Greenwich, Britain 1 About 2 months

title: Urine and filth still not cleaned. detail: Even though we had a caretaker around our building earlier today,(he removed the black bin from the bushes), he still managed to do nothing else. We have been told, several times in the last couple of weeks, that the caretaker washes down our stairs and surrounding areas, on a friday. We even had one of their managers, support that statement on a walk about on our estate on wednesday 21/7/21. We had an MP, a councillor and other members of the council here, yet the message is still not getting through about the caretakers not doing their job when it comes to our building. He was right outside our building, he removed the bin, then removed himself, not to be seen again. I would love to hear your feed back on this matter, before i go back to the councillor and MP. Many thanks.... the tenants of 1-22 tellson avenue. url: Submitted via FixMyStreet