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Bloomington, INopenTrashSecond time they have left mine laying like this. First time broke the hinge... 1525 E Bradshire. No one else in the neighborhood has there's on the ground like this...4 minutes ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashTrash bags in alley behind property, attracting rodents17 minutes ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherManhole cover by Stonebelt on Southern house not secured.about 1 hour ago
Bloomington, INclosedTraffic SignalsWasn't there a stoplight on the crosswalk pole on the southwest corner of the 3rd and High St intersection?? What happened to it? Now, when you pull up to turn left onto High St, you can't see the light. Has this been like this for a while and I'm just now noticing it? We need that post stop light.about 14 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenParking Meters and TicketsThe meter 7671 on Walnut between Kirkwood and 6th street is not working properly. I put two coins in which registered. The third and fifth coin did not register. I did my errand and skipped having dinner downtown since I didn't want to get a citation. This is not economically good for the downtown area. I avoid going downtown as much as possible since about a third of the time I try to use a meter, it malfunctions.about 15 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherThis car has been parked on the sidewalk all afternoon.about 18 hours ago
Bloomington, INclosedBlocked SidewalkCar parked on sidewalk. Big woods brewing on grant across from library.about 18 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherExtremely loud and disrupting music coming from 309 east 6th st.about 18 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive Growthabout 20 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkCar parked on sidewalk 213 n grantabout 21 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthExcessive growth around units 81 & 82about 22 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashcouch on porchabout 22 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashcouch on porchabout 22 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashcouch on porchabout 22 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashcouch on porchabout 22 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashcouch on porchabout 22 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenUnsafe Buildings229 W 1st St. Brownfields building along the B-line trail. Structure open to unlawful entry at two doorways and 2 windows. Used as a "shooting gallery" for intravenous drug use. 10 uncapped syringes collected from this building 8-21-19 by MC Health Dept. Interior littered with trash and feces. This is an attractive nuisance and a hazard to the public. Children witnessed exploring the interior subject to accidental needle sticks.about 23 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenWater Utility ProblemsThere is no water pressure in our house. First noticed around 6:30am. East 10th street, Grandview Heights neighborhood (N Grandview Dr, between fountain park apartments and Smith Rd.). No leaks found, wondering if there is a main break or similar issue.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsBroken memorial tree marker. I don't know what your policy is about these, but it seems sad for it to be in such bad shape.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherManhole cover not secured1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic Related ComplaintsThis concerns the traffic jam every week day on Countryside Drive at Summit Elementary School as parents are picking up their children. Cars are parked (poorly) on both sides of the street, leaving barely a single lane for through traffic. Kids are running along the sidewalk and across the street to get to their parent's cars, creating a dangerous situation. For those of us on Sunflower Drive, this is our only route in or out of our neighborhood, and it has become very hazardous and difficult. We would be very grateful if something could be done about it. Thank you.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherThe people in the downstairs apartment have a puppy that has been howling incessantly for 48+ hours. The owners have not been home in a while. The puppy sounds like it hasn't moved in a long time. We have attempted to contact the owners with no success.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairHole is asphalt in city street at end of driveway.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthWhen driving south on Nancy St, at the intersection with Hillside, it is difficult to see oncoming traffic because of overgrown vegetation. To the left it is hard to see cars. To the right it is hard to see peds and bikes on sidewalk. BTW when I sent a note in last year, you fixed it right away. Thanks for doing that!1 day ago
