Peoria, IL Open 15 days

Potholes, Street Repair

Hello Peoria Cares / City of Peoria - Thank you for promptly responding to my request to fill some pot holes on Lake Steet. My bike ride today was more comfortable/safe due to these patches. Reminder - This was my original request (which was forwarded to you by Mike Friberg from the Peoria Park District): Hello Peoria Park District - I'd appreciate if you could forward this request to the correct department - probably within the Peoria street department. This concerns some troublesome holes along a city steet I use daily to access the bike trail from my home in Peoria. The holes are located on Lake Steet, just east of Knoxville Ave in the east-bound outside lane (near curb). At the place where the drive way from the Goldfine and Bowles parking lot enters Knoxville there are several large holes near the curbside. These holes are troublesome for bicycling due to their location (near curb) and shape -- run parallel to road - very easy to trap a bicycle wheel. Much appreciated if they could be patched. Thanks much, Eric Hutchison 4110 N Hawthorne Pl Peoria, IL 61614