Greenwich, Britain 1 About 1 month

title: Leaves not cleaned and cleaners blaming each other. detail: 7/12/20. Monday morning at 08.10am i asked the guy doing the sweeping if the carparks would be done. He said they should be done as the other half of this road was cleared last week. He then told me it was not street cleaners job but the caretakers or parks and open spaces. Caretakers only litter pick here (they have never used a broom in this road since i moved in 10 years ago. We need confirmation who does it. You can also see a worker sweeping the road/pavement and the mess he left behind him after 5 mins of going as fast as he can with no thought of doing the job properly. He left it just as bad before he scraped and swept the road and pavement. url: Submitted via FixMyStreet