Bloomington, INclosedBlocked Sidewalkred car parked on sidewalk. just outside of the quaff on brewing on grant st.2 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedLine of SightThe corner of Estate Drive and Falcon as you travel east on Falcon. As you approach the stop sign, you cannot see it because tree limbs cover a majority of it. You are right on top of it before you can see it which can be too late, especially your first time or two traveling that way.2 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedRecyclingcart contains unacceptable waste2 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedRecyclingcart contains unacceptable waste2 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedRecyclingcart contains unacceptable waste2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWater Utility Billing ProblemsHello City of Bloomington Utilities, I'm inquiring as to a sudden increase/increasing water usage for this service address National Vision, 3275 W 3rd St, account #12597-003. I'd like to request a verified meter read to check for any changes in the water consumption and any possible faults with the meter/prior read. Please respond to my email with any findings and questions. Thank you very much,2 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedAbandoned VehicleThere is an abandoned tan Chevrolet Astro minivan at 505 W. 4th Street.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive Growth2 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedRecyclingall recycle must be in cart2 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedRecyclingll recycle must be in cart2 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedRecyclingall recycle must be in cart2 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedRecyclingschedule large item pickup2 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedRecyclingmust be in can2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsThe plants alongside the trail at Butler Park just West of the bridge are so overgrown as to inhibit use of the path. I suggest they be trimmed back.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive Growth3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWater QualityThe water tastes like they are using too much chlorine to treat it. What’s going on?3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherSomeone is keeping a 300# pig in their backyard.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenSidewalk & Curb ComplaintsThis hole has been in the sidewalk for almost a year now. Located on the North sidewalk of E. 4th St. between S. Washington and S. Walnut.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps Feedback days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkCat parked on sidewalk at 213 n grant3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenLine of SightThe alley that runs from 2nd St. to the Harmony School parking lot continues north across Hunter and runs to Atwater. There is another alley that runs from Faculty down to Woodlawn (just south of Subway). Those two alleys intersect. The problem is that the intersection is completely overgrown with bushes and vines, which makes it extremely hard for someone headed west to see anyone coming from Hunter. And since so many Harmony kids use that alley to get to Subway, I fear that one of them will get hit, especially now that there are several rental houses with parking off that alley. Could you either have someone trim the overgrowth back or ask the homeowners to do it? If you come down from Faculty, you will see how badly obstructed the view is of anyone coming up the alley from Hunter. (And if you use the alley off of Hunter, be prepared to get scratches on your vehicle by the bushes growing into the alley.)3 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedPotholes, Other Street RepairOn 446, coming towards town from lake monroe, there's a bend in the road right before moores pike. Today, a flock of 30 or so cyclists were riding in the shoulder and about half of them broke into the lane I was driving in to avoid a series of potholes that made the shoulder unnavigable for bicyles. I slammed on my brakes and avoided hitting them (I couldn't go around in the other lane because of oncoming traffic). I imagine shoulders aren't the priority, but it would have been a very serious accident if I hadn't managed to slow down.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairWhite lines for pedestrian crosswalks are severely faded on college mall road, which is quite dangerous—especially at night. Please repaint them.4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTemporary Signage w/o permitNailed to a pole on W Third, near the intersection with Cory Lane, black and yellow We Buy Houses sign.4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWater Utility ProblemsHello, I was mowing today and noticed that it looks like there is a hole in my water cover in my yard. I'm not sure if this is an issue or why it is there. Any information or help would be great. Thanks!4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackBloomington Parks Department violated Indiana University professor Cara Caddoo's right to free speech and protected white supremacists instead.4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackYou folks are disgusting for promoting White Supremacy in the name of the 1st amendment and arresting people who actually are using the 1st amendment for a good reason. I hope you get all the damnation you deserve.4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackHi, New York resident, from Michigan, educated in Ann Arbor, just read the NY Times piece on the arrest at the Farmers' Market of the IU prof protesting the "white supremacists". Might I please commend the members of the Bloomington Police for their conduct that day and every day. You make me proud. We were the anti-Vietnam generation. Years without a culture of Lessons Learned, only affluence, has given a culture that doesn't work together. You must police a culture of opinions + orifices that does not build a thing except a self-image. Know that we need you and walk with you. You strengthen me to do my part to build the nation you protect. May God bless you. We are with you.4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet & Traffic Signsobscured stop sign at E. University and S. Jordan. I witnessed a large vehicle blow through this stop sign. Cross traffic does not