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Bloomington, INopenWater Utility ProblemsMy water is ofabout 6 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenCity PerformanceTicket number #188908 Was closed saying there are no pedestrian walking buttons at the intersection of 3rd and Collage Mall? I walk every day and press the button with no change in the walking status for last couple weeks?about 9 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenCity PerformanceHello. Is there anything the City is planning for Pride this month residents can participate in? Perhaps CFRD is organizing something I hope? Thank you! It feels the community is being attacked more than ever so hopefully there are some ways to celebrate our existence in one of the only towns in the State that may do so officially (fingers crossed).about 16 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenSidewalk & Curb ComplaintsTestingabout 16 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenBiking & WalkingThe entire brand new bike path has been barricaded from Kinser to Arlington. It looks like all that is going on is a single truck with a trailer parker on the path near the skate rink. Seems like a bit of overkill to close the whole path down for residents!about 18 hours ago
Bloomington, INclosedParks & Rec BuildingsTwo men have been living in this shelter for at least a month. They bathe in the tap, cook on the grill, and sleep in the shelter on the picnic tables. Their exclusionary use means no one else can use the shelter. They seem nice, but the shelter is not for long-term camping.about 19 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenParking Meters and CitationsThis parking meter took my coins without adding any time to the meter.about 21 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenSewer Problems (Storm Sewers)Storm drain doesn't handle rainfall when a lot comes down in a short amount of time. Flooded our garage on May 26 2024. Water travels from the north on Lincoln St and carries debris and dirt in large amounts. thank youabout 22 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenSidewalk & Curb ComplaintsThe median on Second Street and I-69 is overgrown with weeds. Plus the street sweeper is to clear debris. I contacted the Mayor office and was directed to your site. Not a very good first look for our city. Thanksabout 22 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenInaccessible ParkingI cannot park in the alley because my neighbor, David Arthur, told me I'm not allowed to park next to my house in the lot. I have a disability and a handicapped parking pass. I am deaf, and I need access to parking at home. David's black truck is out of order and parked in the backyard. He has four vehicles, and I cannot park next to him. I was told the city owns the alley. I need to know what I need to do to be able to park in the alley.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic SignalsFor last couple of weeks around 20:45-21:00 the Walking symbol for the westbound crosswalk hasn't been activating even though I press the button every single time. I've walked enough to know that it should (or has in the past always allowed to walk as the vehicle track going west gets the green light). Didn't know if the light was just stuck and not changing? Or if you updated when it allows pedestrians to walk?1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet & Traffic SignsWas walking on 5th and someone blow the stop sign going south on Bryan. I had a look and saw the stop sign is almost completely hidden by a tree. See the picture.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris RemovalThere is is tons of junk, tires, trash behind garage, beside garage and house. Also a lot of over growth of weeds, vines, on garage, around house. The back fence is falling and part has fallen. It’s no longer safe. Just drive’s hard to believe no one has done anything & it’s gotten so bad.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenSidewalk & Curb ComplaintsMissing tree grate. This is a trip hazard and not ADA compliant. Please replace tree grate or install pavers.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenBiking & WalkingMissing tree grate. This is a trip hazard and not ADA compliant. Please replace tree grate or install pavers.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthExcessive growth in the backyard of the house. Students tend to throw away furniture and trash because it’s not maintained.The photos will not load.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthLarge poison ivy about to fruit1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet & Traffic SignsStop stop blocked by trees1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet & Traffic SignsThe stop sign is blocked by greenery; also, bush blocks view of oncoming traffic1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet & Traffic SignsOn Jackson between 13th & 15th, speed limit sign blocked by a tree1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive Growthyard overgrown, has not been mowed in awhile,1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic SignalsWe submitted a notice #187869 that notes as fixed, however the left turn light on 17th street turning north into Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall is still not working. Thank you!1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet & Traffic SignsStop Sign on Kegg covered by trees1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairAlley to the south has giant holes that just need gravel fill.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked StreetNear the corner of Covenanter and Brooks (N side of Covenanter, E of Brooks) on there is a "one lane road ahead" sign in place. There is no construction anywhere near that sign, and the only road restriction is the sign itself, which takes up half a lane of the road. I think it just didn't get removed when the work was done.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthHouse has over grown weeds and yard not cut Southwest corner of n grant an 16th st2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrailsThere is a large poison hemlock plant on the east side of the Pete Ellis Multi-use path, just before the Polly Grimshaw Trail crossing. And nearby, there is vegetation growing onto the multi-use path that reduces its width.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBiking & WalkingAt the intersection of Pete Ellis and John Hinkle, where the multi-use path crossses the road, we need a crosswalk. This is a busy T intersection, and there are pedestrians.