Greenwich, Britain 1 13 days

title: Rubbish accumulated in and around 70 Allenby Road SE28 detail: There seems to be more and more rubbish accumulating in front of number 70 Allenby Road every day, which started appearing about 2 months ago. A lady with a disability was granted this property some years ago, but the entrance is now so blocked that there is no way she would be able to leave the property. This individual has not been seen for some time so it may be squatters operating from the property. There are also items being left in front of neighbouring properties all but residents of 70 Allenby Road. There are more items at the back of the property in the car park preventing residents easy access to their parking spaces - including care workers. Not only is this a fire and health and safe hazard - there are children living on the road who could be injured by some of these large items, it is also preventing other residents from using a communal space on the side of this property, which they pay a service charge for - it is now completely blocked by residents of 70 Allenby Road. Please have this dealt with so there is no further action. url: Submitted via FixMyStreet