Turku, Suomi Open 5 months

Föli - Bussit

I took the bus 32 to Varissuo at 14.47 from Akatemiantalo stop. It was really crowded and many old people were there. The stop button had repeatedly been pushed, not on purpose(there was a kid with disabilities who kept moving even though the nanny tried very hard to keep him seated, or simply old people pushed it while trying to seat), and the driver got mad. Without saying anything, he just started braking sharply every time he had to stop. An old lady almost fell because of it and could have injured herself badly. I was so exasperated that I decided to step out earlier than my usual bus stop because the situation was unbearable. This is unacceptable. The driver is responsible for the wellbeing and safety of the passengers, especially when the bus is very crowded. I can understand that it's annoying if the button keep being pushed, obliging the driver to stop, but he could have just warned us. He preferred starting to drive like crazy to make people fall. When I'm in a public transport -any of it- I want to feel safe and I want the others to be safe. What I've experienced today is the opposite of what I expect from this service. And I really hope it won't happen again. I hope you'll take action. Regards.