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & Rec BuildingsIt’s a beautiful, sunny June day. Several individuals and about 30 campers with 4 counselors are eagerly awaiting the Bryan Park pool to open at 11 am. 11:05 am and the door is still shut, “POOL CLOSED.” Someone calls the pool hotline. Pool is closed till NOON, because it is 63 degrees out. The cooler morning temp did not discourage 35 people at 11 am - and also then had to reschedule their morning plans because of the unexpected delayed opening. Was this delayed closure truly necessary??2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet LightsThe crosswalk light at Walker & 2nd Street is malfunctioning. It seems to be glitching. The countdown is out of sync with the lights and is very dangerous if you are trying to cross the street.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairLarge potholes and crumbling asphalt along Dorchester Ave within Heritage apartment complex2 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedTrashTrash was not fully picked up. Collectors reached into can & took one bag, leaving 2 other bags.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairBus diesel fuel on the road at the Bloomington Hospital stop and leading up to it.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairPotholes on Discovery Parkway…fill them.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenFire HazardsYet again tonight I could not sit on my porch because of the hazy of toxic smoke in The Near West side neighborhood. This has been an ongoing issue for the last year and a half at least. Someone is burning trash or plastic on the other side of the rail lines on empty property to the north of the B-line between Adams and where 8th St ends next to White Oak cemetery. The smoke drifts across the neighborhood. I know a neighbor reported it on Saturday night and the police went to check the site out. But it also happened Sunday and tonight. What can be done about it? Such unhealthy air.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashI want to report unprofessional service from sanitation. I put my trash out late today (as in between 5:00 am and whatever time the time truck came down my street, which was sometime after 7:45). I come home to my bin emptied and thrown into the middle of the road. When I go to get it there's a sticker attached to top saying someone looked at 5:00 am and it wasn't out at that time so they weren't going to pick it up. This is unprofessional and uncalled for. If you don't want to pick up my trash, just don't do it. I put it out late, I can handle that. I think it's a silly policy, but it's the policy, I can live with it. Don't try to make a point or 'teach me a lesson' by leaving a nasty-gram and chucking my bin into the road. This feels like threatening behavior and has really bothered me.2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWater Utility ProblemsThe main water line from the meter to the house was leaking. It is galvanized pipe and extremely rusty. I removed the pipe but I can not find the right kind of fitting to connect the PEX pipe to the meter. Where can I get that fitting? I called the other day and spoke with someone but they could not help me. Thank you.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet & Traffic SignsThe signs for Bloomington Fwrry Beudge on the SIDES of the roads going North and South are old faded, chipped signs with worn lettering and surrounded by bushes. Please replace or repaint them3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWater Utility Billing ProblemsMy water bill for this month is showing twice our normal consumption rate, which I believe is incorrect. We have not changed our usage habits, let alone doubled them.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthAlley way between N. Washington an N. Lincoln is very overgrown for pedestrians and vehicles.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthExcessive trash, open containers and on ground.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthExcessive growth, trash in back yard.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenCity Performancethere are now actual homeless people taking advantage of the protests in dunn meadow. being both a student, employee, and resident of bloomington indiana i have understood the allowance of these encampments, but to what point? not only is it endangering that area but it is a potential danger for those protestors.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWildlife ConflictThere is a bird in Fountain Square Mall. It keeps flying around the building and is not finding a way out. We cannot figure out how to catch it.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthYard needs cutting. (Parker rental)3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenUtilities ConstructionThere is a "CBU" orange/white-striped horse-type warning sign sitting by the street (12th Street side) that has been there awhile without any apparent reason.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthGrass has yet to be cut this year. House looks abandoned, possibly foreign-owned (as per Elevate).3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenIllegal Discharge (Storm Sewers)Wet cement draining to storm drain, possibly related to boring work in area.3 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedDebris RemovalThere is a large metal and blue plastic temporary barrier that has been next to the entrance to our townhouse for several weeks. It is damaged and appears to not be serving any purpose. Can we have it removed? It is on Lincoln just north of 7th. Thank you.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsWhy am I not able to send a Ureport by cellphone, or is it that it will not go through on a weekend? Today I filed Ureport 188867 on my computer. But yesterday I tried 4 times to send it by cellphone, and it would not go through. And I have had this problem before while trying to file reports while I am in the park.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsThis is a loosestrife. It is highly invasive and I found it growing between the parking lot and the small stream that flows into Jackson Creek, which means that it can spread downstream along the creek.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenRecyclingI let you know there 3 recycle bin blocking’s sidewalk that hazards for pedestrians3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenCity Construction ProjectsWhy there road work sign near Bryan park pool3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWater QualityOur tap water has been brown for several weeks now. I spoke with my neighbor at 651 W Clover Terrace and they also are experiencing brown tap water. I've talked with others in the area and they are having the same issue. We're concerned about the water quality.