Greenwich, Britain 6 About 1 month

title: Several residents along Combe Avenue and in Westcombe Court littering and causing a nuisance detail: 2 residents from 2 separate households along Combe Avenue throw bread out of their front doors on to the public pavement and grass to feed pigeons and seagulls. This has been on going for a while now according to other neighbours, however, I only just witnessed the 2 householders myself a few days ago. A further occupant of Westcombe Court who has been doing this for over 5 years now; throws bread and chapattis out of their 4th floor window, landing on the grass beneath the windows of the block. As well as lays out uncooked rice or whole packets of cornflakes for the pigeons and seagulls on the pavement by the bike shed. These residents' actions are encouraging and escalating large flocks of pigeons and seagulls to the area of which you can see circling in the air over the houses or around the tower block, causing pandemonium and significant damage to properties and buildings with their droppings. Whatever food that gets leftover by the birds, attracts groups of foxes at night. The foxes can be heard fighting over the food and they also foul everywhere, on our doorsteps, along the pavements and stairwells. There has also been a high number of infestation of rats and mice to some homes along Combe Avenue. url: Submitted via FixMyStreet