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Bloomington, INopenTrashcalled Rhea in Sanitation, transferred to us; KL area, called to complain two weeks ago, nobody entered complaint, trash from bins left out, spreading throughout neighborhoodabout 3 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkThere is a thorny bush growing into the sidewalk. North east corner of the Montclair & Queens Way intersection. Could it please be trimmed off the sidewalk?about 4 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsAlong the southern edge of South East park there is a brambly thorn bush that is over hanging the sidewalk. Could it please be trimmed back off the sidewalk so pedestrians are scratched by the thorns? I think the best way to describe the location would the edge of the park nearest the house at 1811 S Montclair.about 4 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Web Services FeedbackuReport won't submit any ticket I submit that has a photo attached. It stays on Step 4 indefinitely, saying that it is submitting my ticket but never fully submitting it. When I remove the attached photo and resubmit, the uReport immediately submits and I get an email confirming the ticket was submitted.about 4 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenBiking & WalkingHowdy! Car parked in 3rd St bicycle lane next to Swain Hall West. Vehicle: Silver Chevrolet HHR License: Indiana 342EKM (PS I have a photo, but uReport currently won't let me submit reports with photos attached)about 4 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenBiking & WalkingHowdy! Vehicle parked in 3rd St bicycle lane next to Rawles Hall. Vehicle: Dark red Honda Accord License: Indiana YNF983 Thank you! (PS I have a photo, but uReport is currently not submitting any reports I attach photos to)about 4 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashabout 4 hours ago
Bloomington, INclosedStreet Lightsstreet light has been outabout 5 hours ago
Bloomington, INclosedTrashHomeless encampments all along the Rail Trail are covering the natural area in garbage and poisoning the creek with waste.about 5 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkPart of the city-maintained Hunter footpath between Eastside Drive and Mitchell is submerged by an overflowing spring that has flowed under the footpath for more than 30 years of my personal experience. The pipe which carries the spring under the footpath is apparently silted up and needs to be reopened. At present, the foot path is impassable for pedestrians due to the amount of water on the path.about 23 hours ago
Bloomington, INopenTrailsA large tree fell covering the path going up the hill just south of the newly constucted waterfall wooden path. It needs chainsawed to clear path.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenTrash4-5 homeless camps on B-line1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenInaccessible ParkingThis man is boasting to to neighbors about how he uses the disabled spots. He is not disabled and parks on the lines for the ramp access. He also parks in between two spots making all the spots inaccessible. Please see address above to fine him and make this stop. Thank you so much for your time.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked StreetNeed additional no parking sign as cars are often parked on the wrong side of w howe at Rogers.1 day ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairMany potholes on S Sare Road between Jackson Creek Middle School and Mill Stone Court. Heavy vehicles driving over these cause our house to shake and the noise sometimes wakes us up at night. Also, these are hazardous when driving over or trying to avoid. Please have these fixed. Many thanks!2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Web Services FeedbackI rented a Bird bicycle to ride home a few weeks ago. The bike has still not been removed from my property even though I reported it to Bird through the app using their removal form. I contacted them at least twice since then with no response and the bike is still on my property. How do I get rid of it?2 days ago
Bloomington, INopenAnimal Control & Neglected PetsI live on 2950 S Pinewood Ln. I e been havjng and issue with a neighbor’s cat coming over and digging into my flower pots and it’s creating a mess. I unfortunately do not know how owns the cat that has been destructive. I even seen the cat doing it in person, but most of the time I am not able to catch it due being at work.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairAdam st from Bloomfield Rd to Allen St northbound needs strip patching or what ever the Coty did to the southbound lane a couple of years ago3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairBloomfield Rd between Cory Ln and Allen St eastbound lane needs strip patching or something more than just throwing some pothole filler on it3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic Related ComplaintsWest Allen st is a race way evenings and night weekday and anytime on the weekend. There are a lot of hills that the sports cars and car clubs like to go very fast with a lot of hidden intersections and driveways, Really need some traffic calming devices3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBiking & WalkingHello- Car blocking the bike lane on washington between 4th and 3rd Sts 2/23/24 6:10pm KS plate: R007151 thanks!3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenUtilities YardworkI would like to know who installed this on my property. It’s leaking e. coli and that needs to be fixed.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairE 5th Street needs to be repaved. It is beyond just patching potholes. It is dangerous to walk on because the pavement is broken on both sides of the streets. The city will not prioritize a sidewalk, so pedestrians must share the road with cars and bikes. Please look at the include photo and tell me that it can be repaved!3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Web Services Feedbackthe uReport website is not submitting my reports. After I hit the submit button, the webpage moves onto step 4 and says "processing your service request" and this step never completes. I don't get an email saying my report was submitting, and my reports don't show up in the online record of submitted reports.3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenCity Construction Projectskyle i just saw sign said road work at new hospital on tuesday i dont know why can you check it out for me and let me know3 days ago
