Greenwich, Britain 1 2 months

title: Noise from metal letterboxes outside of marshland house detail: Marshland house Dahlia road. They have their letter boxes on the outside of the building. As the wind blows, Each letter box flap raises then slams down again. The whole structure is made of metal. 8 Letter boxes slamming through out the day and night is driving me to anger to the point of violent behaviour . Can this structure please be taken down and the building have its post delivered within its foyer .. The noise from these letter boxes is horrendous especially for me who has mental problems and am light sleeper.. It is no good just padding the letter box with foam as that foam gets ripped away by the owners of the letterbox . This has been going on years since the building has been built. I`ve have b written to the council time and time again and been fobbed off with lies. Can the letter boxes please be inside the building and not outside Its noise is turning me to anger and to the point of wanting to take a angle grinder to the thing .Please finally take the thing down. i also have video footage of the flaps in motion and you can hear how noisy 8 metal letter boxes slamming against a metal frame sounds like . url: Submitted via FixMyStreet