Peoria, IL Open 14 days

Snow Removal Needed

After the New Years Day snow, we didn't see a snowplow until close to midnight on Sunday night. After the plow came through, the streets weren't any better. It's like the plow was an inch above the road, not on it. Plus, the street wasn't even salted. There is so much ice that it's dangerous to drive. All of the residential streets in the Rolling Acres area are so poorly treated, it looks as if nothing was done at all. Had I not actually HEARD the plow, I would think one hadn't come through. Being new to Peoria, we expected the streets and sanitation department to do a better job...but we are sadly disappointed. Please, send some salt trucks out and treat the sheets of ice that are our streets. My children nearly spun out numerous times just trying to go run errands today. Thank you for your prompt response to this matter.