Greenwich, Britain 2 About 3 years

title: Threatening Dog detail: Walking around Avery Hill Park when two dogs all without leashes came running up & jumped up pushing my child nearly off her bike. The main worries was a bull mastive which while terrifying my 9yo daughter was growling & showing teeth. When I tried calming my children I just said let the dogs go in front of us (said angrily) the owner then verbally attacked me saying “if we don’t like dogs we shouldn’t come to the park”. I said hold up your dogs have just invaded my space which she then told me to piss off. Other walkers saw this as well and was disgusted by it and told me to complain. I’m not against dogs but there must be rules put in place to protect people. Maybe 1 owner 1 dog, after all how was a young girl/woman be able to control two dogs both unleashed and one of the dogs being a mastive which a man of my size could control. url: Submitted via FixMyStreet