Greenwich, Britain 6 About 3 years

title: Wheelie bins put out when cars away from house detail: The tenant of number 16 Mauritius has her son living with her. His name is Philip tullet when he first moved in the police rAided for drugs but were unable to find any it was no secret that he dealt the drugs from his car which he changes every 6 months or so he is now throwing 2 of his bias in the road to stop parking the bins are sealed with black tape. I am disabled and have sleep problems due to pain. He does this nearly all day long sometimes from 6am to 1 or 2am in the night. He is aggressive I've had people knocking on my door thinking it's house complaining about his aggression one man left his daughter in his car while he delivered a packet to find her crying because he'd spat all over his windscreen when my daughter and her partner brought their grand children up to see me they had to put the bins on the pavement to park and he had a go about it he uses a disabled parking ticket. Three times when I was at my bins he came past me and elbowed. Me to make me fall he also did it while I was walking up the road luckily I had family with me or I would have fallen. He also hangs around when the postman comes or parcel deliverys and offers to take in the post we have lost post in the past. I hate to admit it but I am frightened by him. Please can you put a stop to this. Mrs Elizabeth Gardner 18 Mauritius road. url: Submitted via FixMyStreet