Greenwich, Britain 6 About 3 years

title: Dog fouling detail: I walk my dog twice a day around Altash playing field, picking up all of my dogs own poo, however over the last few months I have started picking up any other that I see, consequently I become aware of any new deposits that have recently arrived. This often results in 4 to 10 additional collections each walk. Clearly there are people who don’t perceive it as their duty to pick up after their animal, unfortunately this matter won’t improve until there is a sufficient deterrent, increasing the possibility of receiving a fine being one option. As far as I’m aware nobody has ever been fined for dog fouling on any of the green open spaces in and around the Coldharbour estate ? Consequently would it be possible for whoever has the authority of the borough to issue on the spot fines to spend a while patrolling these spaces ?? Additionally some new ‘Dog owners responsibility signs’ specifically pointing out the likelihood of fines wouldn’t go amiss. I’m more than happy to provide or assist you with any additional information that would help reduce this matter. Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhoneT url: Submitted via FixMyStreet