Greenwich, Britain 6 Over 2 years

title: Entire open heathland within Longleigh Lane/Bostall Hill/Brampton Road is littered with plastic bottles,shreaded tin cans from the grass cutting, broken bottles, sandwich and food cartons please get on top of this litter the one chap you have can't cope with this daily onslaught of discarded litter the entire heath needs a detailed litter pick including all the small bottle tops, drug raps around the benches and within the long grass !! detail: Our heath land is looking a mess you cant blame the kids and the local shop,its holiday time and the Local Council ie Greenwich should make a greater effort to remove ALL rubbish. Its simple most people that disgard rubbish see the unpicked bubbish and think they have a right to litter on the basis other people do it,If the council were vigilant in picking up rubbish then people would see ''WE CARE !'' at the moment it looks like ''NOBODY DOES !?!'' url: Submitted via FixMyStreet