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenLine of SightWest Stapleton Avenue and S.Leonard Springs Road intersect, grass grown high, blocking vision of drivers3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenUtility Construction ProjectsShortly after driving on my street, where there is construction on traffic calming devices, I had a flat tire. There is a screw in it from where the construction crews have been working. We would like to know the process for getting reimbursement for repairs. We will have to replace the tire on a car we have had less than a month because of this. We also would ask that crews clean up the area and remove any hazards; there have been cones (and screws, apparently) in the way of traffic on South Weatherstone Lane. Thank you!3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenUtilities ConstructionI work for Mackie Properties, and we manage Ridgefield HOA. The driveway at 3916 N Whitewood Way in Ridgefield, which the City repoured last year after repairing a broken main water line, is deteriorating. We initially reported this issue to the City earlier this year, but the City did not take responsibility for redoing the driveway. Since then, we have had contractors assess the situation, and they have determined that improper installation is causing the deterioration. Today, we sent another contractor to reinspect the driveway and provide a quote for sealing it. However, they confirmed that the deterioration has worsened over the past few months and that sealing is not a viable solution. They noted that the concrete was too wet when installed, leading to its current state. We request that the City tear out the existing driveway and properly pour a new one to prevent further deterioration.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenAccessibility ProblemI have no idea how to fit this problem into the city's framework, so am putting it here. The garage you see is owned 1/2 by me and 1/2 by the neighbor (a corporation who is supposed to rent to 3 adults. the driveway is shared. As you can see, a car is parked blocking my access to my garage. The person I spoke to next door doesn't know who the car belongs to, he is a visitor. This happens all the time. There are also 2 cars parked on the other side of the house. I have talked to HAND about how to find the property line and info about getting the garage demolished. The info was woefully incomplete. I am extremely frustrated that I cannot get help from the city, who seems focused only on increasing density. I hope you're happy.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked StreetNon running vehicles lined down the road in front of Wheeler being used for housing3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairSand and debris in the intersection on Covenanter just east of College Mall Road.3 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedStreet & Traffic Signstraffic lights out at vernal / curry intersection, currently a 4 way stop with flashing red light3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTemporary Signage w/o permit'Bloomington Windows and ....' sign at 1700 S Highland Ave, near the corner of E Thornton Dr., in the ROW.4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenAnimal Control & Neglected PetsThere is an uncollared Dalmatian that is constantly running around Bubby Roy Ln. We think the owners live on Garrison Chapel, but the animal has no collar so we don't know for sure. The Dalmatian is usually sweet, but she is a constant nuisance.4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBiking & WalkingI filed two reports three weeks ago – 188517 and 188518. Other than email messages, nothing has been done yet. The bicycle lanes on both North College and North Walnut are still plagued by heavy debris in several spots. These are TRAFFIC HAZARDS. Why does it take so long for you to respond?? If there were impediments to MOTOR vehicles, I highly doubt that you would wait three weeks to clear the road.4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWildlife ConflictOur neighborhood is being overrun by free roaming cats. I've witnessed firsthand cats kill song birds in my yard. I chased a cat the other day in an attempt to save a bird. I nearly hit a cat with my car last night because they just sit in the road. I don't know how to address the issue as people don't understand why it is a problem to let their cats roam free.4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsThanks for removing the pools contributing to the drainage issues. Now, can the standing mud pits along the fencelines be infilled? The fine gravel at the end of the parking lot could be a helpful infill to cover the slimy mud, couldn't it?4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet LightsThe street light stays on all the time5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic SignalsIn the early morning,when I'm driving to work, around 6:00 a.m., the northbound/southbound lights only stay green for about ten seconds, while the other side stays green for up to 50 seconds, or longer. The mall isn't even open yet. They are working on timers, not sensors.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic Related ComplaintsI quite often use the road from Lower Cascades Park to Kinser Park and have been involved in near accidents. Why were guard rails not installed on the east side of the hilly, curvy area because the drop-off is significant and not lighted at night? Just a suggestion for all motorists. Thanks.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkTrash cans At both properties on either side of the alley have been blocking the sidewalk for the last six days. Also, when trying to submit this with an included photo, it locks up and won’t submit the request.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherWe would like our home 512 W Allen St, Bloomington, IN to have a NO TRESPASS on our property. We don't want homeless people on our property.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenSewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)The main sewage line north of my home is backing up (again). This is a recurring issue. The water/sewage level at the access hole has reached the level of the basement, and the basement toilet has started to back up. Please clean out the blockage in the main sewage. I am aware that you had crews there earlier this year to cut back roots, but something is blocking this sewage line now.