Greenwich, Britain 6 About 3 years

title: People parking on 2 yellow lines both sides sharp corners blocking wiue to come out to main road and is dangerous for pedestrians to cross as no space so have to walk in main road on Hill Reach cars are passing fast on that road. It's very dangerous for anybody. detail: People are Parking on this road Pellipar Road of Hill Reach every day blocking the way out on 2 yellow lines .the main road it's a dangerous road as drivers are speeding here so fast specially busses ,the cars are so big that u can't cross the road so only way is to walk on the main road, people with push cheers ar in danger. This photo it's only small car ,but by late evening the park so bad it's to dangerous. No body cares about it or others...I leve here 3 years I have seen so much ignorance and people in danger from it's shocking.. I my self leve to work in the morning it's so dangerous because the is no way anyone can see both sides of main road , coming out it's a nightmare.. Please can someone have a look and see. url: Submitted via FixMyStreet