Greenwich, Britain 2 About 3 years

title: Constant problem with dog fouling in front garden and public areas detail: Persistent dog fouling in the front garden, driveway and path around 60 Allenby Road. This has been bad for about the last year. I have spoken to neighbours who have 2 dogs and they twice admitted to the fouling being due to 'one of theirs'. They only picked it up when I confronted them and I've had to remove it all other times. They often allow their dogs to wander into my garden/driveway area without supervising them. The problem seems to have gotten worse since the last time I spoke to my neighbour and on arriving home today I was greeted with 3 separate foulings one of which is on my path. These neighbours denied it being due to their dogs today but implicated another neighbour who recently got a dog. This is unsightly, unbearable and not to mention a health hazard. I have been advised by the Housing Association that they are unable to take any action and that I should refer the matter to yourselves. I have not identified neighbours as per your guidelines but I can provide these details on request. Thank you url: Submitted via FixMyStreet