Greenwich, Britain 2 About 3 years

title: General Rubbish Bin at 58 Ruthin Road detail: The bins were emptied on Monday as usual. The house number 58 is empty and had been vacated that day. They left 6 bags of rubbish and the green, blue and black bin overflowing with general household rubbish. These were emptied. However in the black bin there is some extremely could smelling liquid in the bottom of the bin which is covered in maggots and bluebottles. I put the bins back in the front garden of 58 and I have informed Winkworth the rental agent in Greenwich who as usual, so far, have done nothing. This is a health issue, there are children living next door and this morning the whole bin area was alive with swarming bluebottles. I have sprayed the area but the bin needs removing and cleaning. url: Submitted via FixMyStreet