Bloomington, INopenFood Truck IssuesDoner kebab very noisy from 30’ away. Approx 65 dB. On Kirkwood4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenFood Truck IssuesDoner kebab generator sounds very loud They were on Kirkwood at grant4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked StreetPortapot and dumpster has been in the road for years. Owner is burying very large brush piles, several trees on city property along creek, this is occurring in a floodplain also. They have installed lights on the front and rear of home that are extremely bright.4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenUnsafe BuildingsProperty appears abandoned, yard full from overgrowth. Vines go inside building, dilapidated, poses potential for hazard4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic SuggestionsN College Ave crosswalk next to CVS is just a standard crosswalk and I go down this street everyday home from work and it's very dangerous. I usually drive in the left lane because right lane has more potholes. I see pedestrians crossing this street and cars do not stop. I will stop in left lane for pedestrian but right lane does not see person crossing and has to slow down quickly. Would be nice if we can get a crosswalk that alerts drivers like the one on South Walnut Street. My fear is that someone will get struck by a car crossing this street. Today someone crossed I stopped for them and right lane car next to me almost hit them driving fast down this lane. I hope this can be taken into serious consideration. Thank you for your time and for your help with the city of Bloomington4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked StreetBike lane blocked by a car on Third street near Woodlawn4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenCity PerformanceA red Ford pick-up truck and a white Ford van are regularly parked in front of 613 and 619 S Eastside drive and both have a license plate that expired in Nov 2023. These vehicles are not abandoded, they are being used. Why has this escaped the watchful eye of the officer who drives his white Parking Enforcement car through our street several times a day?4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairRunkle Way has lot of pot holes and in entrance of LA Quinta hotel storm drain cover is popped up could be a major hazard to person and vehicles4 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedBlocked SidewalkI let you know there scooter laying on sidewalk near chocolate mosse4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenScooters, Bike-share and Related IssuesI let you know there scooter laying on sidewalk near chocolate mosse4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrailsPeople are burning plastic in Switchyard Park. Hazardous to breathe4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris RemovalNoticed tents set up in two areas of town last week. Not sure if reported here or if others have reported.. Tents north of Kroger on kinser pike on 45/46. Down in bottom area.. visible when going north. Other tents seen off Tapp road on wiemer road(believe that’s name). Just behind old mill area where farmers market is. Visible heading north on right side in bottom area Thanks Karen Johnston4 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairPothole on E First at the intersection with Ballantine.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParks & PlaygroundsAr Winslow Park tennis courts people are not letting others play on courts, saying they have "reserved"a court. That is not the way public courts work. Can you consider posting a sign to the effect that these are public courts and are not reservable?5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWebsite & Web Services FeedbackFiber cable is being installed underground on West side of High. There is the smell of skunk/gas in the area. This is south of the High St/Hillside/Moores Pk intersection. Utility flags have not been installed by the contractors servicing the area. The neighborhood is concerned re digging into utilities.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherAdam I let you know there shopping cart at bus stop5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked StreetOn the northeast corner of the intersection of S Washington and E Wylie, there is a long yellow curb. There are always 2-3 cars parked at this curb, which makes it hard to see oncoming traffic when crossing over Washington heading west on E Wylie St. I was nearly hit this past weekend when a car was speeding down S Washington and wasn't visible due to all the parked cars.