Greenwich, Britain 2 About 2 years

title: Overgrown and leaning dangerously close to a nursery detail: Massive tree put up years ago and left to grow and grow, leaving very dangerously over into the child care facility at the bottom of purrett road and also leaning into gardens Inconsiderate location as this has put all gardens into darkness and is leaning very badly against a flimsy fence. The residents that put up the tree stole the land as it was allotment like most gardens in purrett road. I’m worried this tree will go in windy conditions into the nursery and kill someone it needs trimming or cutting down. The house that put up this monstrosity is in Rippolson Road I do not know the door number but this tree backs onto my garden. It is massive and looks like it will go soon and probably kill someone. url: Submitted via FixMyStreet