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--- The caller submitted an SR to the Tax Collector in which she was asking about unclaimed funds submitted to CCSF as the result of a lawsuit against a company. She has found the original check, which was made out to her name. She reached out to the company handling her settlement to get the stale check reissued and they advised that in June 2018, they, "sent the money to the City and County of San Francisco." They were unable to provide any more info, for example, confirming to which agency it was sent. The caller submitted the SR to the Tax Collctor and was referred to the Absent Heir information. To confirm, this is not an absent heir situation, it's unclaimed funds. And regardless, her name does not appear anywhere on the list. It seems logical the scenario presented would go to the Tax Collector, but her name does not appear. Another, SR sent to the Tax Collector, but the caller is understandably frustrated. I realize this was not a CCSF-issued check, but since you deal with checks on behalf of CCSF, I'm just reaching out to see if you would have any idea which CCSF agency might have received this kind of money from a lawsuit settlement company as unclaimed funds as the result of a lawsuit settlement if it's not the Tax Collector? Thank you. FYI, caller has checked at state level and there is nothing there either. The company is Simpluris, which told her the funds were transferred to the State and CCSF. She has contacted the State, but they have no record of receipt of such funds. The amount is 808.73 cents, check number 3540073, Settlement Olse vs Sephora USA Inc, care of Simpluris located in Santa Ana.