Brookline, MA Open Over 3 years

Sidewalk Obstruction/Repair

Owner at 63 Buckminster used large plow to clear sidewalk from their driveway down toward neighboring property line. Left a big pile of snow from that plowing right at the property line, which prevents someone from actually using the sidewalk. Because the roadside snowbank is high, if you are walking toward Sumner you have to exit the driveway for #63 and then walk on the road until the next cut in the snowbank lets you get back on the sidewalk. With the curve and people driving like maniacs, that walk was pretty hairy for this morning. It's even worse walking away from Sumner when the traffic's coming at your back. Add a dog to that walk? Oh my god. If the owners at 63 Buckminster are rich enough to have a truck plow their sidewalk, they are rich enough to have it cleared completely so the sidewalk is actually useable. Please get them to comply.