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthExcessive growth approx 6ft tall5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWater Utility ProblemsWe have no running water in our home as of this morning. My bills are always paid on time, just wanting to know if there is some other issue going on that I should know about. Please contact me as soon a possible. Thank you5 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedParks & PlaygroundsThere have been a number of people sleeping in Bryan Park on the Woodlawn side by the shelter. It started with one hanging out in the shelter then has progressed to several in the field next to it. It is disturbing because of families using the shelter could be endangered by what we all know these people leave behind. A neighbor asked me to include his observation that unhoused frequent the shelter next to the baby playground, and the smell of pot is coming into the playground. I don’t know what is different, but the park is not as well mowed as in the past. It was always beautiful. I chalk it up to all of the rain. Just an observation. It is our favorite place in the world and we care about it. We go every day. Thank you for listening5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherI didn’t hear any sirens today. Only the ones from IUPD went off.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsI’m a frequent user of Switchyard park, but I’m very unhappy with the state of the parking lot on Walnut St. I’ve seen city employees out working in the area several times, but it’s still unsightly. The beds are sparse and bare-looking. It appears as though the working crew has mulched around Johnson grass - an invasive grass - and tall fescue. Does the landscaper not know the difference between invasive and ornamental grasses? Not only this, the hills south of the stage area around the playground and dog park are filled with thistles, Johnson grass, and other invasives. Is the city’s flagship park not worth landscaping maintenance? Considering that this is the city’s most beloved, brag-worthy park and it still looks awful, I’m hesitant to visit other parks.6 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedAnimal Control & Neglected PetsPitbull (gray and white, approx 1 y.o) being walked by children and is not on leash. They have no control of the dog. At least 2 instances when dog has attacked other dogs on walk, or running up to people that are outside in their yards/property. The parents walk the dog on a leash and with a muzzle sometimes, but the children are outside with the dog in the neighborhood everyday with no leash. It's only a matter of time until someone is getting hurt.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashA cooler full of trash and stagnant water has been sitting in front of this house for several months now. It’s mosquito breeding time… I think this is a rental property.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsI let you know second family restroom lock I don’t know why6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenFire HazardsThere's a pile of crap up against the north side of this building that looks like it's been there a long time. Fire hazard (?)6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris RemovalThere's a pile of crap up against the north side of this building that looks like it's been there a long time. Fire hazard (?)6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkAt corner of S Morton and W Howe streets the shrubbery growth continues up to the street curb - which both blocks the sidewalk access along Morton as well as creates a blind spot for any traffic turning from Howe onto Morton. I was nearly hit by a FedEx truck yesterday because of the blocked view while at that corner.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashSyringe and trash6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet TreesOne of the two very large trees bordering the street appears diseased and dying. It is dropping branches often. The tree is also right above a crucial storm drain and the debris is clogging the drain often.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris RemovalTree down on Clifton Ave, between 1st and 2nd Street, closer to 1st Street. Not a large tree, but couldn’t be moved by one person.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked StreetTree down on Clifton Ave, between 1st and 2nd Street, closer to 1st Street. Not a large tree, but couldn’t be moved by one person.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris Removaltwo large bags of clothes and trash there on walk, thx6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBiking & WalkingPeople are confused with current Greenway project. Eliminate the stop signs. That is the whole point, to create a fluid prioritized bike/ped east-west pathway where folk don't have to constantly stop and yield to oncoming traffic.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked Street4200 Sheffield trees and shrubs encroaching Street vision and drivability6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenSidewalk Requests4223 Morningside. they ripped up sidewalk and haven't replaced. no wheelchair access and dangerous for others6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked StreetA tree in the yard across the street has fallen across Clifton Avenue in front of 705 S. Clifton. It is partially blocking traffic on the street.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthCaller is concerned about bamboo that her neighbor planted which is encroaching on her property. Informed her I would make uReport and gave info on City's Policy regarding Bamboo.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & Rec ProgramsMills pool has 19 chairs TOTAL. This feels inequitable compared to Bryan Park. Given the proximity to low income housing, it feels important to give this pool a little more love instead of having starkly different offerings than BP.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet TreesI believe the honeylocust in the parkway in front of my house is dead. It’s Site ID 35450.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenExcessive GrowthThe management company has not trimmed the thistle/weeds growing along the driveway and sidewalk and they have become unsightly and hazardous.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenAbandoned VehiclePeople speed out of RCA Park (and this has happened after criminal activity as well), so can traffic calming devices such as speed bumps please be considered?7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrash7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic SuggestionsPeople speed out of RCA Park (and this has happened after criminal activity as well), so can traffic calming devices such as speed bumps please be considered? There are deer in the area, plus lots of kids moving into Osage Place.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTemporary Signage w/o permit'Domino's Pizza 50% off" sign at the Promptcare corner of E Third and Woodscrest, possibly in the ROW.7 days ago
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Water Utility ProblemsReport issues involving Cit of Bloomington water utilities
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Temporary Signage w/o permitPlanning Violation
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