Greenwich, Britain 6 Over 3 years

title: Restaurant Rubbish detail: I am writing with concern over the amount of rubbish left on the pavement outside 2 restaurant chains on Church Street. For many months, I have been dismayed at how much rubbish can be left on the street both early morning and late at night. I was even more shocked to see an enormous pile of rubbish left for the whole day over the last bank holiday weekend, for people to walk around and hopefully not trip over. As a Greenwich resident, I take great care to put things carefully in our big wheelie bins and only leave them out on our designated days. In the attached photo you can see how there is hardly room for access to the post box. Not only is this rubbish a mix of food and recycling but I notice what some seem to be hazardous toilet waste. This is a disgusting way to leave our streets of Greenwich, which are a popular and wonderful tourist destination. On numerous occasions I have seen rubbish spilling more into the pavement and anyone in a wheelchair or with a pram struggles to move past it. The amount of rodents this must attract is not worth thinking about. url: Submitted via FixMyStreet