Greenwich, Britain 6 Over 3 years

title: Cars still parking in a dangerous manner detail: Please note that I’ve made a previous report on this. I have seen a couple more traffic wardens but unfortunately what I have seen is them completely ignoring the offenders that continue to park right on the corners and actoss the crossing points with visually impaired bumps. In the week, it was the usual chaos and there was a white Fiat 500 parked where I said and a traffic warden simply waving traffic past and he did so just as my family were actually crossing the road. Totally ignoring the cause, eventually the owner came back laughing with him and she drove off. I simply couldn’t believe it.. She fluttered her eyelids and that was it. Please, ask these officers/wardens to do their job properly. As I mentioned before, there is a Vauxhall Astra in pale blue/sliver that also parks in right outside the school gates and leaves a fake ticket on her screen.. she’s been doing this for months. Drivers having road rage and beeping then speeding off.. its un necessary. Shame it’s not one way really url: Submitted via FixMyStreet