Greenwich, Britain 6 Over 3 years

title: Leaves not picked up from the communal green outside numbers 1 - 9. despite guys coming around the area regularly with green bins to collect any leaves on the road, ( which there are none now ), they refuse to collect the leaves that i have swept to the edge of the green, because i quote, " its not their job to collect leaves from the green, only fromn the road or pavement ". i called parks dept on 1st feb, spoke to a guy called Adam, ref 167976, he assured me the leaves WOULD be collected within 7 days. we are now 8th feb & they are still there !! in addition when i call parks dept today, twice i am put through to the wrong dept. have you any idea how long it is taken me to sort out this ridiculous issue !!! let me also advise you, that i every single yr, sweep these bloody leaves up myself & over the course of several wks, put them into my green bin. I am no longer prepared to do the job of the council for which i pay £90 per mth for the priviledge ! I have taken the time to make the environment outside lovely to look at my planted spring bulbs & making flower beds, it is absolutely beautiful in the spring & summer out there & people stop & take photos & chat to me if i'm out there planting. Why does it have to take sooooo long to get this sorted, i am still listening to the stupid message from the council phoner number waiting to try & speak to someone, whilst i have typed this !! i swear to god, i am going to complain to my MP. It is no doubt due to the fact that now we have aq call centre with people outsourced to do any work within the borough, IT DOES NOT WORK !! detail: Read the above, I don't have time to go outside & take photos of piles of leaves !!! url: Submitted via FixMyStreet