San Francisco, CA Open 3 months

Shared Spaces

--- Some folks have been living in tents on 17th and Mariposa since April (picture from this morning attached). Unfortunately, their tents fully block the sidewalk and there are a number of wheelchair bound residents who live on that block who frequently have to travel into the street when they leave their home. HOT has gone out multiple times and is no longer visiting because of the repeated denial of offered services. Residents frequently call police non-emergency, who move the folks when they arrive, but understandably the folks move back after the police have gone. Since the other side of the street doesn't have any business or residential entrances, neighbors have suggested to our office that it'd be a win-win if the unhoused folks just moved their tents to that side of the street. HOT has made that suggestion, as have the neighbors, but the unhoused folks haven't agreed. Our office gets at least a few emails every week about this area, frequently with videos of the wheelchair-bound folks in the street. I know it's a bit smaller than the typical size of encampments HSOC works with, but just hoping for some advice on this one.