Greenwich, Britain 6 Over 3 years

title: People throwing food out for the crows on the green. detail: Hello, I hate to have to moan about things. But we have a few people in our street who keep throwing food out onto the green to feed the crows and foxes. (Brenley Gardens Eltham ) Because of this our street is now full of crows. That keep pooing all over our cars, pavement and on us. The crows also make a lot of noise. We have never had that many out there. And I do think it is from people feeding them. As without naming anyone I have seen people throw food out on the green numerous times. This has been going on for about year now. And is only getting worse. I would appreciate if a letter could be sent out, to advise everyone to not throw food onto the green. And our pavements cleaned as they are now so dirty. url: Submitted via FixMyStreet