Brookline, MA Closed Over 3 years

Unshoveled Sidewalk

In going to the Coolidge Corner Theatre with my handicapped mom we parked in front of Otto in the handicapped designated space today. Firstly, she was not able to get out of the passenger seat door in the spot because of the snow. I had to let her out in the middle of Harvard and Green Street. Secondly, when we used the cross walk to get in front of Simon Shoes, there was no safe shoveled area to get on the sidewalk there. We had to walk 100 ft in the opposite direction of the movie theatre to safely get on the sidewalk. As someone who grew up here and understands the obstacles snow can cause I still believe it is fair to ask that the ends of crosswalks to sidewalks are shoveled so that someone like my mom who just had a hip and pelvis transplant, or any handicapped person for that matter, can safely get around.