stop....very dangerous! Stopsign is at westbound E. University4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic SignalsThe signal at W 3rd St and Liberty: Left turn arrow from west-bound lanes has been shortened to allow only two cars to turn left. The left turn lane has recently been lengthened and now it backs up even more — such that at busy times of day, there are twenty cars waiting through multiple cycles. The lane was extended because those turning left often blocked the the westbound lanes at busy times. Now there is a worse problem for those turning left at Liberty. This must be an error in the timing of the left turn signal. Please check it out. Thank you.4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic Related ComplaintsWe have seen increased instances of deer being hit by cars behind our home (1519 Bradshire) at Winslow and S. Xavier Ct. in the last year and would like signage posted to alert drivers that there is a wildlife hazard. We commonly observe afternoon eastbound drivers failing to stop at the stop sign at Winslow and Allendale and speeding down the hill toward Xavier Ct. where they regularly encounter wildlife. The greenway just east of Xavier Ct. is a common crossing point for deer, coyotes, foxes and other wildlife. For the protection of the drivers, the many children who live in the area, and the wildlife, we request that signage be posted. We would also be glad to see increased monitoring of the stop sign at Winslow and Allendale. Thank you.4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic Related ComplaintsWhen will the temporary speed bumps on W Adams Hill Road be removed? They were put in place before the Tapp and Rockport intersection stop light project.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic Related ComplaintsSpeed limit enforcement on E. Winston Street. Posted speed limit is 25mph, but cars do not respect this speed limit, especially when traveling down hill at Winston and Sare Rd intersection. Please enforce the speed limit. We have several small children in this area. Maybe a sign that says "Drive like your children live here"?5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairA tree at the corner of Thatcher Court and Winston Street in Hyde Park has lots of dead branches that have been falling in recent thunderstorms into the traffic lane and on the sidewalk. It needs to be trimmed or removed for safety.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenAnimal Control563 e Graham place. Small dog is stuck on porch all hours of the day, crying to be let in. The porch is maybe 7x4 ft. No area for shade besides a towel that's been draped over the rail. This has been going on for a while now. Very worried about this dog.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked StreetTree down blocking street5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairThere is a hole near the sewer on South Mill Stone Way. It would be greatly appreciated if this could be repaired. Thank you.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked StreetThere is a dead skunk on S. Washington St., between Davis and Grimes. It hasn't been hit yet, and if it's cleaned up quickly, we might be spared the stink!5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkCars parked on and blocking the sidewalk. Firestone Auto. 3rd and Walnut6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenCity PerformanceThere are cars repeatedly parked on the sidewalk at Firestone Auto 3rd and Walnut. This is occurring on a daily basis. This is a busy intersection and a horrible place to force pedestrians into the road. The city needs to find a resolution to this problem. Sending a parking enforcement officer over does not seem to be working.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWater Utility Billing ProblemsI am being told that I have past due payments, but I have setup automatic payments for the last year6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenUnsafe Buildings2 buildings north of Player's Pub - abandoned structure with broken windows on top floor.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet & Traffic SignsThere needs to be 'Do Not Enter' signs at the corner of Kirkwood Ave. and Dunn St. looking north on Dunn. Cars turn the wrong way down Dunn daily, and it's always increasingly worse around move-in, football weekends and holidays with several out-of-towners coming in.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsSwing set Karst has significant damage. It's also not anchored. The legs on this end were shifting as I used it.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet & Traffic SignsVehicles failing to stop at stop sign and endangering pedestrians. The lines on the road are not bright for the crosswalk. Missing cross walk lines through out Allendale.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet LightsThe street light on this pole in front of 108 E 15th Street is malfunctioning; it goes out every few minutes and then comes back on.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairSomeone needs to fix this before the street collapses. The utilities company says there’s a stream under ground that is bubbling to the surface. Additional background: there was a water main break about 6-10 feet from this location about 6 months ago and there was no indication there was a river running underground.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenUnsafe BuildingsProperty appears abandoned and doors are open on ground level.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkLots of vegetation across sidewalk on south side of E. Second St. east of Woodscrest Dr.