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenRecyclingRecycling not picked up. No note was left. All other cans on the street were picked up. I am confused as to why I am paying for a service that was not rendered. Why was my recycling 'denied' and yet, no notice or message? If this continues, come pick the recycling bin up, as I have no need for this service.5 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBiking & Walkingnorthbound bike lane on rogers between 8th st and b line (part of the detour). i found a CBU detour sign partially blocking this bike lane and i carried it down to their construction site at the b line. then i encountered this storm drain, which is at least 3 inches below grade, from poor milling practices when the road was resurfaced last year. these partial obstructions make the bike lane more technically demanding than it should be. not a fair substitute for the all-ages all-abilities b line.5 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedTrashThat house have trash cans on street6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherMy husband and I are currently out of town. We have been alerted by a family member that there is an unknown vehicle parked in our driveway. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParking PermitsCul de sac and row blocked by dumpster, excavator and a port o potty6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWater Utility ProblemsNo water supply in my home6 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedStreet Snow RemovalThe 7-link between Morton and Walnut is covered in ice and snow and very dangerous.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenSidewalk Snow Removalice solid on sidewalk outside building6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairAlleyways have numerous deep potholes that can damage cars repeatedly having to drive through to access parking lots.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenSidewalk Snow RemovalAlleyway is very icy that is running onto the main road. If the sun/temperatures today do not melt ice, this is a fall hazard for pedestrians.6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrash6 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet & Traffic SignsThere is a stop sign that was knocked down and hasn't been put back up at the T-intersection across from the La Quinta. I have nearly been hit when people haven't stopped where the stop sign used to be. Without it, there is currently a T-intersection with no clear indication of who has the right of way or who has to stop. Please get the stop sign replaced. Thank you!7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBiking & Walkinghello- Car blocking the bike lane on washington between 4th and 3rd Sts 2/19/24 6:11pm (expired) IN temp tag: S354198 thanks!7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashNext to my townhouse there is a furniture store. My front door faces their parking lot. There is a tree line- it is unclear who's property it is. A group of transient people have been living in the tree line. I don't believe they reside there currently but the mess left behind is so huge that I can't even let my children play outside. There is constant debris blowing, and I am concerned that they will wander toward the trees where there is just a TON of trash and things that I am positive are a biohazard.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked SidewalkICE on the entire front wall of Old National Bank on Kirkwood. It’s treacherous.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenCity Construction ProjectsWhy there road work at new hospital7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked Sidewalksidewalk partially blocked by parked semi trailer on the west side of fairview just south of 11th street. i think the address is 629 N Fairview. this is the same property as ureport #187248, but a different trailer. thanks to work by Engineering, this trailer has been moved from this spot before. but we haven't yet successfully convinced them not to repeat the behavior. thanks!7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBiking & WalkingAlleyway behind 507 & 517 is a sheet of ice behind our business and that of the Von Lee buildings. The alley is open to traffic flow to our business for deliveries and drop-offs, and to pedestrians. Can the City provide some ice melt along this artery?7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTraffic Related ComplaintsCarts are to be removed the same day as pickup. Why does this matter if they’re in the ROW if they’re left out in the street for days on end. It’s creating a driving hazard and taking up parking for residents and delivery. Cars fly up and down this stretch and need road space to avoid other vehicles and pedestrians. The trash is also blown from these carts and littering the street7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrash643 and 639 N Monroe trash and recycling containers left in the street all winter long. While dodging potholes and speeding traffic it creates hazard while crossing from 11th to 10th streets7 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedOtherI am unsure this is a city issue, there is was looks like a n old landline access panel or junction box on 5th st. that is next to the road (maybe in ROW) that is unlocked and now open. See the picture.7 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherI regret having to reach out to you regarding this bus #1372.  I boarded this bus on the East route of Route 3 this morning at approximately 7:22 AM on February 19, 2024.  I was informed by Mike Clark of Bloomington Transportation who is the operating manager, that the heater was working on that previous checked bus. Yet the heater is either not on, broken or the driver does not knbow how or desire to turn on the heater for the passenger. Furhter more, she informed me that the door heater was on, but that they do not work on some of the buses, as was the case on this bus this morning. There is no need to make passengers suffer like this.  The bus was NOT cold because of opening & closing the doors as MIke Clark previously suggested when I wrote to him regarding this bus.  The heat was simply not coming out of the overhead vents, there was only cold at the vents & the poles for holding onto were cold as well, indicating it had not been on for some time.  