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title: Illegal Car Repair Shop Operating (Plumpstead) detail: It would seem that the RBG are condoning illegal activities in Plumpstead. I have reported this issue several times and still he continues to work on cars using the public highway and footpath on Riverdale Road, this is illegal. I have put the (Act) in all my messages to you that shows you that it’s illegal and punishable with fines, but you still condone this illegal behaviour. Please help me to understand. If he is repairing cars and blocking one side of the road and footpath and I’m either disabled with either a wheelchair or visually impaired or i have a pram and children, how would you suggest I safely access the road I live on without endangering myself and others by walking in the road to avoid a person using the road as an extension of his business??? Again I’ll ask you to please come out to Riverdale/Saunders Road between the hours of 14:00-18:30 as he always seems to be out when I come home from work. Please see below for the (Act) that was put in place to prevent this and protect the public. THE CLEAN NEIGHBOURHOODS AND ENVIRONMENT ACT 2005 (“the Act”) NUISANCE PARKING 1. Offences These offences are aimed at businesses that use the public road as a 'showroom' and people who use the road as a 'workshop'. • Section 3 of the Act makes it an offence for a person to park motor vehicles on a road or roads, where the vehicles are parked merely in order to be sold. The offence is committed if there are two or more vehicles within 500 metres of each other. The maximum fine on summary conviction is level 4 (currently £2,500) on the standard scale; • Section 4 makes it an offence to carry out "restricted works" to vehicles on a road. "Restricted Works" covers repair, maintenance, servicing, improving or the dismantling of a motor vehicle or any part or accessory. The maximum fine is level 4 on the standard scale on summary conviction. url: Submitted via FixMyStreet