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet Lightshi, today Duke fixed the street light at the corner of Kenwood and Woodburn Ave. The light came on at dusk but in a big flash went out about 45 minutes later, can you please have them look at it again. thank you!6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkThree Lime scooters are blocking the sidewalk in front of my apartment building where several disabled people live.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrailsThere is a hazardous sheet metal sculpture of a chicken setting on flat pavement adjacent to the B-Line. It is between Kirkwood Ave and Sixth St. When riding a bicycle on the B-Line here it is easy to veer over onto this adjacent pavement. The chicken's sheet metal wattles hang down so that they can be right in the path of a cyclist's head. Two different cyclists have told me that they have collided with these sheet metal chicken wattles. In both cases their helmets prevented serious injury. One of the cyclists showed me that their helmet was messed up by the collision. Something should be done to eliminate this situation.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenYard Waste7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthThere is a home in our addition River Bend 2784 Andy Way that has been abandoned since January 2019. The yard is so over grown and it is a health hazard with the mosiquito population. Please have someone address this. Thank you7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenCity PerformanceEast/west traffic improvements needed badly for years now7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherSeveral weeks ago I reported an abandoned vehicle at 1602 W. 7th. It's still there, what's up with that?7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackThis is a test by alan,7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackTesting 27 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackTesting Testing Testing7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenLine of SightOn the corner of Grimes and Stull (south side of Grimes/east side of Stull) the weeds/plants on that corner make it very difficult for school traffic to leave. You cannot see cars coming from the east and several parents have complained that it is unsafe....Thank you, Becky Mungle (Principal at Templeton Elementary)7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackYou need to check the reply to email on tickets from uReport - my reply to your email got a bounceback: Address not found Your message wasn't delivered to because the domain couldn't be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet & Traffic SignsWylie St./Rogers St. green marker signs are faded, peeling and hard to read.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet & Traffic SignsThere is a stop sign here at the corner of West Southern Ave and South College Ave..that you can NOT see. This bush blocks the view and we have had some near misses. It really needs removed or trimmed back.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairOn S Hawksmoore Dr. 2 foot deep hole.°08'36.9"N+86°30'02.1"W/@39.143578,-86.5016853,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d39.143578!4d-86.5005917 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Mobile Apps FeedbackFarmer's market7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrailsA man was very aggressive towards me on the Limestone trail this morning7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairThere is a large pothole in the bike lane on Walnut St northbound at the intersection with Glendora.7 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedRecyclingcart contains unacceptable waste7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrash7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street Repair4201 Sheffield but on the Plymouth Road side of property (corner lot). A few feet to the north of the driveway, the street has begun to sink and heave to the point where the curb has raised at least 4 inches and broken into pieces.7 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedBusinessZoning violation 3905 w Nelson lane business open on some Saturdays7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTemporary Signage w/o permitBlack and white HELP WANTED Sign at the NE corner of College Mall Rd and E Second. This is not a sign for a particular store. There first was one like it at the CircleK/Shell gas station on E Third first too, but that was removed by somebody.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairThere are potholes around the triangular traffic island at Greenbriar Lane and Locust Court as well as to the north and south on Greenbriar close to the island. The southern pothole is near the fire hydrant that's across Locust on Greenbriar.8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairThere is a large pot hole on the southeast corner of East Arden and South Wilton, on the Wilton side.8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet & Traffic SignsTHe street light at 1017 E Miller Drive has been burned out for several weeks.8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairThere is gravel on Thornton at the intersection with Highland (west of Highland). Coming down the hill, headed East on Thornton there is quite a lot of gravel. This is a street heavily traveled by bikers heading to campus and downtown; the gravel is a skidding hazard8 days ago
Service NameDescription
Drainage or RunoffReport a storm water drainage or runoff issue
Abandoned VehicleReport an abandoned vehicle on public or private property.
Animal ControlReport animal-related issues including animal abuse, stray animals or dead animal removal.
