Greenwich, Britain 6 About 3 years

title: Neighbors dog fouling on my lawn in front detail: Morning, we live in no 6 Barlow driveand our neighbor in no 7 has a small dog. They usually just open the front door and let it run outside to go and foul or pee. The dog has no leash and regularly runs to our lawn patch for this business. It’s very annoying since i have to clean it. Then the small dog will sit infront of their door shivering and cold waiting until someone remembers to open the door again. If you try to help the dog it snaps at you! Small but very aggressive. In may 2017 I noticed this on our house inspection and dince 6 January 2018 that we moved back into our own home this has been happening. Please can you do something about it. Its very unhealthy and not my duty to clean their dog mess. url: Submitted via FixMyStreet