Greenwich, Britain 3 Over 3 years

title: Leaving rubbish bags on the street. detail: Outside 100 and 100B Greenwich South Street consistently (everyday) rubbish bags are left on the street - outside the property. Whoever leaves these bags does not respect / have any concern for the appropriate collection days. The subsequent problem is either birds ,rats, cats or foxes ripping open the bags and spreading rubbish on the street. This is revolting / unsightly and encourages vermin - already a problem due to quantity of fast food outlets. Last week there was a dead rat on the street - no doubt a result of left overs strewn all over the place. The mess also encourages passing pedestrians to throw rubbish on the street. The bag dumpers have been doing this for months and those of us who try desperately to keep the street clean are sick of it! url: Submitted via FixMyStreet