The dispatch operator's boss informed me begrudgingly that the bus was in fact bus #1372.  Since the dispatch operator could not be bothered to assist the driver in operating the heater that was alleged to be operating properly according to Mike Clark, I am forced to issue this complaint to the you the City of Bloomington government for heat on the buses in the Winter to be turned on & operating properly for the buses that do not have a heating system functioning or for the bus drivers who feel that we do not need the heat in the Winter. Sincerely, Timothy MacKLenzie7 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedPotholes, Other Street RepairPotholes on Clarizz North of the Covenanter intersection8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairPotholes 3 bad ones by the road between hobby lobby and the movie theather that closed8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street Repair3 bad ones by the road between hobby lobby and the movie theather that closed8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairPothole N Maple St in front of Jackson Heights Apartments right side of the road8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairPot hole right in front of my dive way8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParking Meters and CitationsSidewalk blocked by parked car in front of what I think is 326 W 17th. its blocking the new sidepath on the north side of 17th, just west of Kinser. thanks!8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBlocked Sidewalksidewalk removed in front of 1221 N Madison St. the west side of Madison just south of 17th. part of construction project. no signs or detour. street here is wide enough to block part of it to provide same-side walkaround. thanks!8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherI am in apartment 13 at Bart Villa with the address being 2307 E 2nd St, Bloomington, IN 47401, USA. There is a neighbor that is above me which I am not sure of the number of the apartment, but they have a dog that parks through out the day and night for hours at time. I am struggling to get sleep because of this and makes unbearable to be in my room during the day.8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenSewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)Sewer drain blocked, plumber tested, says the blockage is not on th house grounds.8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet Snow RemovalThis bridge is closed to cars, but not people walking or on bike. Please don't pile the snow up blocking the path across the bridge - or if you can't avoid it, please shovel it clear. And on the west side of the bridge, please plow the street all the way to the bridge instead of stopping at the driveway. (And can you stop that storage business from just pushing all their snow into Allen? It stays icy there for weeks because of it.) Thanks!8 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBiking & WalkingHello- car blocking the bike lane on washington between 4th and 3rd Sts 2/17/24 6:13pm IN plate: CCP909 thanks!9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet LightsThere’s a traffic light at the intersection of third and Brian facing the church that I live nearby and the last two times have tried to use the light, it has stayed red through numerous cycles of traffic both perpendicular on 3rd street and at the intersection of 3rd and High street. The only solution I found was turning around and taking a different route, because the light never turned green.9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet Snow RemovalAs of 11am on Saturday, February 17 it appears all surrounding neighborhoods have been plowed and salted but no roads in Hoosier Acres have been salted or plowed.9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet & Traffic SignsRhorer Road needs plowed and salted. Eastbound lane appears almost untouched in a large section. Turning lanes at walnut /Rhorer are not touched. Turning onto Sareat Rhorer is a mess too. 10:30 am on 2/17. Please plow and salt .9 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet Snow RemovalHey guys - I know you guys have a busy night but its 9pm and the plows haven't touched this part of the street yet. They usually hit it when they do 8th. I'm at work now and I'm a little worried I won't be able to make it when I get home.10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenStreet Snow RemovalBehind my house cars are unable to get up the hill due to snow and ice. The back of my house faces the corner of Allen St and Adams St.10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashThere are homeless encampments steadily increasing in number behind my house and those of my neighbors. There are now several in view of my windows. The amount of trash is staggering, including countless hypodermic needles. Trash is regularly set on fire by the residents of the encampments, producing noxious smoke that smells terrible and is surely not safe to breathe. The city needs to do something about these encampments. Open air drug use within feet of neighborhoods with young children should not be tolerated. I've been a resident of Bloomington for a decade and I'm strongly considering moving out of town due to the city's inability to address this issue. Please do something.10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrashTrash continues to accumulate outside trash containers on the property and blow into street and neighborhood. Accumulation of trash bags and random debris is a violation of Bloomington Trash and Recycling ordinance: "Accumulated trash is unsanitary and attracts rats and other animals. Properties with accumulations of trash or scattered litter or debris may be issued a Notice of Violation