Greenwich, Britain 1 2 months

title: Missing street sign leading to #6 blissett street - take 2 detail: There is a narrow alley on the left side of the firestation that leads to a stairscase and then the first flat you encounter is number 6 (next one on the right is number 8). There is no sign telling deliveries about this. On the next staircase on blissett street, halfway through the building, the sign mention from number 8 to 32, even if number 6 is literally next to 8 (and the last one of the row). Only once up the stairs the sign finally mention number 6 but it's not visible from the street. Is it possible to add some sign to guide visitors and deliveries to number 6 as well since this is very confusing and people keep getting lost? thank you! I had to raise this again since the report got removed withouth being fixed! url: Submitted via FixMyStreet