Greenwich, Britain 1 About 2 months

title: Illegal Surveilance Camera sited on Public Street detail: Owner of 41 Egerton Drive, SE10 has installed an illegal surveillance camera on the outside of his boundary wall - overlooking the entire street. This contravenes UK data protection laws under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA). 1. Camera is technically on a public street, as it overhangs and surveils the public pavement and road. 2. No signs or notices were put up informing people that recording is taking place - as is legally required. 3. Road is within a Conservation Area, hence planning permission is required for CCTV installations of this nature. Installation appears to be amateur - it's unlikely owner has planning permission. 4. Camera is installed to surveil a public street, not private property - this is highly offensive and infringes the right to privacy of anyone using the street and those living in the properties opposite. See: Https:// url: Submitted via FixMyStreet