Greenwich, Britain 3 Over 3 years

title: The street cleaner came this morning Monday 8 January, but he made a bad job of it- there were tree branches, twigs and dead leaves all over the pavement and gutter outside nos 18 to 24 Hyde Vale detail: We rarely see a street cleaner in this part of Hyde Vale, where there are mature trees in the front gardens. In the Autumn and Winter there is always a problem with falling leaves which when not swept block up the gutters and are left lying on the pavements. As it has been very windy lately there are lots of small branches in the gutters and on the pavements. Further down the street there on the corner of Hyde Vale and King George st, there is always a mass of dead leaves and other refuse blocking up the drain. This is ignored too. This is not a new problem, it happens all the time, but particularly in the Autumn and Winter months. url: Submitted via FixMyStreet