with fines of up to $150."10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherPretty confident there is a person living in an old van on the property in the driveway. Is that legal? People are coming and going all day long. Cars parked in the yard. Trash everywhere.10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDrainage or RunoffGravel placed on top of asphalt in alley making it very hazardous and slippery for pedestrians and the rocks are going into the storm drain.10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenSewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)Correction to case #187344: Current destination pool of effluent is on the *NE* corner of Lincoln/10th, not NW.10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenSewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)See case #187164: Water is still flowing from house. The stream begins in the alley coming from the NE corner of the house, then moving south down the alley to Cottage Grove. The sewage water then travels east along the north edge of Cottage Grove to Lincoln. The sewage water then forms a pool on the NW corner of Lincoln/CG. The sewage water then crosses CG and travels south along the west edge of Lincoln until it meets 10th Street, where it crosses Lincoln to the NW corner of Lincoln and 10th, where is has formed a second pool. The property owner claims there is no water coming from their house. Please test the water for microorganisms and when the tests come back positive, inform the property owner of their obligations if they want to continue to rent out houses that used to be people's homes.10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtherI boarded your bus #1372 at about 7:22 AM heading East on the #3 route this morning, February 16, 2024. I noticed the strong presence of diesel exhaust fumes on the bus & notified the driver. He informed me that that was just the way it is. I told him that I ood not think that we passengers are supposed to be breathing exhaust fumes. He said that it is a normal part of the regenerative process. I explained to him that we are not supposed to be breathing in exhaust fumes. I asked him if he should radio the issue in to dispatch. He explained that there was nothing that he could do about it, that it was a normal part of the regenerative process. When I arrived home & called dispatch, I was told the same thing. Tehn when I was still concerned that this was not supposed to be happening, she passed me onto her boss. I then was also connected to a man in dispatch. He too told me that it was a normal part of the regenerative process. I then asked him, so, you are supposed to be breathing in exhaust fumes while on the bus? Only then did he say that he would have maintenance take a look at it. However, I have heard this before & they have in the past disregarded this concern & let the bus run with exhaust fumes. I do not beleive that we tax-paying citizens should have to put up with busses gassing us like we are in a WWII Natzi Contentration camp getting gassed becouse our lives do not matter. There is never an excuse to expose a passengers to this and in fact, upon being notified by a passenger, the driver should have to pull the bus over, empty the bus of passengers to prevent carbon monoxide poisening & have us wait for a bus replacement or for the issue to get fixed, before reboarding a bus. I have sent a letter to the EPA about this going on for 20-years as I can recall & treating pasengers this way, as though we should not have an issue with disel-exhaust fumes being inhaled into out lungs while riding as a passenger.10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenDebris Removalillegal campsites behind IU gardens next to RR tracks10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenOtheradam I let you know There construction signs have fallen over on seventh street near city halls sign laying on grass yestersday10 days ago
Bloomington, INopenCity Construction ProjectsI let you know There construction signs have fallen over on seventh street near city halls sign laying on grass11 days ago
Bloomington, INopenBiking & WalkingHello- Car blocking the bike lane on Washington between 4th ad 3rd Sts 2/15/24 6:12pm MA plate:2SWM70 Thanks again for any efforts made to help solve this <daily> problem.11 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairThere are a couple very deep potholes in the alley between E. 2nd St. and E. Hunter Ave., near Harmony School.11 days ago
Bloomington, INopenPotholes, Other Street RepairPothole Patterson Dr just east of Fairview. East and west side of grate11 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedReport issues with BIRD scootersWith bird scooters in bankruptcy when will the city remove the scooters from the streets11 days ago
Bloomington, INopenWildlife ConflictDead skunk second Street just east of Euclid next to the curb has not been smooshed yet11 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedWater Utility ProblemsNo water pressure in the house at 801 W 9th street.11 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedTrashThis morning I was bringing my bins up from the curb and this was the state of my garbage can. The handle on my recycling bin was also broken a few weeks ago. It is still in functional condition. Is it possible to get a replacements for the bins? Thank you11 days ago
Bloomington, INclosedOtheradam do pubic know there sidewalk closure on morton street of city hall11 days ago
Bloomington, INopenTrailshole cut in chainlink fence separating trail from RR tracks. encourages people to cut across tracks to campsites11 days ago
Bloomington, INopenParking GaragesSomeone has gotten sick in the skywalk from the 4th Street garage into Fountain Square.11 days ago
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