San Francisco, CA Open 4 months

Muni Employee Feedback

The bus didnt stop to see if I was ok. Everyone heard it. It bent the door all the way. I was parked outside of my job on break. I was getting out and the bus had not pulled by yet. He was dropping off passengers. There is a construction site blocking the other side of the street. He tried to squeeze by between me. He seen me coming out of the car, as he was passing me. Its a narrow way. He tried to squeeze me. The door got stuck on the bus. He pulled the door. I jumped back in car. I cant believe he came by me. I jumped back in so I wouldnt get stuck in between the car and the bus. The door was jammed open and all the way out to my front fender. My coworkers came out to see if I was ok. My coworkers jammed it back closed to drive home. The door frame is bent back. My client in a wheelchair said bus number is 6066. Thats a hit and run. I have a pain in my neck and arm. My arm is numb. My coworker was in the car with me. I am going to call and have someone check my arm out. I didnt get a chance to see the driver. He was a male driver, possibly Asian but I dont want to say for sure. It was 10:45 am.