San Francisco, CA Open 6 days


Aggressive vagrant has been at same location nearing SIX weeks continuously!! Yet, 311 closed the previous request, noting: "Your service request (#12574283) has been closed. Notes: Case Resolved." THIS REQUEST WAS CLOSED WITHOUT ANYONE INTERACTING WITH VAGRANT. HE'S STILL THERE, HASN'T LEFT. CASE NOT RESOLVED. NOTHING WAS DONE. Encampment is a makeshift structure with tarp. Vagrant dumps his bottles of urine on the adjacent properties and defecates between cars. Vagrant is blocking full sidewalk access, less than 3ft clear. Vagrant is in violation of state and county emergency health order, does not social distance and does not wear a mask. Previously reported under #12574283, #12517445, #12469828, #12460839, #12185754, #12079047, #11849036, #12141643, #12406485, #12417349 and other case #s. Vagrant is a danger and a nuisance to the neighborhood. Vagrant verbally threatens asian and white people with unprovoked racist attacks. This is a request to remove the encampment. This is NOT a request for his well-being. Located at south side of Natoma at west corner of 11th. [submitted via]