Turku, Suomi Closed About 3 years

Katujen puhtaanapito

Hallo. I'm Vincenzo Bello and I live in Martti (Merimiehenkatu) with my family. The streets are really dirty. Scraps, banana peels... All on the road for days and no one picks it up. All the neighborhood is covered by dog excrement. The owners of the dogs leave everything on the sidewalks and just leave. I have already sent an email on this but the people who answered me simply replied that this is forbidden but it can not be controlled. The ban obviously doesn't work. You should think about a serious public awareness campaign because the situation is disgusting. And I'm very sorry to write about this because I love Turku! I added 3 photos (i spare you from the excrement pictures) . This is how we citizens live here.