Turku, Suomi Closed Over 3 years

Joukkoliikenne Föli Aikataulut ja reitit

Hi, I am using buses number 55, 55A, and 56, 4 to 6 times in every week days and 2 to 4 times in weekends for about 6 months. I use buses in bus stop number 213 (Vesilaitos), Brahankatu and at kauppatori. The buses are late almost always. It is really disturbing because it causes stress and latessness. Also it has a bad effect on visitors and tourists. For example my brother visited Turku one year ago and he knew Turku as a city with on time buses, but about 10 days ago (on Sunday) he faced a late bus at 213 bus station and he was going to miss his next bus to Helsinki and therefor his flight! This event really affected his idea about on time buses of Turku and both of us experienced a lot of stress and pressure. I myself prefere fewer departures bu one time ones. Best regards