Greenwich, Britain 1 2 months

title: Rubbish everywhere detail: On this occassion, i took some photos of the carparking opposite house numbers 23 tellson avenue onwards. The problems we are reporting outside our building 1-22 tellson av, are just as bad there as well. How much work the caretakers are not doing in their normal day to day job, is staggering. And it hust gets worse on a day to day basis. There cannot be any excuse for this. I saw a caretaker earlier on today, walking from that direction, past my house, towards the tower block. He was carrying an orange plastic shovel and what looked to me as a normal household broom. The broom is totally inadequate for the job he has to do, plus he had no bin with him. So he must have cleared a small bit of rubbish near a bin, to be able to dump any rubbish he "may have cleaned". Or maybe they are props, just incase some one sees him dossing. I cant answer that question, but i do know the answer!!! url: Submitted via FixMyStreet