San Francisco, CA Closed Over 2 years

Blocked Pedestrian Walkway

Day 2 of Formally requesting to remove the illegally sidewalk blocking encampments off both sides of Shipley and 6th St. All pedestrians are forced to walk through the street with cars speeding passed. I know these people need places to go which is why I recommend you send them to Perry St between 3rd and 4th where there are already 20 plus homeless tents under a bridge with room for more and they aren't NOT in a residential area. I am submitting a tracked written case daily until this is remedied as calls to 311 have been brushed off. If the city continues to ignore the request to clear the sidewalks I would expect them to be liable in the event of an accident with a pedestrian and a car on Shipley St. The encampments have been here over 6 months and there have been too many close calls with cars for this to go unaddressed any further. I look forward to a swift response to uphold the law for the safety of those who's tax dollars par for it.