San Francisco, CA Open 4 months


Per my previous 50 ignored requests, the encampment on 15th & Julian needs to be addressed. I am sick of being harassed daily. We are fed up with illegal drugs, the needles, the human waste, the loud music, the fighting, aggressive dogs, the bike chop shop at night. I don’t know how you people sleep at night, allowing these people to terrorize us every day. You might not have to deal with this, but we do. And were beyond fed up. Why do you refuse to address this issue, please explain this to me, I just don’t understand- these people contribute absolutely nothing to society, yet are allowed to terrorize the neighborhood. Why do must we endure this torture? What have I done so wrong as a tax paying, law abiding citizen to deserve this torture? Should I have not made something out of my life, and worked hard to get where I am ? Please tell me- if you answer my questions, I'll stop sumbitting requests. But, I must know why.