Greenwich, Britain 1 13 days

title: Mirror needed to help drivers see people crossing driveway detail: The Marshland House car park. As drivers are leaving they cannot see clearly if people are about to cross due to the buildings creating a 'blind spot'. Many children from the school and nursery 'play' at running up the flats' steps and down the slope which takes them directly to where the cars exit. They are 'at speed' and don't think about cars and often just continue and run across the exit. Either a mirror or mirrors on the walls would be a great help for drivers before there is a tragedy, or an entry gate (which would also stop people over parking in the car park and illegally using disabled spaces while they drop or pick up their children from the school or nursery, as we often have hospital ambulances trying to collect or drop off residents of Marshland House and cannot get parked. I urge you to consider these options as urgent. Thank you. url: Submitted via FixMyStreet