Greenwich, Britain 6 Over 3 years

title: Vicious Dog attack detail: My dog (cocker spaniel) was attacked by a dog which appeared to be a small black Staffordshire terrier this morning. My dog has never been aggressive towards any other dog, and is a trained working dog which I have complete control of on and off lead. My dog (off lead) walked up to the dog which was on a long lead unmussled so I believed him to be friendly towards other dogs. He then grabbed my dog (unprovoked) around the mouth and locked his jaw. The owner picked the dog up but did not speak to the dog which I found strange, I ran over clearly distressed to see my dog hanging my his mouth from the Staffordshire bull terrier. I tried to prise the Staffordshire bull terrier's mouth open but could not. The owner just stood there holding his dog, he didn't seem surprised nor did he say anything to his dog to try and get him to release. Eventually after a couple of minutes ( which felt like an eternity) he turned away from me and the dog released my dog who has a puncture wound to his lip and was very shaken up. Upon reflection I wonder if he turned away from me to ask the dog to release. I was very shaken and the owner just walked away, his behaviour was very strange- he didn't ask if my dog was ok or in fact say anything to me all. he didn't seem surprised and on reflection I wonder if he in fact was training a dog to fight and perhaps he wanted to scare me by not trying to get his dog to release. The owner was probably mid 40s, around 6ft, slim build and of black ethnicity. He worse a green coat. I am very concerned of what this dog was capable of unprovoked and also the attitude of the owner. This time my dog was lucky, but it could have been a very different story- there are often children playing in that park which I feel are also at risk by this dog which is so frustrating because if the owner in my opinion was responsible he would keep his dog on a short lead and use a mussel. Very irresponsible to take a dog out that you cannot control. I don't know if there is CCTV or anything in the park url: Submitted via FixMyStreet