time. I have complained many times since my neighbor sells marijuana and that smell gets into my apartment and it is very bad for my baby. they don't do anything they don't care about anything. change the Yale because I don't feel safe with the kind of staff that lives there. Please, I asked him to change my apartment where they say it is impossible. I need to please speak to the city about these apartments and malfunctions.8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParking Meters and TicketsQuite a few nonemployees have been parking in the designated Morton spots if someone can check on those now that more are back at City Hall. Thx.8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkBackyard of the house at 3rd and Davisson (i think 307 s davisson) is totally overgrown on the Walker St sidewalk (3rd and walker)8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackWhere is your comment your outrage about the events that occurred over the weekend black man threatened with a noose in one of your parks and you have nothing to say where's all that law & order crap you guys keep talking about oh I'm sorry that is that only for white people is that it you are the absolute worst part of what's wrong with America you arrogant in different piece of s*** f*** you all I would never live in your s*** hole of a city if I had to I wear a gun every second of every goddamn day f*** you all8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherNuisance plants suspected at Mother Hubbard's Cupboard.8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashTrash cans on sidewalk8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthA sidewalk obstruction exists along W Parish Rd from N Maxine Rd leading to Arlington Elementary School due to overgrowth of vegetation.8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherPlease view video on fWilliam Vance. A Black man being restrained. The reason is unknown? The attackers are unwilling to release victim when requested? I am NAACP Branch President and I was asked to view this video and requested to get an investigation going. Very Respectfully, Rev. Bill Alonzo Vance, Jr., NAACP9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsThe Push Place playground is in horrible disrepair. Is anything ever going to be done by way of maintenance? It looks like nothing positive has been done there since the '80s.9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenSidewalk & Curb ComplaintsThis is a problem on High St, not Locust Ct. New signs were installed on the west side of High Street warning that there is a crosswalk coming up at Greenbriar and High. But the signs are obscured by vegetation so that they are not visible to drivers going south on High St.9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenSidewalk & Curb ComplaintsThere is a lot of vegetation growing across the sidewalk covering more than half the sidewalk and it's invasive stuff, so it should be pulled not just cut back. This extends along the city owned property and somewhat to the adjacent home owner's property.9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrailsMajor limbs came down on the rail trail just a few 100 yards south of the Country Club parking lot.9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic SignalsCross walk signals for those walking never changes from red "stop - don't walk" light, even after pushing the button requesting a cross.9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairPothole on E Second Street,on the north side, near the intersection of Mitchell and E Second9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkThe did sidewalk that runs along the East side S Adams St north of Woodhill Dr is like a jungle. It is not kept clear AND is does not connect to the new path in front of the Youth Shelter. If you walk this sidewalk it is dangerous to pop out on Adam's from the dense woodsy area to walk in the road because the sidewalk isn’t completed.9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenAnimal Control2 Dogs off leashes AGAIN today. Chickens roaming freely throughout neighborhood most afternoons and evenings. 3 cats roam free all day every day. Lots of tired of cleaning up their animal poop not to mention the contamination they’re spreading. We find at least 3-5 splats of chicken poop on our sidewalk & driveway every evening. Dog and cat poop in our flower gardens. These people need a farm. They live in city limits...not the country! I’ve seen animal control truck in here couple of times after I’ve complained but they never seem to catch them. I’ve spoken to them a couple of times to gently request they keep animals in their yard but I have to live here.9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrailsWe were saddened this morning to find all of this fireworks trash on the Jackson Creek Trail (East Branch). As far as we know, this trail is city property and, per state law, should *not* have been used to set off fireworks. It would seem appropriate to fine the neighborhood resident who illegally used the city's property for fireworks last night. We do hope that those persons involved will also be cleaning up this fireworks trash. Thanks for your kind assistance!9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsJuly 4 there were fireworks shot off in RCA park until at least 1:30 in the morning. This later led to shouting and what sounded like arguing before someone finally called the police to break up the situation. I was wondering why the city allowed fireworks to be shot off by private citizens in the park? Why when the park is supposed to be vacated at dark there were people there long after dark? Why the city had to call out a city worker on a Sunday to clean up the mess that was created? and finally what the city is going to do about the constant problems that occur after dark in this park? If it can't be serviced and maintained by the city then maybe something else needs to be done.9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherHuge unmasked party in shelter of park ridge East Park :(10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairThose of us living along Rogers Rd are dealing with a huge amount of noise even when the Rogers Road workers are here and even when they are not here. The steel plates that are supposed to be covering the large rectangular hole/cutout on Rogers, keeps moving around every time a car runs over it. This is not only a noise nuisance on a holiday weekend, but it is not safe.Last night was so extremely disruptive that I called BPD because I didn't know what else to do. I have since found that this is the place to report such things. Please see photo and please inform contractors to make better plans when they finish and go home for the weekend, so the area can stay safe and quiet. Thsi could have been solved if the orange barrel had been placed directly in front of the gravel area, so cars would bypass this completely. Thanks.10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsThe garbage can between the parking lot, the toddler playground, and the big playground is missing.10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkA tree from the median on College Mall Road close to Bloomington Hardware must have fallen and was dragged to the tree row/sidewalk below Windermere Wood. The tree needs to be picked-up whenever possible.10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet & Traffic SignsStreet name signs need straightened in Sherwood Oaks, as well as others all around the city.10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackHello, we live in Sherwood Oaks and there is not a safe way to get to the biking trail starting on Rhorer at Walnut Street Pike. People are often walking or biking up the last two blocks of Walnut Street Pike to reach that connection. It's not safe. We'd be so grateful if the sidewalk could be completed on the East Side of Walnut Street Pike between Rhorer and Heather Drive. This would allow people to access Kroger and the Rail Trail more safely. Other wishlist items are paving the rail-trail that connects the B-Line and Clear Creek Trail,and extending sidewalks along Rhorer all the way from Walnut Street Pike to Sare (or at least to Benson). It would also be nice if the sidewalk along the East Side of Walnut Street Pike extended all the way from Rhorer to Winslow, but finishing a sidewalk on the E or W side of Walnut Street Pike between E. Heather and Rhorer is really essential to pedestrian and biker safety. We love all of the investments we're seeing Bloomington making in parks, recreation and infrastructure. We really value this as a family with young children. We're just surprised how patchy the sidewalks surrounding our neighborhood are, with some suddenly stopping (Walnut Street Pike + Rhorer) and others reworked only to a certain point (example biking from Winslow Plaza east to Highland or Allendale is challenging). This makes it difficult to access all of the new paved biking/walking trails that connect to the Rail Trail and B-Line. We hope that COVID-19 does not make continued investments in sidewalks and walking paths impossible. Sincerely, Andrea Nikolova and Dimitar Nikolov 1044 E Jennifer Dr10 days ago
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