Greenwich, Britain 1 2 months

title: Urine still on stairs after c/taker was here. detail: These pictures show a urine trail that has been there for over two weeks. The trail goes from under the stairs to the foot of the stairs. I have just cleaned one little section from the front of the stairs, back 4 or 5 tiles. I did this with a little watering can and a brush. Now you can see in the third picture that the floor is naturally stained,BUT, the urine stain is missing and you can still see the rest of the urine stain going under the stairs. I have been informed by one of my neighbours that they saw the caretaker trying to clean a urine stain from the middle section of the stairs. Why did he do just one little section on that occassion and not the rest. Why have the stairs and surrounding areas not been washed down properly for over 4 months. Chalk marks from over 4 months ago are still visible in the corner of the 4th step up. If it was washed down, the chalk marks would have washed away. It is only chalk and would be removed with just water. url: Submitted via FixMyStreet