Unsafe BuildingsReport a building or structure in an impaired structural condition that makes it unsafe to a person or property.
Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)Report issues involving public storm sewers
Utilities ConstructionReport issues with construction for projects of the City of Bloomington's Utilities Department
Utilities YardworkReport issues with yardwork performed by the City of Bloomington Utilities Department
Water QualitySubmit comments on the City of Bloomington's water quality
Water Utility Billing ProblemsReport issues with billing services for City of Bloomington Utilities Department
RecyclingReport issues related to City of Bloomington recycling collection
TrashReport trash being where it does not belong or issues with City of Bloomington trash collection
Yard WasteReport issues related to City of Bloomington yard waste pickup
Report issues with BIRD scooters (black)Report issues with BIRD scooters (black)
Debris RemovalReport issues involving the removal of sand and other debris off city streets.
Leaf CollectionReport issues with City leaf collection
Biking & WalkingReport issues related to bicycling or walking in Bloomington
Blocked SidewalkReport a sidewalk that has been blocked.
Bus Services (Bloomington Transit)Services provided by Bloomington Transit
Close CallsReport near collisions involving bicyclists or pedestrians. This information will be used to help identify hazardous locations
Parking Meters and TicketsReport issues related to parking tickets. This is not a way to appeal a ticket.
Parking on Unimproved SurfaceReport vehicles continually parked in the grass or other surfaces not prepared for vehicle use
Parking PermitsReport issues with City-issued parking permits
Potholes, Other Street RepairReport potholes and other issues involving streets in need of repair.
Parks & PlaygroundsReport issues related to public spaces maintained by the City of Bloomington Parks & Recreation Department.
Parks & Rec BuildingsReport issues related to buildings maintained by the City of Bloomington Parks & Recreation Department.
TrailsReport issues related to trails maintained by the Parks & Recreation Department
Parks & Rec ProgramsReport issues related to Parks and Recreation Department programs
Blocked StreetReport a street or alley that has been blocked from access.
Line of SightReport sight and visibility issues along public streets
Inaccessible ParkingReport issues with public parking for people with disabilities.
Water Utility ProblemsReport issues involving Cit of Bloomington water utilities
Accessibility ProblemReport public facilities where accessibility is difficult for people with disabilities
BusinessProvide feedback to the City on a business-related issue
City PerformanceReport issues, comments or concerns about the City of Bloomington's performance in serving the public.
Public Works ProjectsReport issues related to construction projects of the Bloomington Public Works Department
Traffic Related ComplaintsReport concerns about dangerous traffic situations including faulty or missing equipment
Traffic SignalsReport an issue or request new traffic signal
Traffic SuggestionsMake a request for the Traffic division including new traffic markings and equipment
Scooters, Bike-share and Related IssuesReport problems with scooters, bikeshare and related transportation services.
Sidewalk & Curb ComplaintsReport hazardous sidewalks and curbs
Sidewalk RequestsRequest a new sidewalk
Street & Traffic SignsReport problems related to street signs and traffic signs.
Street Snow RemovalReport issues involving snow removal of roads within the City of Bloomington.
Taxi ComplaintsReport issues with taxi cabs
Report issues with Lime scooters (green)Report issues with Lime scooters (green)
Fire HazardsReport potential fire hazards
Excessive GrowthReport overgrown yards
GraffitiReport graffiti on public or private structures
Crow SightingsContribute to the crow census. Help us know where there are crow problems.
Open311 API Key RequestContact us to request an API key for the Bloomington Open311 server.
OtherMisc issues
Smoking ViolationReport smoking in public places in violation of Bloomington's Smoking Ordinance
Temporary Signage w/o permitPlanning Violation
Sidewalk Snow RemovalReport issues involving snow on public sidewalks
Street LightsDuke Energy maintains street lights in Bloomington. Please report street light outages here:
Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)Report issues involving the sewage systems of residences and businesses
Website & Mobile Apps FeedbackReport issues involving, other City websites and mobile apps. Also report any problems, ideas or suggestions.